From: <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] To catch a Laramie Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 6:58 PM > The psyball came down without warnining, and hit the three right off > their tracks. Tiki'd body was the first to come up. He immediately > saw the PODA running towards them with a Mew. > "That creature! That insolent creature!" Tiki shouts. > "I couldn't really care less whatever you have to say right now. > Alright, Mew, could you do us another favor and restore John and > Pipian's memories?" Lewis asks. > "Sure." Mew replies. Mew's eyes start glowing and John and Pipian > float into the air. They too start glowing, but then Tiki pulls out a > strange box and presses a blue button. John and Pipian fall to the > ground, along with the Mew and Lewis. > "Mew.... How far did you...." Lewis tries to ask. > "Half-way on the on called Pipian, John had a lot more memory to > restore, only one-tenth complete...." Mew replies, before finally > managing to teleport away in pain. (OOC: Finally got a chance to post.) Tiki got up, from the psyball and walked over to PODA, "Ha fools." he grabbed a nearby net (used for catching pokemon), and through it over the unconcious gang. He then, found some rope and tied everyone up then but them back under the net.he then nailed the net to the ground. "Well it seems I win," Tiki said taking out his staff and expanding it. "HEY!" John yelled, "You have to help us with rounding up pokemon before you kill them." "But it will only take a second." Tiki said. "It can wait. We'll put plenty of guard on them, now come on." john said. "Fine," Tiki said retracting his staff and walking off as a dozen guards came up one was given the APB and told how to use it. Tiki walke doff to help John and Pipian. TBC (Short I know all I have time for .) Sent via Before you buy.