From: syke6888 L <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] To catch a Laramie Date: Thursday, January 13, 2000 8:06 AM > "It can wait. We'll put plenty of guard on them, now come on." john > said. > "Fine," Tiki said retracting his staff and walking off as a dozen > guards came up one was given the APB and told how to use it. Tiki > walked off to help John and Pipian. As they left, Mew's meddling brought up a picture in John's mind. In this one, a young boy was sitting in front of a box. A small group was watching the young boy tear at the box until it was open. A small bundle of fur leaped onto the boy, licking his face while constantly squeaking. The young boy had the biggest smile on his face. A quick flash, and the young boy was now placing a tag on the bundle's collar. It read ARIEL. The vision ended, and John was unsure of it. As they walked to the Laramies John held up the Pokéball containing the Vaporeon. "What is going on?" he wondered. "Hurry up, John. We need you to get their trust." "I'm coming, I'm coming." he cried out, placing the Pokéball on his belt. TBC? (short, but low on time and ideas) -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture) The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Before you buy.