From: <> Subject: Re: [PW][PODA] To catch a Laramie Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 6:26 PM > As they left, Mew's meddling brought up a picture in John's mind. In > this one, a young boy was sitting in front of a box. A small group was > watching the young boy tear at the box until it was open. A small bundle > of fur leaped onto the boy, licking his face while constantly squeaking. > The young boy had the biggest smile on his face. A quick flash, and the > young boy was now placing a tag on the bundle's collar. It read ARIEL. > > The vision ended, and John was unsure of it. As they walked to the > Laramies John held up the Pokéball containing the Vaporeon. "What is > going on?" he wondered. > > "Hurry up, John. We need you to get their trust." > > "I'm coming, I'm coming." he cried out, placing the Pokéball on his > belt. Tiki walked behind John who walked into the main Laramie building. "Well hi John haven't seen you here in awhile." A Laramie employee hollared to him. "Yeah, I... I've been busy, here are my friends, Pipian and..." "Azutal," Tiki's voice interupted. "Well leased to meet you two, what can I do for you?" The man asked walking over to Tiki and shaking his hand, "Oh nothign much just... looking around." Just then Pipian struck the man from behind and knocked him to the ground. He then grabbed a gag and rope and tied him up. "Alright Azutal time to earn your keep cut the alarms and connection wires." "Fine, I'll be outside working." Tiki turned and wlaked out the door. He first searched, and eventually found, the hidden Alarm box. He opened the box and looked at it for a little. It was an old alarm system no back-up protection systems to pass, just hook up a few wires to one another then cut them. It took Tiki about two minutes. Next was the phones he took out a small device. It was a small circlet, with a red button on it, Tiki pushed the button and four little pedals came out, Tiki put it on the phone box and pushed the red button, so it turned yellow. The mine sort of thing locked onto the phone box, then Tiki pushed it again and it turned yellow. The phones shorted out. Tiki hid the EMP scrambler into inside the box and stuck out its antenna. Meanwhile John and Pipian had restrained five more Laramies, they had gotten the keys to the van and a whole bunch of pokeballs, now all that they needed to do was break into the no longer Alarm hooked up pastures and capture of the pokemon, and capture the key members of the Laramie family. Tiki walked in, "All done, phone's out and so's the alarm." Pipian untrusting picked up the phone it was dead. "Alright lets go." Pipian threw a sack of pokeballs to Tiki. "Let me just go check on PODA," Tiki commented turning to go and look. "They're still where you left them you'll see them when we have our pokemon and we have the van loaded up." John replied as he and Pipian walked out the door, Tiki followed, no one noticing the small blade he dropped next to a Laramie who was still unconcious, Tiki also held a small remote inside his pocket with two buttons on it, the green one was lit up and the red one was not, it said "EMP scrambler remote control." 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