From: CloysterMaster <> Subject: [PW!]To correct the world with devestation...... Date: Sunday, January 23, 2000 7:44 PM "Seel, go!" Art yelled, throwing out a Poke Ball in a small pudle on the Ice Gym floor."Go, Pidgeotto!", yelled a trainer at near the gym's entrance."Oh, please........Seel.....Aurora Beam!" "Seel Seel!"It fired the beam at the Pidgeotto, freezing it solid. It's trainer's mouth dropped."WHAT 2 SECONDS INTO THE GAME AND I'VE LOST?!" "Yes sir, please come again." Art said under his breath, pushing the man out. He sighed,"Gosh! We have too many badges not given our gym too strong?" he wondered. Art leaned next to a frozen tree, waiting ffor the next battle. He heard a bomb blast. It startled him, He turned around, seeing a couple of familial figures stading in the huge hole in the Gym wall. "To correct the world with devestation!" "To rule the world with all it's nations!" "To denounce the evils of terror and rage!" "To rule all Pokemon of every age!" "O.J.!" "Simpson!" "Team Rocket, fighting the good guys every hour!" "Surrender now or we'll show you our power!" "HEY, WE JUST GOT THAT WALL FIXED AGAIN!" raved Art, "GET YOUR FREAK OUTTA MY GYM NOW!!!!" "Humph! WHO YOU CALLING FREAKS BRAT?! EXEGGUTE, GO!"O.J. send out her high level Exeggute "Slowpoke, go!" "Seel, I choose you!" (voice of the narrarator of the Jap. version of DBZ): TO BE CONTINUED?