From: babymew11 <> Subject: [PW!] To the S.S. Anne! Date: Sunday, February 20, 2000 6:30 PM Author: babymew11- ( Hoku Roberts and Griffin McPherson sat on the steps of Griffin’s house in Pallet. Hoku seemed half-asleep. She had gotten no sleep last night. Today she and her boyfriend Griffin were going to start their Pokemon journey. “Hoku! Wake up!” half-yelled Griffin. “We’re leaving now.” Hoku rubbed her eyes. “This soon?” she asked groggily. “Yes.” Hoku rose from the stair she was sitting on, and stood up. “Well. I think we better get going.” “I thought you didn’t want to go!” “Hmm. Maybe.” The two looked at the town they were now departing. For Griffin, it held many memories. For Hoku, it held none. But it may have been her birthplace. She has no idea where she was born or who her parents are. She was jealous of Griffin, who has a loving mother and father, who could sleep peacefully at night knowing that they were his real parents, and not just the people who found you on a doorstep. Hoku fought back tears. “You okay?” asked Griffin. Hoku wiped her eyes. “I’m fine,” she said assuringly. “Okay.” The two walked out the pathway and into Pallet Town. Later. . . Hoku and Griffin had reached the outer part of Pallet Town. “Whew, that’s a lot of walking.” complained Griffin. “You think so?” asked Hoku. “Why not?” “Heh.” she paused. “Hey, look! There’s a bus going to the S.S. Anne! Let’s go! I’ve always wanted go on the S.S. Anne.” Hoku tapped Griffin on the shoulder and pointed to the sign. “Sure why, not?” The two walked over to the booth where the bus fare was being sold. “What can I do for you?” asked the man behind the counter. “How much is the bus fare?” asked Hoku. “1 dollar, ma’am.” Hoku looked in her bag, then pulled out 2 dollars and gave it to the man. He took the money, then gave Hoku two tickets. “Thank you,” said Hoku. “You’re welcome.” Hoku walked over to Griffin. “Got the tickets?” he asked. “Yup.” “How long do you think the wait is?” “Not long, I hope.” Over in the distance, a girl was trying to control her Pikachu. “C’mon, get in the Pokeball!” she yelled. “Pika!” it responded. “What am I going to do with you?” she sighed. Hoku couldn’t help but to notice her. “Look at that poor girl!” she sympathized. “Ha!” laughed Griffin. “Know I know why I almost broke up with you. Go Gloom! I choose you!” Hoku threw the Pokeball, and a Gloom came out. She walked over to the girl. “Gloom! Stun Spore!” she commanded. Gloom sprayed a dust all over the Pikachu. The Pikachu froze then hit the ground half-paralyzed. “Hey!” she cried. “Well, thanks!” “You’re welcome. Gloom! Return!” Hoku threw the Pokeball at Gloom, and it went inside of it. She put the Pokeball in her bag. “Return! Pikachu!” the girl called. The Pikachu went inside of the Pokeball. “Thank you so much. He hasn’t been obeying lately. Oh well, I’m supposed to be on the bus going to the S.S. Anne.” There was a slight pause. “Oh! Would you like to come along with me and my boyfriend?” “Uhh, sure!” agreed the girl. “I’m Hoku.” “It’s Marley. Marley Somers.” “Okay then, Marley. Let’s go.” They walked over to where Griffin was standing. “Griffin, this is Marley. Marley, this is Griffin.” “Hello,” he said. “Hi!” said Marley. “Hey! Look! The bus!” pointed out Griffin. The bus pulled into a small station. The doors opened. Marley, Hoku and Griffin went inside along with many others. The bus then closed its doors. They were on their way to Vermillion. TBC... -- -babymew11 an agnp outcast "the agnp whore" aim: babymew11, H Rocket Mew email: points: 2 stop fighting points 5 i pestered pipian when he wasn't here points 50 lets get yoshi a spellchecker points 100 hentai rocket points points i give: agnp whore points hentai rocket points agnp love points small collection of aim quotes: DimaTheAGNPer: Mario: OH, PEACH! That feels GOOD! Peach: FASTER, MARIO, FASTER!!! Bowser: Ill just keep suckin'! SaiyanKid2000: *puts bum in a cofen and floats bum into a river* bum31: <teleports> bum31: <goes up onto the rafters> SaiyanKid2000: *slaps bum back down* bum31: <dodges> TR SpookyAbra: *glomps baby, nude* SaiyanKid2000: I love hot sweaty throbbing cock, and I take it right up the ass, mmm mmm mmm! ZephyrXVII: Dima you condom leakage! ZephyrTank: and when you and your dad fuck you go into the basement DimaTheAGNPer: No, I stay in my own room. Jim West91: Eh, I suck at determining genders. JSolano199: Dima : "Look at me I'm so freakin stupid!! HARHARHARHAR!! babymew11: Damn IRC. ikazuchi: I agree, ikazuchi: IRC is for egocentric losers. ikazuchi: Like Dima. *WOFL* HurricaneAndrewZ: I set the Pic of Pikachu buttfucking Misty as the start page at school HurricaneAndrewZ: The next day I graduated FoG x2: I wish parts of me were larger dstroy69: i could be a million ppaces better than here AGNPAmoe: Yeah, a spelling class SaiyanKid2000: *BITES DIMA AND GIVES DIMA DIABEETIES* TR Mondo: No! TR Mondo: My real fake MAster ball TR Mondo: Bmew. I get to wear a sports bra really soon! =D TR Mondo: Im Car'tos! Lord of the Bra! TR SleepyAbra: Cartos: As long as you dont suddnely get breasts x.x Psycho Feather: *Comes back, with a knife covered in patatoe* ITS COMING!! DroeManred: ::Watches as clothes evaporate off all the females:: Cool. DimaTheAGNPer: ALL OF YOU SUCK!!!! YA HEAR ME?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! YOU SUCK! FHWWHAHHAHAHAAHH! mk l;nweg DimaTheAGNPer: gf DimaTheAGNPer: r Dimmy126: daah DimaTheAGNPer: Fuc k K K k YUuuUu DimaTheAGNPer: DIIEeEeEEeEe SaiyanKid2000: i dont wont to have sex untill im proly 13 FoG x2: I WANT TITS VaporTales: In our health book on like pg 192 they tell us how to do sex o.o;;;; the critics love babymew11: VaporTales: POLL - AGNP's biggest whore VaporTales: Clare DimaInTheY2K: Sex loves you Agent O0O7: *bumps into babymew* AGNPAmoe: *kisses Clare* PikaTiki: well baby you act old for your age PikaTiki: so there you go