From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: [PW!] [League] Tragic Accident. Date: Monday, January 03, 2000 1:35 AM "Felix was walking into the Ice Field when the grandstand collapsed above him, no, that isn't right." A figure sat in the empty Ice Field grandstand, a laptop in his hands. The light of the full moon glinted off the figure's armour, tracing its edges and curved plates. "How about, hmm, no, that won't work. I'm going to have to put him out of action somehow..." "Tries to kill Lorelei and gets KOed by her bodyguards, nah..." "Hit by a Wigglytuff, well, maybe a few months ago..." "Gets blown up by TM52, Thermonuclear Blast, maybe, but then Melissa would need a Cloyster with Withdraw to survive...." "Falls into the water during the battle, no, that'd mean I actually have to write one...." "Killed by TR and brought back to life by Mew, been done..." Silence followed as the lone figure thought about his choice. "Hmm, I think the grandstand was the best idea." Waving his hands in the air, the air around the figure began to ripple and shimmer as if the very fabric of reality around him was being unpicked and sown back together in a different pattern. Now it was daylight, Emergency teams rushed to the Ice Field, where a trainer had been buried under a collapsed grandstand. No spectators were hurt, miraculously enough, only the sole figure trapped beneath the rubble. Chansey stood back, eggs at the ready as Machamp and Nidoking, as well as all the Pokemon of the spectators, attempted to dig the body out from under the massive pile of steel and concrete. Kirsty was with the rescuers, Pokemon League officials holding her back by the arms. Someone she knew was under the rubble, someone she held dear. A Nurse Joy handed another a clipboard. On the front of it amongst the other personal and medical data was the name of the victim, Felix Charlesson of Hellion Town. ------ And in the distance, a solitary figure hoisted his suitcase and backpack. "Guess I'm off to Japan then." ------ TBC, in three weeks. -- t-gk: NvêVasTrR ---------------------------- D !iv n GdD$h? Email: Send to and burn AIM: CatGonk Other AIM Screenames: Simyn Gonk, CatGonkNoMiko, Sailor Gonk, ATR CatGonk, Doc Oddish, Mista Meeh. The Kitty Litter Box. The AGNP WebRing (currently hibernating). Azure Heights Pokemon Laboratory. Yoda Communications. The AGNP Pokezine. Spaceman's Pokecentre. Over 5000 posts to, and counting. And only a measly... Props /w basket of fruit 1 WHOMP WHOMP point 3 Picking on points 1 Out-Of-Sig-Experience Point 8 Listen, you Points 2 "Throw me a bone here, people!" points 1 TGP Brownie Point (Lynn gave me this, suprisingly enough.) 3 Spy Points (two for having a sig bigger than Chine) 666 Bubbles 'n Cum points (it's been rigged...) 6 Bum Bum Poopy points 9 "My Bum is on the Gum" points (A theme is developing...) 1 Dual NH Brownie Point (yeeeeehaaaaah!) 10 Wigglytech points, which I earned but never used. 11 Tuna Points 7 Exam Score Points 10 Wark points 19 Scary man points (a very high accolade, apparently) 20 Follower of Goddish points 5 "Hah, my Mewtwo can kick your Mewtwo's ass" points. 10 SIGGYPUFF O.O points. 2 Counterfeit Bubbles 'n Cum points. 10 Meeko-Thinker points (the two seem mutually exclusive) 5 Jynx Pimp points (pimpin' ain't easy...) 692 Ferklempt points 3 A WINNER IS YOU Points 3 In Desperate Need of Points Points 20 Jackass Points (Jen sharing her stash) 15 "You haven't kill-filed WebTV, have you?" points (my server does it for me) 23 "We Love ATR!" points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points. 73 Safsmart points (though the two are mutually exclusive) 1 SuferSafSmart points (what the hell?) 50 I'm not as crazy as Droe Points (MEEEEEEH) Big Box o' Munt Coupons (trade one in, get munted.) show for it. -=|[Unknown AGNPer]|=- Distributor of Munt Coupons. Get them while they're hot! One Half of the Wigglytuff Warlords. ASCII for decorative purposes only Owner of a 447 KB Sig All Points asked for or earned. FEAR THE PURIN FEAR THE PURIN FEAR THE PURIN