From: Super Saiya-Jin Trunks <lionhearty2j316@aol.commerial> Subject: [PW!] Trunks encounters Rebel [REWRITE] Date: Thursday, January 13, 2000 3:34 PM Trunks encounters Rebel Author: S.S.J. Trunks Last time, Trunks found his Beedrill ,captured a Jigglypuff and traded his Haunter for a female Kabutops. Now he is just arriving home from the market. <<Are you sure it was alright to leave Scyther and Kabutops alone while we were gone?>> Vegeta asks. "Their Pokémon,how much damage could they do." Trunks laughed. Trunks put the key into the door and turned the handle. "Scyther,Scy!" "Kabutops?Kabu-Tops!" "What'd they say?" Trunks asked Vegeta. <<Well Scyther here says Kabutops laid an egg, and Kabutops says she found the equation or the code to hack into Team Rocket's computer sites.>> Vegeta sweatdropped. ^_^;; "Egg??? What the ...where?Why?When?Who?!" Trunks walked over to where an eggshell was. However it hatched as they walked in the door and it was under the bed. "Scyther, Scy-Ther! Scy,Scyther!" The Scyther yelled. <<It said that it has weird attacks and it is very powerful...>>Vegeta responded. "Hmm. Vegeta, can you get it, I'm going to print out Kabutops' code." Trunks says. <<Okay, as you wish,baboon!>> Vegeta jumped under the bed quick. "Grrr..." Trunks walked over to Kabutops. The computer screen read as follows... '0001101100101010110110101010010101110011101010101010101010101010101010101 01010000111101010101010101010101010100111011100110110111011011010110110111 01101101101101101110110111101101101101101101110101111110111011011011011101 10110111011011011110101101101111110111111111110110110101101101101010010101 0101001010100110110001000000100' Trunks clicks on the print icon and the code prints out. He then turns around to find Vegeta. He has some blue streaks on his face. He's been poisoned? "What the..." Trunks gets onto his knees. He tips over the brown bag with the antidotes and potions they just bought. He sprayed a Poison Heal on him and he almost immediately cleared up. <<That thing is not>> Vegeta pointed as a small creature, about 2 ft in height stood there looking at them. "A red..Scyther?" Trunks questioned. The Scyther had little wings and resembled a Scyther, except red. "Scyther! Scy!" The adult Scyther said. <<He says that they called it 'ScyButops'.>>Vegeta still weak looked on. "Well I'll name it Killer. Let's see it's attacks.." Trunks takes out his Pokédex and flips the cover off to reveal some buttons. He points at it and presses a green button. :: Scyther. A Bug Type Pokémon. Level 27. Scyther's Attacks: Number 1: SLash:: "Use Slash, Killer!" Trunks yelled. The Scyther silently used a powerful slash attack to but runks' bed in half. "Oh shnikes! I gotta pay for that!" Trunks looks in disbelief. ::Scyther's Attacks Number 2:Rest:: "Rest?" Trunks questioned. <<Interesting...>> Vegeta said, as Scyther took away some of it's energy. ::Scyther's Attacks Number 3:Toxic:: <<It slashed my with it's sickle. There's poison in them. It if gathers much poison, you may see it drip from the scythe...>> Vegeta said. ::Scyther's Attacks Number 4: Hyper Beam:: Scyther automatically shot a Hyper beam at Trunks and Vegeta. They dodged it and it put a whole through the wall. ANd the next and the next and the next, until it went outside and dissappeared. "That's another thing i gotta pay for!" Trunks yelled. He picked up Killer. He then told it to stop. <<No>> The Scyther replied telepathically "What? " Trunks swallowed hard. <<I could kill you. If I poison you, you'd be rushed to the hospital since ptions don't work on mere humans.>> The Scyther hopped down. <<Gigashock! (another name for Vegeta's Thunderbolt)>> Vegeta charged electricity and shot a blast at Scyther, electrifying it badly. However it simply absorbed some of Vegeta's energy to replenish it's own. <<WHy do you obey this human anyway? WHy do any of you?>> He turns around and points at mommy dearest and daddy. <<You shouldn't take orders from this piece of rotting flesh. If anything ,he should obey the superior, US! I mean he has some many weaknesses...blood poisoning, which I *can* help out with, cancer, frostbite..THey are vulnerable to almost everything!>> "Are you starting a rebellion?" Trunks wondered. <<Oh yeah, 'Eat my Trunks'.Oh and the name 'Killer' is out. Rebel is in. And I will eventually do to you what I'm him!>> Rebel shot a deadly Hyper Beam at Vegeta sending him throw multiple walls. Trunks got up and gasped. <<I'll do that to you, when I grow, so you can suffer more for captureing inecent Pokémon from the wild and enslaveing them!>> Rebel climbs onto the broken bed and relaxes. "GO, Kadabra and Jigglypuff!" Trunks yells calling out his two remaining Pokémon. He leaves and runs to examine the fallen Vegeta. <<Now what happened? Trunks?>> Kadabra asked. (Yes, look that Scyther, the red one, believes in Rebellion, make him change his mine, I'll attend to Vegeta) Trunks says telepathically. <<Okay, Trunks. Jigglypuff, sing your slumber song!>> Kadabra teleports outside and stands on a ledge watching. "Jiggly! Puff Puff!" The Balloon like Pokémon Agrees. It walks over to him and begins to sing.. "Jig-guh-leee puff, jig-guh-leeeeee puff!" Rebel continues to snore. Yes was already asleep. Jigglypuff writes on it's face. SOmehow, "accidently" it finds a way to trip on one of Rebel's sickles. It poisons itselfs and falls to the ground knocked out. ALong side of it are Kabutops and Scyther, sleeping. Kadabra teleports in the room jsut as Trunks hurries Vegeta into the kitchen. <<Hmmm.>> Kadabra thinks. As it is, Rebel gets up and crosses his scythers in an "X" form. i then shoots a hyper beam. However, Kadabra was waiting for it and it teleports to the other side of the room. <<Psywave!>> Kadabra shoots a wave of psi energy at Rebel. Rebel flies over it and slashes at Kadabra. Kadabra recovers. Just then Trunks comes in and call back all his Pokémon (including his Vegeta in the kitchen) excluding Kadabra and Rebel. Kadabra and Rebel shoots beams of energy back and forth, Kadabra using Psybeams, Rebel using Hyper Beams. Suddenly, Kadabra falls to the ground, but recovers quickly enough. <<Grrr. Okay, fine....Rebel Beam!>>Rebel shoots a beam from his chest.This is his ultimate attack. It's a full throttle Hyper beam.It is the most powerful a hyper beam can get. It takes much of Rebel's energy, that's why it has rest. As the beam heads for Kadabra, Trunks watches on. WIll the beam hit? Find out next time! TBC -SSJ Trunks POINTS 'R' US *71* Zeni-Points *1* Meeko-Courage Point *2000* I Survived Y2K Points *50* I am a Cute Eevee Points *5* Biking Xenogears Points I love Marril! 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