From: syke108 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Tyger's Tale, Pt.2 Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/03 > The ball struck the ghost, and Ghastly was captured...and the area began to > fade. > Tyger and his pokémon proceeded to fall smack on to the path to Lavender Town, > and the only thing he could say is, > "Guess Nutso's part of the team now..." Back in Cerulean, John was a little impatient waiting for Tyger to show up. Finally, he said "Screw it," and grabbed his stuff. As he was about to leave, he noticed Jamie watching him. "Where are you going, John?" "Lavendar." Jamie groaned. "Not another Haunter, is it?" "No, Mr. Fuji asked me to do some work for him. It's the least i can do to help him out. I'm not going anywhere else, so if you need to, you can get ahod of me at Lavendar's Volunteer House." Jamie walked over to him, a solemn look in his eye. "I can't believe it. We just got you back, and now you're leaving again. This time, I don't want to hear you've been hospitalized, or that you've joined Team Rocket. this time, just be as bland a life as you can, doing chores for Mr. Fuji, okay?" John looked at Jamie, and suddenly bent over and kissed her. the two remained lip-locked for a few seconds, then they parted. Jamie looked at John. WHAM! John went flying out of PODA Headquarters, and in the doorway stood Jamie, a mallet in her hand. "And if you ever try something like that again, I'll make sure you stay in the hospital!" She turned around in a huff, went back inside, and slammed the door. A few seconds later, john crashed into the ground, then got up, spitting soil in all directions. Ariel, who was waiting patiently outside, ran over to see how her master was feeling. "I'm okay, Ariel. Dang, if I knew Jamie was as high-strung as misty I would never have tried to kiss her." Man and Vaporeon started to walk out to the Lavendar. Halfway to the Rock Tunnel, John's sharp eyes saw a familiar shape in the distance. It was Tyger, sitting on the ground and holding a Pokéball. Next to him was a Marowak. John and Ariel walked up to him. "So Aussie finally evolved, eh? Good, because we'll need all our Pokémomn to get through the Rock Tunnel. Here." He tossed Tyger a flashlight. "Hi to you too, John. Ues, Aussie evolved, so maybe I can take you up on that battle when we reach Lavendar. Why are we going through the Rock tunnel, anyway?" "Because I can't stand psychics. Say, what's in the Pokéball?" Tyger opened it up and out popped Nutso. "Gaastlllyyy!" Tyger looked back to where John was, and noticed he had disappeared. He looked around, and sw he teen up a tree. john looked sheepishly, then climbed down. "I can't stand ghosts either, which makes me wish I didn't have to go to Lavendar, but you don't ignore mr. Fuji. Now put away that Ghost and let's get going." the two travelers started on their way. Some time later, they stopped at the Pokécenter, had some complimentary bowls of soup, healed their Pokémon, and reluctantly entered Rock Tunnel. TBC? (Your turn finally) -- A battle with Spearow flying in, A battle with Snorlax, he's not thin! A battle with Vaporeon's what I like! A battle with Jigglypuff on the mike! A battle with Mewtwo, he's the man! A battle with Eevee, I'm a fan! A battle with Pinsir would be fine! Pokéball Go! And they're all mine!