From: syke108 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Tyger's Tale, Pt.2 Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/09 > As if on cue, a Machop jumped out in front of them, and Slither reared back in > surprise, dumping them off. Just as Tyger was about to toss a pokéball at it, > the came another "Machop!", and another, and another...They were surrounded by > Machops! > "John, I hope you've got a way out of this...until I get Nutso under control, I > don't dare use him!" John was way ahead of him. "Tara, Ariel, Spark, go! Use your strongest attacks against the Machops!" Not sure what else to do, Tyger tossed his other Pokéballs. "Mystery, Aussie, use Metronome and Bonemerang!" The five Pokémon charged into battle. As Tara's heads flew out like pistons, slamming into Machops left and right, Ariel unleashed a tidal wave from an underground water source, and Spark helped out by using his Thundershock to electrify the water. Every Machop in the way wound up fried. At this time, Aussie was having trouble, as a Machop grabbed his bone out of the air. the Machop grinned, then felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, it's eyes shrunk as a slightly larger Marowak looked down on it. Malice, angered at seeing one of its own in trouble, tapped his foot a few times, then brought down his bone on the Machop's head, driving it into the ground until only its head was viewable. Mystery finished flapping her fingers, then proceeded to leap onto its side and started flopping around. the few Machops that were fighting Mystery started laughing out loud, until they collapsed on the ground tired. Ariel was having a hard time, because Machops kept appearing. Finally one made it through her offense, landing a Low kick right into her head. Ariel collapsed. "Ariel! That's it! I've had it! Stompede, attack!" John tossed the Pokéball and mega tons of Tauros trouble crashed down on the remaining Machops, as Stompede Tackled and Stomped Machops flat as a board. Foinally, the Fighting Types ranoff, most of them too scared to fight back despite the Type advantage. "Phew, that's over with." said Tyger as he watched Mystery continue to flop around. Recalling the Clefairy, Tyger patted Aussie on the head, and both recieved a salute from Malice. John was impressed. "Looks like you do have merit, Malice," he said, then dodged a Bone Club. The travelers continued through the cave without trouble, and finally stepped to the dreary, fog-ridden town that is Lavendar. Scratch that. Lavendar was actually pretty sunny. In one area John saw a group of Pokémon and two trainers that looked rather familiar. "Strange, aren't those the two that entered the Big p race a while back?" In another he saw the reason he returned to this accursed town: Mr. Fuji was in front of a warehouse, arguing with some men. john faced Tyger. "Well, i guess I better start working for Fuji. Thanks for the company. I hope you have good lick in the future, and maybe we'll meet again in the future." At that, john headed over to begin his work. TBC? -- A battle with Spearow flying in, A battle with Snorlax, he's not thin! A battle with Vaporeon's what I like! A battle with Jigglypuff on the mike! A battle with Mewtwo, he's the man! A battle with Eevee, I'm a fan! A battle with Pinsir would be fine! Pokéball Go! And they're all mine!