From: Susan <dragon0313@aol.commies> Subject: [PW!]Underground Eevees Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 4:59 PM Note: I put the first part of the story (Eeveen the darkest cloud...) with the new text so no one gets confused. The underground eevee center is going to be a plot point for me in another story, so I'd appreciate it if anyone who used it in a story of their own would keep it and Daniel the breeder intact. Mandy was just the slightest bit irritated. Ember (the ponyta) was still in bad shape from that battle with one of Surge's lackeys. The walk to Celadon was helping her recover, of course, but now it was raining. Of course it *would* start raining while they were in the middle of nowhere. Of course it would happen when Ember couldn't go in her Pokeball. Of course it would last for hours, forcing her and Ron to pitch a tent and squeeze inside with Ember for the duration. Mandy's sarcastic thoughts were broken by the sound of scratching on the tent's flap. Curiously she moved the flap aside to reveal a bedraggled looking Eevee. "Oh! An eevee!" she exclaimed. Ron scooped the Eevee in his arms, getting his shirt all wet. "Poor thing. Do we have a towel?" Mandy handed him a towel and a brush. Each swipe of the brush left the soaked pokemon drier and the bottom of the tent wetter. Unfortunately the wet floor left Ember confined to one side of the tent. "Now where in the world could you have come from? You don't seem to have an I.D." "Vee, eevee vee ee!" Ember's ruby eyes rolled upwards. "You won't get much out of her, she's younger than Amaranth," she said in a string of rapid Poketalk, "but she says her home is behind a big mountain." "A mountain? We didn't pass any mountains." A look of annoyance crossed Ron's face. "I hope she doesn't belong to someone. I've always wanted an eevee." "Even if...Oh!" Mandy exclaimed, "Maybe she means that big mound we passed after the holiday party." "We should check." "Ponyta?" (Anything yet?) "Not a thing. She seems to think there's something there, though." Mandy held Amaranth as she watched the hyperactive eevee dart around the mound. Ron was circling too, trying to see a door or something. Suddenly the little eevee slid to a halt on the far side and butted her nose to the grass. She did this again, hard enough that it looked like she would hurt herself. "What's wrong?" Ron knelt beside the eevee. He jabbed the spot that his hyperactive companion had been headbutting. Nothing happend. "Ember, could you kick this for me?" He and the eevee backed away as the ponyta maneuvered her fore hooves to give the mound a light kick. A huge stone fell away to reveal a metal bar. Ron gave it an experimental tug and jumped away in surprise when he heard a hydraulic hissing sound. The mound shook and fell away in four sections, leaving a hole in the ground. Closer inspection revealed a spiral staircase. "Heh. I guess we go inside then," Mandy said nervously. It was a dumb thing to say, the eevee was all ready bounding down the stairway. They all ran after it, no easy trick for Ember. Mandy came to the bottom first and was surprised to see a short, dark figure. "Mandy?" the figure asked incredulously. Mandy was shocked. "Daniel? What the hell are you doing here?" she turned to Ron. "This is Daniel. He graduated head of the class from the same school as me." She turned back to her old friend. "Daniel, this is my friend Ron. I thought you'd gone abroad, Daniel." Daniel grinned a little and scooped the still yipping eevee into his arms. "I thought you'd gone back to Cinnabar. Come on, I'll explain it to you." He started down a seemingly endless corridor. Ron looked at Mandy a little suspiciously. "Don't worry, you can trust him. He's a friend of mine." Mandy hoisted Amaranth to her shoulders and sneezed as one of the little oddish's leaves tickled her nose. "Really, Ron. Daniel's one person you can trust until the sun burns out." Ron shrugged and followed, Ember (the ponyta) trotting behind them. Daniel led the small contingent down the gently sloping and twisting corridor, ala Charlie and the Chocolate factory. He stopped in front of a set of sterile looking doors. "This," he started proudly as he opened the door, "is the eevee lab." The room he showed them was an impossible sight. The room was huge, and the floor literally crawled with poofy eevees. In one corner was a small pool of icy-looking water. The floor was surprisingly clean, all the pups' toys were piled in a corner. Daniel set the eevee he'd been carrying on the floor and motioned for everyone to follow him inside. "This place must cost a fortune!" Ron stated as a blue-eyed eevee pup started sniffing his sneakers. He reached down to pet the fluff ball, but it scampered away. "Not for me or any of the other researchers, it's all paid for by a grant from an anonymous benefactor. I'm supposed to repopulate the eevees of the world." Daniel walked to the pool. "Tides? Can you come out of there for a moment?" A vaporeon, presumably Tides, revealed itself and followed Daniel back over to the group. "Tides, do you remember Mandy?" "Vaporeon." "Of course you don't ever forget a face. That was silly of me to ask," Daniel rolled his eyes. "Because I all ready had one of the evolutions of eevee, I was asked to take part in this project. Despite all the breeding work that's been done, eevees are incredibly rare in the wild. When this product is concluded, eevees will be as common as Spearows in some areas!" "Wow," said Mandy, "But what does Tides have to do with it?" "Tides has unusually high defense for a vaporeon. He's part of the breeding project." Daniel bent to pat the vaporeon's head. "The idea is to make eevees less vulnerable to the elements and to other pokemon. The eevee that you brought here is his most recent offspring." As if on cue, the young eevee appeared and tried to jump on Ron. Amaranth wiggled from Mandy's arms and slid down next to the eevee. The two little pokemon exchanged a few words. Amaranth nodded and wrapped a vine around the eevee, lifting her to Ron's arms. "That's so cute!" exclaimed Mandy. "What's her name?" "We don't give most of the pups names because most of them go into the wild as soon as they've been trained to fend for themselves. We really aren't supposed to get too attached." Daniel smiled, "but I call her Ivy. She'll be going to the habitat not too long from now." Ron looked wistfully at the bundle of fur in his arms. "How did she get outside before she was supposed to?" "I've got no idea. This place is supposed to be totally sealed." "Maybe it's only sealed against intrusion," suggested Mandy, "and not against things getting out." "Come to think of it, it isn't very well protected aginst intrusion either. You got in without clearance, and only one bell went off." Daniel sighed, "I've got a lot of work to do. Suppose a gang of Rockets decided that this place was a good target? We'd be sitting ducks!" He sighed again. "I'm glad you came here. The whole reason this facility is underground is for security. This project would be worthless if it weren't well guarded." "Do you need our help or anything?" asked Ron. "No, you've helped already." Daniel's mind was elsewhere, probably on beefing up security. "I would like to thank you, though," his gaze drifted to the eevee nestled in Ron's arms. "You should take Ivy." "Really?" Ron was exuberant, but his mind fell back to reality in a second. "I really shouldn't. She's supposed to be part of your breeding project." "And that project would probably have eventually been subject to a major robbery, if you two hadn't brought these things to my attention. Besides, she was supposed to go to the habitat soon." "Say 'thankyou', Ron," hissed Mandy. He obeyed. "We'd probably better go now," she said to Daniel. "Thanks for showing us around." "Your welcome anytime. Call first though." Daniel fished in his labcoat pockets and drew out a scrap of paper and pen. He scrawled a number and handed Mandy the paper. "That's my extension. I'll show you guys out." He lead them back through the hall and up the stair case. "Goodbye!" "Goodbye!" "Ta!" "Dish!" "Vee!" TBC? -Susan, Jedi Hamster Official WDTSF Spontaneous Vocalization Specialist; Director of Unexpected Screaming. Defender of truth, justice, freedom and hamsters. Contact my hamster at