From: Fenix <dash53@aol.comrade> Subject: [PW!] Viridian City Showdown (cont'd Leon's Road Trip) Date: Friday, January 07, 2000 10:26 PM [PW!] Viridian City Showdown =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Previously, Leon and his team left Fuschia City, and is en route to Viridian City, for an Earthbadge. While his murderous Pinsir managed to take control of the wheel for a few minutes... -=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Leon and his team have parked the van outside of the Gym, and is waiting for the previous challenger to finish. In the arena-shaped gym, with greek collumns adorning it, it was a sight to be seen. Along with many rocket members swarming about the arena, trying to be "discreet." Due to his history with ATR, Leon almost let out Carapace to rip them in half, but decided he'd win a badge first. Leon and his team walked inside, with a battle finishing up. "Welcome. I hope you'll stand a better chance than the last trainer I fought. Heh, small bug Pokémon don't do too well against a armoured foot." "Not a problem," he said with a grim smile, "Let's begin." "Fine. Nidoking, go!", Giovanni tossed out a Pokéball onto the field, and out popped a cross between a tyrannosaurus rex and a drill bit. "Nido nido nido!" boomed the reptile, thumping his chest. "Hoo-hah! Let's go Nightmare!" Nightmare, the level sixty-six black Arbok, came out of his Pokéball with a hiss. The enormous cobra let out a roar which shook the tiles on the roof. "Nightmare, Glare!" "Bok!" Nightmare narrowed his eyes at the Nidoking, and began to sway, back and forth. "NIiiiidoo.." "Resist it!" The order came too late, and it gave into the paralysis, and doubled over in pain. "Wrap!" Arbok slithered over to the paralyzed body and rapped his coils around it, carefully avoiding his horn. "Come on, Nidoking! Focus Energy!" The Nidoking tried to concentrate enough energy for a Mega Punch, but failed. "Finish it quickly, Mega Drain!" He bit into the Nidoking, draining all it's energy, fainting it, due to the powerful Grass attack. "Return! Goo....Rhydon!" "Return! Go! Carapace!" The heavily armored monster, and the two-horned killing machine squared off on equal ground. Rhydon started first, starting off the battle with a Take Down. "Rhyyyy!" Then slamming into Pinsir. It's seemingly-metal drill bit had hammered a hole into the bug's exoskeleton. Large amounts of blood was dripping from it's wound. Carapace bellowed a primal scream. "PINNNNNNN!!!" "Now he's properly motivated," Leon thought, "Carapace! Vicegrip!" Recovering from the inital attack, the Pinsir used it's mighty horns to latch onto the Rhydon's arm, while the Rhydon just stood, chuckling. "Rhy? Don don don..". "Follow up with Submission!" Carapace grinned. He dragged the Rhydon with his horns across the stadium. "RHYY??" the surprised Rhydon was too shocked to move. Giovanni only gave a astonished look. "!!" In a fit of massive strength, he began to swing the Rhydon around and around, ala Mario with Bowser, then throwing him in the air, then the Rhydon crashed into the ground with a boom. "NOW! The Pinsir's elbow!" "Pin!!" Carapace had heard of a legendary Scyther with a move called the People's Slash. Jealous Pinsirs all across the Safari Zone made their variation of the move, the Pinsir's elbow. Carapace dashed over to the half-stunned Rhydon. He landed a quick jab to the face, a left-talon hook, and finally, a high jump, then a elbow into the stomach. The Rhydon's armour was cracked, and then collasped of exhaustion. "......that's never happened before...", remarked an astonished Giovanni. "Rhydon! Return! Go Kangaskhan!" The pouched marsupial popped out of it's Pokéball hopping. "Kangaskhan, use Double Team! it began to vibrate incredibly fast, then it split into two! Then that copy began to shake then... "Carapace! Use Hyper Beams!" Carapace crouched over, and began to concentrate. Balls of intense hydrogen energy was forming into his talons. "Pinn......Sir..." Unbeknowst to Pinsir, Kangaskhan finished his Double Team, creating nine copies of himself. "PPPPPPPIIIIINNNNSIIIIIIRRR!" He aimed his hands at two of the copies, then fired a IMMENSE beam of energy, then another, at a rate comparable to that of a shotgun. He had managed to destroy all the copies, but failed to hit the original,then fainted from exhaustion. "Return! Goooo....Monolith!" Monolith, Leon's war-monger Cloyster popped out of the Pokéball. "Cloyss!" "Monolith, use Spike Cannon!" "Ssster!" Monolith aimed the spike above his core at the Kangskhan. "Sster." *FSssss..Whoomp* The spike shot out like a rocket, heading straight at the Kangaskhan. "Kangaskhan! Use Reflect!" "Kanga!" a ray of red energy shot out of his hands, forming a sort of protective barrier against the spike. The spike hit, but the brunt of the force was absorbed. "Kangaskhan! Mega Punch!" It ram up to Monolith, and wound up his fist like a windmill. It landed the powerful attack right on Monolith's core, almost KOing the Cloyster. "Dammit!" the marsupial merely chuckled, and looked like it was going to try charge for another Mega Punch. "Sster." Monolith peered out almost delirious, seeing three Kangaskhans. Horribly shocked, he withdrew into his shell. Thinking that his oponent was downed, Kangskhan dashed up to the Cloyster, wondering how to get the food inside. "Kanga?" it sheepishly asked. Then he decided to knock it over with a Mega Kick. "KANGA!" it then began to wind up, (so to speak) for the powerful attack. "NOW! Spike Cannon!" "Sster!" Opening his shell a inch, Cloyster looked at the towering Pokémon, and snickered. He edged out his spike, which he aimed at the marsupial's head. "Kanga?Skhhaaaaaaaannnnnnn!" *Fsssswhoomp!* the spike shot out...but it edged his head, and the spike lodged into his tail, then exploding! "Kanga..SKHAN!", it roared triumphantly. It had only succeded in weakening the Reflect barrier. "Monolith, Ice Beam!" " Quick! Take Down!" The Kangaskhan, like the Rhydon, ran toward Monolith like a battering ram, head lowered. "Cloy..ster!" Monolith's core glowed blue, and then his spike. Out of the spike, shot out a enormous beam of energy, at the Kangaskhan. Confident of his ability, it kept coming. The beam struck, and ate through the Reflect-barrier. As it moved, it slowly iced over, bit by bit, step by step, until there was an ice block of marsupial sitting at the Cloyster's proverbial feet. "You...won. Here's the Earthbadge, a TM, now get the hell out of my Gym!", he boomed, obviously pissed. "Let's go Monolith. It's time to throw down on some TR ass." Leon walked outside, proudly displaying his ATR patch. Almost immediately, a seedy-looking TR member said: "Hey kid, you wanna get killed out here?" "Heh. See, it's supposed to work the other way.", Leon cooly added, while slipping a Revive item onto Carapace's Pokéball, all the while flaunting his ATR status. "Grr....let's get 'im!" the TR member yelled, and out of nowhere, three TR members appeared. Four Pokéballs tossed out, reaviling a Vaporeon, a Raticate, a Golbat, and Golem. "Por!" "Cate!" "Bat!" "Lem!" "Heh, let's go, Orim! Topsy! Nightmare! Carapace! "Chan-sey." "Toppssss..." "Charrbok." "Pinnn!" TBC.. Next..on the Pokéwars: [PW!] Rocket Beat-down -Fenix. "Float like a Butterfree, sting like a Beedrill!" - Pokemon boxing advice "Thanks a lot, Officer F**kmeat!" - Quote from Lake Placid AIM: ATRFenix