From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Waiting to start [ATTN: Karnivax] Date: Sunday, February 06, 2000 5:59 AM > The Kingler summons all of its strength and knocks the maniac Rhyhorn away, > Rampage landing on his back. Before the Rhyhorn is able to right himself, > Sarah Jane yells "NIPPER, SURF HIM NOW!!!!!!!!" Mentally she adds "SURF HIM > LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, BECAUSE IT VERY WELL MAY!!!!!!!!!!" > > Ignoring his own pain and urged on by his trainer's telepathic warning, > Nipper again uses surf, first surrounding Rampage in a virtual cage of > water. Rampage howls angrily. He tries to charge forward, but jets of > water block his advance. Every time he tries to take another direction, a > new jet appears. > > "Rampage, you can get past it!" shouted Kyle. > > "RRRHYYYYHHHOOORRRNNNN" shouted Rampage as he charged forward. Nipper was > waiting however. A jet of water hit Rampage straight on. The jets subside > except the main one, which lifts Rampage into the air. The jet suddenly > stops and Rampage crashes to the ground. The surf move left about 6 inches > of water covering the field. Rampage thrashes about in the water, finally > collapsing to the ground. > > Cautiously the ref made his way onto the flooded field. After a minute, he > announces "Rhyhorn is unable to fight. Match goes to the red trainer." > > Sarah Jane let out the breath she had been holding and collapses down to her > knees. > > "I lost?" asked a bewildered Kyle. "Damn it...." Suddenly, Nipper > collapses. > > "NIPPER!" shouted Sarah Jane. Ignoring the water and her own fatigue, she > jumped down from the podium and rushed over to her Kingler. Shields > followed hot at her heels. She reached over and saw the huge crack in his > shell and the amount of damage the Rhydon had done. She looked at Kyle > accusingly. "How could you let a pokemon like that on the field? You call > yourself a trainer..." she said tearfully. > > Kyle looked down into the eyes of the crying girl. She hardly looked like > the one that won the match as she tried to comfort her injured Kingler. > > "Looks like Sarah Jane Eckert has pulled out another win," said the > announcer. "But at what cost?" > > "It's okay Nipper.... I'll get you right to the pokemon center...." Sarah > Jane held out Nipper's Pokeball and retrieved the injured Pokemon. The > press just started to wade onto the field when Sarah Jane pushed pass them. > She didn't want to waste any time.... Nipper and Stonewall needed medical > help and needed it now. The press was left standing in the middle of the > soggy field without and interviewee. They turned to Kyle. > "Wait!" Kyle shouted. "WAIT!!!" Sarah Jane pretended not to hear, and, overcome by a sudden swarm of reporters and cameramen, Kyle was unable to give chase. He lost sight of Sarah Jane just long enough that he was unable to tell which of the many stadium exits she had taken. "Aw, fu - errr...I mean...rats!" Kyle kept his language in check in front of the press. "Mr. Richter, what caused you to send forth such a clearly untrained Rhyhorn?" a daring reporter queried. Kyle scowled. "First of all, he's a Rhydon, you schmuck. And second of all, no comment." The dazed Rhydon lifted his head ever so slowly. "Rhyyy...horn?" he said sheepishly. Apparently he had taken so much damage that he actually believed he was a Rhyhorn again. A second reporter asked, "After a loss like this, will you be coming back next -" "I said NO COMMENT!!!" Kyle suddenly wrenched the microphone from the man's hand and then punched the reporter in the face. Seeing this, the rest of the news crew slowly started to back away. Then Kyle turned toward Rampage. "Y'know what?" Kyle said directly into one of the Rhydon's ears. "I was under the impression that you had some idea of what the hell you were doing. I believed you'd learned to restrain yourself. I thought maybe, just maybe, you'd gotten over being a killer Team Rocket Pokémon. I guess I overestimated you." Kyle turned and started to head for the exit he most suspected Sarah Jane had taken. "Rampage, you can stay here and drown, for all I care." Suddenly Kyle heard loud splashing. Something extremely heavy clamped on to one of his legs and kept him from leaving. Kyle turned around and found that Rampage was holding on to his leg. Tears were streaming from the Rhydon's eyes. If there was one thing the Rhydon feared, it was abandonment. "Rh-rh-rhy h-horn..." he blubbered. Somehow he needed to reform; he understood that. "Forget it. You're beyond help." Kyle kicked out of Rampage's grasp and dashed off. Rampage desperately crawled after him. As soon as Kyle reached the darkness of the exit tunnel, he stopped running. He leaned up against the wall. Rampage slowly caught up with Kyle and nudged him from the side in a feeble attempt to show how gentle and lovable a Rhydon could be. "Rhy horn?" "I know it wasn't your fault," Kyle admitted, the rage gone from his voice. "You couldn't help being raised by a Rocket. I should've just sent out Espio and lost like I was supposed to...or at least recalled you when you started going too far..." He angrily spiked Rampage's Pokéball on the ground. "I should've thrown in the goddamn towel right from the start, is what I should've done!" "Horn?" "All I want to do right now is get Jessica and get the hell out of here." Kyle reclaimed the thrown Pokéball and then beamed Rampage back into it. _I'm finished as a trainer,_ Kyle told himself as he headed off toward the Indigo Stadium Pokécenter. _And this time, I sure as hell *mean* it..._ TBC? Probably not. --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Our wretched society is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road." --Voltaire Sent via Before you buy.