From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Waiting to start [ATTN: Karnivax] Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 9:11 AM In article <877k3b$4fl$>, Karnivax <> wrote: > Time Lady <> wrote: <snip> > (OOC: Free time has been lacking of late. And since battle posts are > the only posts I'm good at, I like to spend a lot of time on them. I > know I was supposed to handle half of the battle...but this is all I > can offer you right now...) (I know the feeling.... most of my writing is done during my planning period at school while my mind is still fresh...) > > The usual pre-match rituals proceeded mere minutes later. Kyle > headed out on to the field and took his place atop the green pillar. > At the other side of the arena, Sarah Jane emerged with Shields and > stepped on to the red pillar. Noticing the youth of his opponent, Kyle > could not help but feel a little cocky. > Sarah Jane studied her opponent carefully.... she could already see that he was underestimating her.... a point in her favor. > The announcer went ahead with the introductions. "This is where > the wheat is separated from the chaff, folks! A loss here, and it's > the end of the road! That's right, it's round five of the Pokémon > League Games!" he started. He paused briefly to take a drink of > water. "Here we have a guaranteed-to-be-edge-of-your-seat-action > battle! Our red trainer for this match will be Sarah Jane Eckert, of > Rosetta Town. Her prodigious battle prowess is still making > headlines! *No* odds are too overwhelming for her..." The commentator > cleared his throat. "And our green trainer will be Cinnabar Island's > Kyle Richter. We weren't sure if he'd be back after the near-death of > his Scyther in a stunning defeat at the hands of a Lorelei- > impersonating Ditto, but it looks like you just can't keep some > trainers down!" > > _I'm sensing some anti-me bias here,_ Kyle mentally sighed. > > The same balding, uproariously lenient referee that had judged all > of Kyle's Pokémon League matches thus far headed out to the sidelines. > Having recognized the pattern, virtually everyone in the audience > pumped their left fists and shouted "Let's get it on!" in perfect > unison with the referee. > > Kyle grinned. This was the same referee who had allowed a > Blastoise to fight using illegally augmented water cannons and a black > Gengar to fight with a guitar. Kyle was confident at that point that > this referee would allow damn near anything. > > The silence was deafening as both Sarah Jane and Kyle waited for > their respective opponents to send out their first Pokémon. Eventually > the stalemate was broken when both combatants threw down their first > Pokéballs simultaneously. > > A shrill cry of "AEEEROOOOO!!!" reverberated throughout the > stadium as Grendel the Aerodactyl emerged from Kyle's Pokéball. Mere > milliseconds later, Medusa the Tangela materialized from Sarah Jane's > Pokéball with a clatter of shaking vines. > > "Advantage: Richter!" Kyle exclaimed. Wasting no time, he > ordered, "Grendel, Wing Attack!" Before Medusa knew what was going on, > the lightning-quick Grendel bounded toward her and struck her with one > stone wing. While Medusa reeled, Grendel clamped on to one of her > vines with his teeth, swung the Tangela like an Olympic hammer, and > then tossed her toward the edge of the arena. Before she could leave > the arena boundaries, Medusa flung several vines at Grendel and used > the Aerodactyl as an anchor. > Sarah Jane bit her lower lip.... there was a 50-50 chance that Medusa could beat the Aerodactyl.... It was a flying pokemon, but it was also a rock pokemon, so there was still a chance.... > With Grendel now all tied up, Sarah Jane saw opportunity > knocking. "Medusa, use your Mega Drain!" Grendel winced and thrashed > about as he felt the life being sucked out of him. > > "Bite attack!" Kyle quickly responded. Grendel chomped through > his grassy constraints, then backed off. > > "Tan gelll...!" Medusa shrieked in pain. It retracted its broken > vines. > > "Hang in there, Medusa! Sleep Powder!" Sarah Jane commanded. The > Tangela shook its vines about, releasing a dense cloud of spores into > the air. > > "Counter with Wing Attack!" Kyle called out. With a mighty flap > of his wings, Grendel marked the Sleep Powder "return to sender." > > "Medusa, move out of the way!" At Sarah Jane's command, the > Tangela dodged the powdery rebound by tossing down eight vines and > using them as eight long, spidery legs. The Sleep Powder floated > harmlessly through Tangela's new appendages. "Good job! Now use your > Slam attack!" Still looking like a grassy Daddy-Long-Legs, Medusa sent > out two more vines, wrapped them around Grendel's neck, and then > proceeded to beat the surprisingly light Aerodactyl like a rug. > > As he was being slammed, Grendel curled up and tore the vines > apart with his talons. The bedraggled Grendel let out another ear- > piercing shriek. > > "Grendel, Fly attack!" Kyle shouted. Grendel got a running start > and took to the air. > > "Medusa, Solarbeam!" Sarah Jane called out. The Tangela took in a > staggering amount of solar energy, and then watched as Grendel flew > about and tried to get at the right angle to attack Medusa head-on > without flying outside of the arena boundaries. The second that she > saw Grendel make his attack run, Medusa launched an earthshaking energy > blast at the prehistoric beast. > > Time seemed to slow down momentarily as Grendel deftly barrel- > rolled out of the Solarbeam's path and then bit through four of > Medusa's "legs." The Tangela crashed back to the ground just moments > before Grendel made a full midair turn and then dived at Medusa at > about seventy miles per hour. The whole clay arena seemed to bounce as > the Aerodactyl rammed into Medusa. The shockwave from the impact > nearly upended Kyle. When the dust cleared, Grendel was still > airborne, and Medusa was knocked out cold. > > Kyle grinned. _That's one down..._ > "Medusa!" said Sarah Jane in surprise. She had thought that if she had landed the solar beam, there would have been a good chance. But the Aerodactyl was just too fast. > "Kyle is off to a good start!" the announcer admitted. "His > Aerodactyl just completely mangled Tangela there! What will Sarah Jane > choose now?" > > Sarah Jane recalled Medusa, then paused to contemplate her next > move. Finally her decision was made. She threw down a second > Pokéball, and out came Svengali the Hypno. > > "Grendel, Fly attack again!" Kyle shouted. Grendel continued > flying about at breakneck speed and looking for the right angle at > which to strike. Svengali just stayed put. > > Eventually Grendel lined himself up with the Hypno and went for > another divebomb. Svengali finally budged at the last second. He > grabbed hold of Grendel's snout, then threw the open-mouthed Aerodactyl > over his shoulder and straight into Sarah Jane's pillar. Hitting the > pillar at sixty-plus miles per hour, Grendel broke several teeth upon > impact and fainted before hitting the ground. > > "Whoa! Go see a dentist, Aerodactyl!" the announcer remarked. > Kyle recalled Grendel and prepared to send out Ares the Machamp. The > odds of Ares beating the Hypno were slim to nil, but Kyle was confident > that the Machamp would dish out an unholy beating before going down... > Sarah Jane looked over at her opponent... either the guy had made a mistake, or was planning something.... to send a fighting pokemon out against a psychic was crazy... "Svengali, be careful," warned Sarah Jane. As the two pokemon approached the referee, Sarah Jane noticed something about the opponent that might be used to her advantage.... Suddenly, Ares grabbed the microphone in front of the referee. "Ma-champ! Champ champ machamp!" Ares pointed at Svengali, who was staring at him with a rather huge sweatdrop on his face. Kyle also sweatdropped with embarrassment as Ares continued his discourse. Eventually, so did the referee and most of the audiece. Sarah Jane looked on in amusement, one of the few humans to actually understand what the Pokemon was saying. "Shields," she said to her Mr. Mime, who saluted. "Remind me to tell grandma and grandpa not to let Stallone watch too much wrestling..." she said, referring to her own Machop who was back home. Shields mimed taking out a pad and writing down the message. After about 10 minutes, the referee managed to get his microphone back from Ares. Sarah Jane took the opportunity to silently discuss stragety with Svengali. Finally he was able to signal the start of the match. Svengali returned to the center of the arena. "All right, Karate Chop!" called Kyle, hoping Ares would land his attack before the psychic Pokemon could react. "You know what to do Svengali," said Sarah Jane. The Hypno nodded, leaving Kyle wondering. Ares successfully landed a karate chop and a low kick. Svengali appeared to be struggling to get up. Kyle grinned, expecting an easy win. "A seismic toss should finish this off." Confidently expecting to finish his opponent, Ares paused to flex his muscles for the crowd, directly in front of Svengali. This was what Sarah Jane predicted. "NOW!" she ordered. Suddenly, Svengali jumped to his feet, pendulum in hand. Ares gaped in surprise, giving Svengali a further opening. The pendulum swung back and forth, back and forth... "Hypno.... hypno...." said Svengali in a low voice. Ares' eyes began to droop as they followed the swinging pendulum. Kyle's jaw dropped. That Hypno had to have been on his last legs.... "Ares snap out of it!" he shouted. Ares, with a little help from Svengali, decided it was time for a nap. "Nooooo.... WAKE UP!" Ares shifted slightly in response to his trainer's call. "Dream Eater Svengali!" called Sarah Jane. With a nod, Svengali put his mouth on Ares head. Those nearby could hear a slurping sound. Svengali, looking fully healed, stood up, wiped his mouth, then let loose a huge burp. A ripple of laughter moved through the croud. The referee checked Ares. "Ares is unable to fight." "Looks like it must have been a good dream Svengali ate," said the announcer. "He's looking good as new. But that good dream may as well have been a nightmare for Kyle Richter. Let's see what he has that can counter a hungry, hungry Hypno." Realizing that he was down 2 pokemon, Kyle knew that his next choice had to be a good one. <TBC> -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ || Sent via Before you buy.