From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Waiting to start [ATTN: Karnivax] Date: Thursday, February 03, 2000 3:58 PM > "Where does this guy get these nutcase Pokemon....?" muttered Sarah > Jane. Only Shields was close enough to hear. The Mr. Mime nodded in > agreement. Still, Kyle's words to his Pokemon, while leaving Sigfreid > confused, did tell her something very important. Briefly she sent a > message to Sigfreid. While slighlty bewildered by Kyle's comment and > the Nidoking's ravings, the Alakazam understood his trainer's > telepathic directions and nodded in agreement. > > As soon as the referee signaled the start, Daggoth bellowed "Foul > usurper, feel the wrath of Daggoth!" > > "Zam," snorted Sigfreid as he stood, polishing one of his spoons. This > further enraged Daggoth. > > "Daggoth, use your poison sting!" called Kyle. > > "Order me not drone!" growled Daggoth as he charged at Sigfreid with > his fists upraised, intending to mega punch his opponent into > oblivion. > > The Nidoking had just about reached the Alakazam, when Sarah Jane > called "NOW!" Before Daggoth's fists could connect, Sigfreid > teleported, reappearing across the stadium. > > "Looks like Kyle Richter needs better control of his Nidoking," said > the announcer as Daggoth rammed into the stadium wall beneath the the > announcer's booth. "WHOA! Llllookkksss llliiikkkeee Nnniiiidddooo > kkkkiiinnnggg wwwiilll bbbeeeaattt hhhiimmmssseellff uuuppp..." the > announcer tried to say as his booth trembled from the blow. > > Daggoth tried to shake his head to clear it from his head from the > encounter with the wall. Everytime he tried to take a shot at the > imagined usurper, it disappeared, leaving Daggoth to collide with the > wall in one way or another. > > "Perhaps the use of Earthquake will defeat your enemy!" called Kyle. > > "This guy really needs to get his delusional Nidoking under control," > said Sarah Jane. "I hope Spunky doesn't grow up to be anything like > that." > > "Daggoth will rip mine enemies apart with my bare claws! And Daggoth > does not take advice from the likes of you!" > > Sarah Jane called "Confusion!" > > With a twirl of the spoons, Sigfreid complied. Daggoth clutched his > head in pain as Sigfreid's eyes glowed. The Nidoking bellowed as he > stared around wildly in confusion. A blur of yellow stood in front of > a wall of green. Daggoth bellowed, then charged. > > "DAGGOTH NO!" shouted Kyle as he anticipated what was about to happen. > It was too late. Sigfreid teleported, letting Daggoth slam himself > head first into Kyle's podium. The impact knocked Kyle off his feet. > > "Looks like Daggoth is really going to need his head examined after > this match... in more ways than one," quipped the announcer, now > recovered from Daggoth's hit to the wall under the booth. "That leaves > Sarah Jane Eckert up, with 4 remaining Pokemon, while Kyle Richter only > has 2 left. Whatever he sends next, I hope it's more resistant to > psychic Pokemon." > _Okay, calm down, Kyle,_ the trainer told himself. _You have not one, but two aces in the hole._ Kyle reached for his fifth Pokéball, then tossed it into the playing field. "Here goes something..." The Pokéball refused to open. Sparks shot out as the spheroid hit the field. Sigfreid approached the Pokéball with some trepidation and then gave it a slight kick. Still the Pokéball stayed shut. "Looks we're having some technical difficulties here," the announcer noted. Finally the referee headed out and pried the malfunctioning ball open with pocket-sized Jaws of Life. The stadium quaked as a nine-foot-tall, translator-bearing Dragonite burst forth. "It looks like Sarah Jane will be going up against yet another Dragonite!" the commentator added. Sarah Jane sweatdropped. "It's déjŕ vu all over again," she commented, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra. The Pokéball, instead of mysteriously returning to its owner like it normally would, stayed on the battlefield. Kyle for the most part was oblivious to such a seemingly trivial fact. Leviathan slowly approached Sigfreid. "Lookie here," Leviathan's translator snorted. "Poor little lonely Uri-Geller-lawsuit-waiting-to- happen wants some attention..." Kyle groaned, "Levi, I'll admit the variable catch phrase was amusing the first couple of times, but you use it before *every* *match*! Give it a frickin' rest already!" Leviathan scowled, then pointed to Kyle and whispered to Sigfreid, "As soon as I'm done beating the living hell out of you and your teammates, he's next." "Sigfreid, Confusion!" Sarah Jane commanded. The Alakazam took a step back and almost effortlessly sent out a short-range ripple of psi. Leviathan clutched his head and roared as he was hit with a pounding headache. As if he thought he could cancel out the throbbing, Leviathan briefly pounded on his own head. When that seemed to fail, the Dragonite, as if intoxicated, started stumbling around and laughing giddily. "We've got him!" Sarah Jane exclaimed. "He's confused! Give him your Psybeam attack!" "Kazam." Wanting to get this match over as quickly as possible, Sigfreid started powering up for the strongest Psybeam he could muster. Immediately, Leviathan stopped stumbling. "Sucker!" he chuckled out loud. It was a trick. Quickly, Sigfreid unleashed his strongest Psybeam thus far...and missed by a mile. In the split-second that Sigfreid needed to recharge, Leviathan grabbed the Alakazam, lifted him into the air, and then rammed his horned head into the psychic Pokémon's back. The horn was too dull to penetrate Sigfreid's body armor, but it nearly succeeded in breaking the Alakazam's spine. The audience cringed collectively. Leviathan casually tossed the bent-out- of-shape Sigfreid aside. "I'll be amazed if Alakazam can Recover from that one," the commentator remarked. Sarah Jane smiled uneasily. Sigfreid did not actually know Recover. Sigfreid carefully righted himself. "Kaaa...zam!!!" he cried out as he painfully straightened his spine out once again. "Sigfreid, don't go for power, go for speed!" Sarah Jane ordered. "You'll wear him down! Use Mega Punch!" Faster than the eye could see, Sigfreid teleported within arm's reach of Leviathan and gave him the old one-two Mega Punch to the snout. The Dragonite tried to grab Sigfreid for a choke-slam attack, but Sigfreid instantly teleported away. Then the Alakazam started to repeat the process. Leviathan just crossed his arms and laughed heartily at the physically frail Pokémon. "Leviathan, Thunderbolt!" Kyle suggested. "Eh, I'll get to it," Leviathan grunted. "I want to see if this is really Houdini's best trick." The Dragonite hardly flinched as Mega Punch after Mega Punch was landed on his face. After forty-five seconds or so, the barrage of fist attacks ceased as Sigfreid became too exhausted to continue. "What do you think, Shields? Should I call him back?" Sarah Jane wondered. The Mr. Mime calmly shook his head. "I thought not. Sigfreid, Confusion again!" "Don't even think of bringing that psychic crap into my house!" Leviathan bellowed. When Sigfreid unleashed another psionic ripple, Leviathan took wing and launched himself at Sigfreid like a rocket. The Dragonite plowed right through the psionic wave. Sigfreid rapidly teleported to one side as Leviathan flew by. "Nice sidestep!" Leviathan commented. "But let's see you dodge this one, Spoonman!" Leviathan landed, stood in the dead center of the arena, and started to crackle with electricity. "Spoonman...?" It dawned on Sarah Jane what Leviathan was about to do. "Sigfreid, drop your spoons now!" But her voice was drowned out as the Dragonite let out a triumphant roar and then proceeded to toss Thunderbolts in all directions. Sigfreid thought his teleportation abilities would save him yet again...but this time such was not the case. The Alakazam's spoons sucked up the electricity like tiny lightning rods and arced a crippling current into the psychic Pokémon. "Stick a fork in this loser; he's done!" Leviathan said of the now-charred Alakazam. "Ala...ka...zaaagggh..." Sigfreid moaned. He crashed to the ground like a felled tree. "Alakazam is unable to fight!" the referee pointed out. Sarah Jane withdrew the mustachioed psychic and made a few more quick team modifications. "This is not a problem," Sarah Jane told herself. "He only has two Pokémon left, and one of them's already been softened up a bit. I still have three, and they're all in pristine condition." The scoreboard now showed five lights: two green and three red. "And I know how to deal with a dragon..." Sarah Jane released her fourth Pokémon...Snowflake the Dewgong. "Dew gong, dew gong gong gong!" Snowflake cheerfully barked. The vaguely sea lion-like creature clapped its flippers together. "Go ahead and laugh," Leviathan chuckled. "You won't be laughing when they're carrying you off the field in a sponge." "Quickly, Snowflake! Give him your Aurora Beam!" Sarah Jane commanded. With that, Snowflake charged up as fast as possible and unleashed a bright blue beam of energy from the horn on top of her head. Leviathan rolled his eyes back. "Please." The Dragonite easily overpowered the Aurora Beam with an Ice Beam...and froze more than half of Snowflake's body. With only her head and tail free to move, Snowflake was a sitting Psyduck. "Snowflake, you don't need to move to beat him!" Sarah Jane noted. "Aurora Beam again!" "But Snowflake *does* need to move if she doesn't want to get her blubbery ass beat down," Leviathan pointed out, as Snowflake desperately charged up again. The second Snowflake was about to fire off the beam, Leviathan backhanded the immobilized Dewgong across the face and knocked the beam off course. "'re not even worth the waste of a Thunderbolt," the Dragonite snorted as he lifted the frozen Dewgong into the air. "The second you're not such a loser, call me and I'll really throw down on your fat butt. But for now..." Leviathan tossed Snowflake clear over the arena boundary. "Buh-bye." "Snowflake is disqualified!" the referee boomed. Another red light went out on the scoreboard. Just tryin' to even things up a bit... ^^;;; --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Our wretched society is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road." --Voltaire Sent via Before you buy.