From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Waiting to start [ATTN: Karnivax] Date: Saturday, February 05, 2000 4:47 PM Karnivax wrote: > > "Damn it, when I get out of this....." Leviathan found his mouth > suddenly > > bound by the end of Stonewall's tail. The massive Dragonite > continued to > > struggle, but Stonewall tightened around him. > > > > "At least that will keep him quiet," said Sarah Jane quietly to > Shields. > > > > The potentency of the toxins coursing through Leviathan's system > increased, > > weakening the Dragonite. Stonewall's grip slipped slightly, enough > to let > > Leviathan's mouth move. "When I get my hands on you," he muttered to > Kyle > > with the last of his strength. > > > > "Stonewall, slam!" called Sarah Jane. Obediently the Onix reared up, > > Leviathan still in his coils, then slammed into the floor. Stonewall > could > > feel the Dragonite go limp and was about to let go when Sarah Jane > added > > "Don't let go just yet!" After the stunt the Dragonite pulled > earlier, she > > wasn't taking any chances. She could sense the Dragonite was > unconscious, > > but still.... Only when the referee pronounced Leviathan unable to > fight did > > she have Stonewall release his opponent. Sarah Jane breathed a brief > sigh > > of relief. She was still ahead, with 2 healthy pokemon remaining. If > > Stonewall went down in the next match, depending on what the opponent > was, > > either Nipper or Shields would be sent out next. Of all of her > Pokemon, > > they were the most experienced. No way she would take a chance on an > > untrained pokemon in the last position. Hopefully it wouldn't get to > that > > point. > > > > _Note to self: talk to Jessica about getting Leviathan back,_ > thought Kyle as he held his hand out to recall the Dragonite. He then > looked at his hand and found that, oddly, there was not a Pokéball in > it. The faulty Pokéball was still out on the field. So Kyle climbed > down from his pillar and headed out to the field. > > Kyle, ignoring the growls from Stonewall, grabbed the misplaced > Pokéball and headed over to Leviathan. The Dragonite seemed moderately > awake. > > "All right, where are you?" Kyle asked, checking the Dragonite's > awareness. > > "In...Indigo Stadium," Leviathan groaned. > > "And who am I?" > > "You're...that trainer guy." > > "Close enough. Now, who are you?" > > Leviathan was silent for several seconds before responding, "I'm > Batman." He then jumped to his feet and pointed at Kyle. "You! You > can be my assistant! Would you like that, citizen?" > > "This is an improvement, I think," Kyle remarked as he pressed the > return button on the Pokéball. > > "To the Batcave!" shouted Leviathan as the malfunctioning > Pokéball recalled him without a hitch. Kyle left the field and climbed > back up to the top of the green pillar. The referee bade the game go > on. > > _I can't send out Espio,_ Kyle decided, looking at his opponent. > _I'm not giving Sarah Jane another type advantage!_ Kyle quickly > grabbed his Pokédex and made a quick team substitution. He glanced at > the Pokéball he had just called up from cyber-storage. _Considering > that Dad's still alive, I'll have to assume he's tamed this one enough > to keep it from killing..._ > > (OOC: Cue "The Extreme" from Final Fantasy VIII. It just seems to > fit. ^_^) > > Kyle tossed down his sixth and final Pokéball. "Rampage, I choose > you!" > > "RRRHYYYYY!!!" An even-larger-than-usual Rhydon emerged from > Kyle's last Pokéball. Rampage, who was looking a lot healthier than he > had as a member of David Bradley's collection, started pawing the clay > arena and snorting like a mad bull. "DOOONNN!!!" > Sarah Jane's eyes narrow.... it doesn't look like this particular Pokemon is going to wait for the referee's signal. > > "Stonewall, Tox-" Sarah Jane was not even able to finish her order > before Rampage lowered his head, charged, and drove his drill-horn right > through one of Stonewall's giant segments. The giant stone snake cried > out in pain and tried to slap Rampage away with his tail. Rampage > grabbed hold of the swinging tail and broke the two end segments off of > it. Then he continued drilling holes in the Onix's stone hide. > Stonewall could hardly focus on fighting back against the Rhydon's > furious assault. > > Stonewall internally rejoiced as Rampage suddenly backed off a > bit. Sarah Jane immediately called for an Earthquake attack. > Stonewall lifted his tail and then started to slam it down... > > Rampage dived and caught the tail before it could hit the ground. > The Earthquake was averted. Furious that his opponent had ground-type > attacks too, Rampage jumped high into the air, spun, and then slammed > the ground with a force that nearly knocked both trainer pillars down. > The earth opened up, and the stadium was very nearly split in half as > Rampage's dreaded Fissure attack was unleashed. > > "GRRRONNNIXXX...?!" As the Fissure widened, Stonewall fell in. > The second the Onix went down, Rampage clapped his massive hands, and > the Fissure quickly closed on the mighty serpent. Completely > immobilized by the earth's vice-like grip, Stonewall was helpless. > > "Stonewall is unable to -" The referee was interrupted as Rampage > bellowed angrily. The fact was, unlike David Bradley, Kyle's father > actually fed and took care of Rampage. The Rhydon was so moved by > James Richter's hospitality that he gave up killing entirely. But even > with such an improvement, Rampage would simply not stand for the fact > that his enemy was still conscious. Rampage was about to jump down > into his own Fissure to continue drilling holes in Stonewall when Sarah > Jane swiftly recalled the badly injured Onix. > "How can the league allow a pokemon like that?" wondered Sarah Jane almost angrily. > > "And our combatants have just one Pokémon each!" the commentator > pointed out. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be close!" > > "Nipper it is, then," Sarah Jane decided. She tossed down her > final Pokéball, and out came an angry-looking Kingler. "I hope you > understand, Shields." The Mr. Mime silently sighed. > > "Cokee, cokee..." the king/fiddler crab growled in a deep voice. > Sarah Jane could not even give a command before Rampage jumped and > Stomped down hard on the crustacean's chitinous carapace. Not noticing > any visible damage to Nipper, Rampage started pounding on the slow > Kingler's shell with both fists until the heavy shell started to > break. Nipper scurried away as fast as he could on his many legs. > Rampage knocked Nipper on his back with a quick tailwhip as the Kingler > ran. Fully overturned, Nipper could only flail his legs and claws > about madly. "Cokee cokee!" > > "Nipper, Surf!" Sarah Jane shouted. Before Rampage could > continue his relentless attack, a massive water jet sprouted up from > the ground and flipped Nipper back over. A second water jet burst up > from below Rampage. The Rhydon thrashed about and roared in agony as > he could feel his nigh-impenetrable skin breaking up. His juggernaut- > like charge had finally reached a stop. > > "Ignore the's only going to get worse!" Kyle told > Rampage. Realizing Kyle had a point, Rampage - while still being > hammered with water - grabbed the smaller of Nipper's two pincers and > then proceeded to slam the crustacean against the clay arena > repeatedly. Rampage noticed the break in Nipper's shell branching out > and widening, so he clawed furiously at the cracked carapace until it > finally fell apart. With the dense shell gone, Nipper's soft, > vulnerable hide was exposed. > > "RHYYYDONNN!" Rampage finally freed himself from the incessant > water jet and then held Nipper upside-down over his head. Rampage's > drill-horn started to spin. > > "Rhydon has Kingler in his grasp and is ready to turn him into > seafood cocktail!" the commentator. "This could be it, folks!!!" Sarah Jane almost panicked. "NIPPER! USE STRENGTH TO GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!" The Kingler summons all of its strength and knocks the maniac Rhyhorn away, Rampage landing on his back. Before the Rhyhorn is able to right himself, Sarah Jane yells "NIPPER, SURF HIM NOW!!!!!!!!" Mentally she adds "SURF HIM LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, BECAUSE IT VERY WELL MAY!!!!!!!!!!" Ignoring his own pain and urged on by his trainer's telepathic warning, Nipper again uses surf, first surrounding Rampage in a virtual cage of water. Rampage howls angrily. He tries to charge forward, but jets of water block his advance. Every time he tries to take another direction, a new jet appears. "Rampage, you can get past it!" shouted Kyle. "RRRHYYYYHHHOOORRRNNNN" shouted Rampage as he charged forward. Nipper was waiting however. A jet of water hit Rampage straight on. The jets subside except the main one, which lifts Rampage into the air. The jet suddenly stops and Rampage crashes to the ground. The surf move left about 6 inches of water covering the field. Rampage thrashes about in the water, finally collapsing to the ground. Cautiously the ref made his way onto the flooded field. After a minute, he announces "Rhyhorn is unable to fight. Match goes to the red trainer." Sarah Jane let out the breath she had been holding and collapses down to her knees. "I lost?" asked a bewildered Kyle. "Damn it...." Suddenly, Nipper collapses. "NIPPER!" shouted Sarah Jane. Ignoring the water and her own fatigue, she jumped down from the podium and rushed over to her Kingler. Shields followed hot at her heels. She reached over and saw the huge crack in his shell and the amount of damage the Rhydon had done. She looked at Kyle accusingly. "How could you let a pokemon like that on the field? You call yourself a trainer..." she said tearfully. Kyle looked down into the eyes of the crying girl. She hardly looked like the one that won the match as she tried to comfort her injured Kingler. "Looks like Sarah Jane Eckert has pulled out another win," said the announcer. "But at what cost?" "It's okay Nipper.... I'll get you right to the pokemon center...." Sarah Jane held out Nipper's Pokeball and retrieved the injured Pokemon. The press just started to wade onto the field when Sarah Jane pushed pass them. She didn't want to waste any time.... Nipper and Stonewall needed medical help and needed it now. The press was left standing in the middle of the soggy field without and interviewee. They turned to Kyle. -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||