From: phantom6 <> Subject: (PW) When Mt. Moon Hit's Your Eye! Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 8:23 PM Indigo Observation Room. Figure One: He's Good. Figure Two: She's better. Mysterious Figure: You're both nuts, I'm going to watch the next match personally. If you need me I'll be at Misty's Gym. Mt. Moon Pokemon Center. "Well, those trainers weren't as tough as they looked." Robert said as he counted the money he'd won from the people training on the path to Mt. Moon. Looking up he saw Sammantha putting her money away. Roberts gazing was interrupted by Nurse Joy, "Excuse me, Robert your Pokemon are ready." As Robert walked to the counter Sammantha snuck a look at him, 'Needs work but other wise mmm.' "Where the hell did that come from?" Sammantha asked herself out loud her aithful ditto staring at her questioningly. "Ready to go Sammantha?" Robert asked clipping two empty Pokeballs on his belt as he returned from the community computer. "Sure, I can't wait to catch a Clefairy, They're sooooo cute!" Sammantha sid as she jumped up from her seat scaring her Ditto. "Yeah, I want to catch an Onix aswell." Robert said looking around, "Have you seen Ozone or Pikachu?" He added. "CHUUUUUUUUU!" Came a cry accompanied by an incredibly loud thunder clap. Sammantha and Robert looked at on another "Uh, OH!" and took off in the direction of the sound. Rounding the corner of the Pokecenter Robert and Sammantha saw Pikachu and Ozone defending an injured Wigglytuff from a vicious looking Parasect as the Wigglytuffs trainer applied some healing supplies to it. Roberts jaw stiffened and his bright green eyes darkened. "Mica." was all he said as he spotted the Parasects trainer, looking to his two Pokemon he idly wondered how they'd gotten into this mess, Mica was so far the only trainer to ever faint Ozone and Pikachu in one battle. Looking to Sammantha he was a pained look on her face. "Are you ready to give up Twilight? It would seem your Wigglytuff isn't up to snuff." Mica said snidley, smirking at his pun. "No, WigglyTuff, Double slap!" Twilights Wigglytuff launched at the Parasect and began pummeling it. "Hey no fair fighting back!" Mica shouted as his Parasect fainted. "Just like when we were dating, You can't stand a strong woman!" Twilight stated, venom in her voice. It would seem Samantha agreed as she nodded, "Bout time you lost scum." she said just above a whisper. Mica recalled his Pokemon and pulled out a black ang purple Pokeball, "Oh no, Hemlock." Robert said and watched in terror as Mica released his Gengar, whincing as Pikachu and Ozone dove behind him for protection. "Hemlock! Psychic NOW!" The Gengar released the powerful attack and fainted Twilights Wigglytuff. "Alright, Let's Go BUTTERFREE!" Twilight called as her Pokemon appeared on the feild. "Butterfree, Confusion!" Butterfree executed the normally devastating attack as Twilight commanded, But Hemlock shrugged it off and returned the attack, Fainting Butterfree. "You lose, Just like when I dumped you." Mica said as Hemlock returned to his custom Pokeball. "Get bent, I dumped you! You egotistical slime!" Twilight said as she returned Butterfree to its pokeball chiding herself for not better guaging the effectivness of the bug types attacks on a high level Gengar. Turning to Robert She composed herself, "Thanks for the help." She said as she smiled at Ozone and scratched Pikachu behind its ears. Returning her attention to Robert himself she said, "If you'll excuse me I have to hel my Pokemon and meet my partner back in Pewter." With that Twilight walked back to the front of the Pokecenter. "Surprised you made it this far Robert, Nice to see you agin Sammy girl." Mica said with a lecherous grin. Sammatha gave him a look that would turn water to stone. Mica pulled Robert away from her, "She still wants me, Have you evolved that pathetic Charmander yet?" "Oh yeah I want you, Tied to a boulder and thrown off of an ocean bluff." Sammantha Said. "She's just mad 'cause I broke it off with her." Mica said as he leered at her. "You broke it off with me!? No,no,no,no. I broke your legs and then walked out on you after you abused poor Ditto." Sammatha shouted as her eyes took on a fiery glow. " I only had it immitate a butler, and a foot stool... and a paint mixer, well okay and a silk shirt." Mica said without a trace of guilt in his voice. "AND A POLISH RAG FOR HEMLOCKS' POKEBALL! DITTO SMELLED LIKE CARNUBA WAX FOR A MONTH!!" Sammantha was Torqued. Next thing Robert saw was Sammanthas' fist flying at Micas' face. Grabbing Roberts wrist she dragged him into the Mt. Moon entrance. "C'mon, I want a Clefairy!" Sammantha yelled and Robert couldn't find the back bone to fight about it. He knew he'd lose. The end. Next time! Robert and Sammantha Are trying for the cascade Badge, and the Mysterious figure makes himself known. -- Phantom6 Phading out. In the Future... Children will be allowed to vote for President-- Dan Quayle will suffer an embarrassing loss to the White Ranger. MTV will show music videos-- I can dream, can't I?