From: AngelusWvW ( Subject: [PW!] Aboard the ship, looking for someone Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/05 Angel gets up from the room and walks out on to the deck, he stares out at the sea, he watchs as the waves bob up and down, it reminds him of something way back in his childhood. He is hungry and desides to go get some food, he sat at a able in a resturant, he nods to the waiters who brings him over a plate full of food, Angel sits and eats the food. He think about ID and how he was formed. "ID, are you then" Angel called inside his head. "as all ways im am, i am you, so where you are so am I" came the reply. "how to you take control" asked Angel. "now that would be telling. Angel nodded ID certianly wasn`t stupid "where did you come from" ID laughed "thats a easy one, when you were small before you massacred our parents some thing terrible happened to you, you found out something about your self and your destiny, you wouldn`t accept it. So with your powers you created me, when ever you couldn`t cope, you would blank out and i would be in control, you created me, and over the years i have become my own person waiting in the depths of your mind to help you when ever needed" Angel was distressed by that speech. "HELP!, all you do is hurt people" ID laughed again "have i ever hurt you, everything i have ever done has helped you in some way, if it wasn`t for me you would still be at home getting hit by that bitch of a mother we had. I have only ever helped you" Angel finished eating in silence at the end of his meal the waiter came over. "that will be $34 please" Angel held out a empty hand to the waiter extended his hand as if picking up the money "thank you" Angel nodded and rose (any in the resturant see that, what ask me about it?) Angel walked out of the resturant and up to the top deck of the ship where he climbed the side up to the very top of the ship where he sat cross legged and slept. _______-________-________-____________-___________ like coffee with out a kettle, pushers without a pedal, like seconds without a minute, like a prize with no one to one. What would it be like without me OMG MC.