From: AngelusWvW ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Aboard the ship, looking for someone Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/05 Angel looked over at as the three birds landed, he nodded in the direction of the three. He turned and look back out to the sea. Gastly's pokeball floated out and opened, gastly flew across to fearow, he began to pull faces at it "Gastly" Angel tapped the floor and gastly flew back to Angel and laided down next to him,Angel placed a hand on gastly, Without look over to Bridget, mike and lewis he spoke quitely, yet they all could hear him " its quite up her isn't it, i come here to think, Why are you here?" Angel contiued to stare out into the sea, in the distance a Gyrados in jumping through the waves. _______-________-________-____________-___________ like coffee with out a kettle, pushers without a pedal, like seconds without a minute, like a prize with no one to one. What would it be like without me OMG MC.