From: AngelusWvW ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Aboard the ship, looking for someone Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/05 Angel Carrys Mike across his sholders,He lept down from the top of the roof to the floor and landed gracefully. He shouts up "i`ll get him there" Angel carrys him swiftly down through the corridors. Angels eyes began to flash Red, then returned normal. "not now" Angel put mike down next to the wall. His eyes Changed to completly red. Angel looked down "Why are you helping this man"asked Angel to himself. Inside his Head Angel was confused he was see out of his eyes but he wasn`t controlling his body. Angel shouted "ID stop, we have to help this man" "Angel im in control now, just watch" Angel bent down and picked up Mikes body, and began to tip him over the side. Lewis see what was going on, and flew down and grabbed Mikes body on his Pidgeot before it hit the water. Lewis flew up and put the body on the floor. "what are you doing" Screamed Lewis at Angel. Angel laughed and walked off. As he turned he colapsed on the floor his eyes returning to normal. He got up. "i have to get mike to a doctor" he looked around , he spotted mike and lewis crouched on the floor "what happened" Lewis stood "You tried to kill him" Angel turned "belive me im sorry, im not safe to be around you should go" Angel runs off with Gastly following him. He leaps over the wall on on to the roof, he disapears from sight "what was that about" is all Lewis said before carrying Mike away _______-________-________-____________-___________ like coffee with out a kettle, pushers without a pedal, like seconds without a minute, like a prize with no one to one. What would it be like without me OMG MC.