From: ( Subject: [PW!] Accidents will happen Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/30 *FZZZTTT* 'This is going well... not' Gads mused as he dodged another blast of energy, fired from the tail or Panopticon, who was currently loudly declaring that Gads would feed his children. "Those must be some UGLY children, being spawned from you and all..." A howl of rage and another energy bolt followed that statement. "If you must know, they are not mine by birth. They are mine because I took them." "WHAT!" Mara, who had been prepaing to attack from behind using her 18- inch metal claws, looked outraged. That was shortly before she ripped into Panopticon, little more then a ball of hair and metal, as far as Panopticon was concerned. He howled in pain as one of the claws sunk into his thigh, threatening to rip off a huge chunk of it, metal and flesh. Gads bigsweatted. "I guess there's some universal female hatred about baby-snatching. I don't pity him, though." Gads watched as Mara was send flying in his direction, and carefully caught her and placed her on the ground. Andrew from the sidelines, carefully fondeld the nanite shard in his pocket, remembering Gads' words from before. "If worse comes to worse, I want you to take this and throw it into the Vermillion Bay, got it?" Andrew just had one thought. "How did it ever get this bad?" ***Flashback*** "Heya Pannie. Long time no see!" Gads waved at the cybersaur, who was currently on a coffee break. Not that Panopticon drank coffee. "YOU!" Panoption snarled, then settled down a little. No need to get violent at the start. "It's been awhile, Mankey. What brings you to Vermillion." Gads smirked. "A pokemon of mine was asked to star in a movie. While that was going on, I was asked to be in your movie. I'm playing the bad guy." Panopticon growled. "I'm co-staring in a movie with YOU! No way. I'd rather..." Suddenly, Speilbunk ran over before Panopticon could get violent. "YES, YES! This is WONDERFUL. What a great rehersal! Now this is what I want to see between you two when you're out there!" Suddenly, Panopticon got an idea. "Indeed. I'll put on a KILLER performance out there." Gads simply continued smirking. If he knew what Panopticon was planning, he wouldn't have been. From the side, Andrew and Mara exchanged a look. They both had a bad feeling about this... ***End Flashback*** Andrew's rememberance was interrupted when Monk-chan went flying past him. In his haste to get out of the way, he quickly withdrew the hand with the nanite shard out of his pocket... *FZZTTT* Another energy bolt was fired, this one intending to follow Monk-chan. However, his aim was a little off, and Andrew found himself scrambling again to get out of the way. This time, he tripped over a gun from the movie that was left lying around, and fell. Andrew put his hands underneath him in order to break his fall, when he remembered something. "The nanite..." The nanite was between two fingers of the hand he was going to fall on. Andrew had enough time to think about how much it was going to hurt before his head collided with his hand. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Mara and Gads were re-creating a scene from an earlier fight with Panopticon, or rather, Protopticon, with Mara hanging onto his tail/plasma cannon while Gads took advantage by fighting up close, without having to worry about point-blank Energy Shots. This time, however, Panopticon couldn't form spikes to force Mara to remove her hand from his tail, since he lacked Proteus to form a shapable, metallic outer shell. Panopticon found the situation much to his discomfort, since it seemed that no matter HOW fast a talon strike or claw swipe was, Gads was always a bit faster... "Stand still and take the beating you deserve!" Panopticon swiped out with another claw swipe. Unnoticed by anyone, Andrew began to get up. "Yeah, right. I'm sorry, I don't feel like getting sliced into kibble today." Gads kicked out to the cybersaur's jaw. That started another stream of curses and damnations from Panopticon as he slashed out at Gads rapidly. Gads grinned a fanged grin. If nothing else, the fight was giving him a chance to work with his agility. Panopticon had only clawed him twice, and only one was an injury that was giving off any pain, a foot- long slash down his left side. Gads stopped grinning, however, when he swung his tail into a pole, smashing Mara into it. She fell over, hurt, but not too badly. "Damnit..." Andrew didn't even think. He just grabbed the machine gun he tripped over, checked quickly to make sure it wasn't a prop (Speilbunk was notorious for using REAL guns and explosives for his movies), then opened fire on the cybersaur. The stream of bullets narrowly missed Gads and nailed Panopticon in the leg where Mara's claw had landed earlier. "LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!" Gads was baffled. Gunfire, the delclaration. It sounded like... no way. When he turned around... He saw Andrew, looking RIGHTOUSLY PISSED, opened fire again on the cybersaur. Out of his forehead, the nanite shone brightly. Mara was also looking, and was worried. "Are you OK, Andrew?" Gads, who took all of three second to figure out what was going on, decided that the current problem needed to be delt with in a hurry, and quickly roundhouse-kicked Panopticon in the often-hit head, finally putting the much-abused cybersaur out. Andrew, without a target anymore, finally realized what he had been doing. "What a rush!" He dropped the small machine gun. "Is this what you guys feel when fighting? I... I didn't understand why you and Monk-chan keep on smacking each-other silly, but I think I do now..." Gads simply remained silent, instead looking at the nanite sticking out of Andrew's forehead. Mara walked over to Andrew. "Um, Andrew... you know you have the nanite shard sticking out of your head?" Andrew felt his head, feeling a good inch of the shard sticking out. "So I do..." "It doesn't seem to be effecting your personality." Mara continued to examine the shard. "How do you feel?" "Hungry." Andrew honestly answered. "How about we get some food?" "Ok..." Mara shrugged. Andrew seemed to be himself, not the raging, evil, psycotic, psychic being Gads had become. "Key..." Monk-chan finally began to move to get up. He then remembered why he was down. "KEY, KEY!" Monk-chan lept at Panopticon... who was still out cold. "Key?" "You're not gonna belive this, MC, but Andrew's the one to thank. He distracted Panopticon long enough for me to roundhouse him." "KEY?" "However... the shard... that blasted shard, is in him." "KEY!" Monk-chan looked for Andrew. He had to be stopped! "No! He seems... normal." 'That doesn't mean I'm not gonna be careless. I'm gonna keep an eye on him.' "Man man." Monk-chan was thinking the same thing. "Hey Gads, Monk-chan, you guys coming?" Andrew and Mara waved off from the edge of the movie set/battlefield. "Yeah. Wait up!" Gads and Monk-chan went to catch up, Gads favoring his injured left side. Meanwhile, from the director's chair, Speilbunk was grinning madly. "This'll make me FAMOUS! And RICH! What a movie! What a masterpiece!" Panopticon dazedly muttered something about a double-Mankey sandwich, his scyther babies, and formerly-defenceless foes with machine guns getting divine retribution for messing with the order. TBC (OOC: Yeah, I'm using that damned nanite AGAIN. It just never seems to go away... this time, it was at NH's suggerstion though. This story seems a little sloppy though... hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of things in no time!) -From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE