From: Andrusi (andyvvv@aol.comagnemite) Subject: [PW] Adventures of a Formerly Inanimate Object Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/02 [PW!] Adventures of a Formerly Inanimate Object Nurse Joy thought she had seen everything. Characters that froze in time for months and then went back to normal with little or no provocation, talking Pikachus, talking Kadabras, Magnemites that orbited people's heads, people that wanted to kill all the Voltorbs on the planet, Persians that had parts from Vaporeon, Charizard, Scyther, and Paras, ATRs arguing over Ba Dum Dum vs. Dun Dun Dun, homicidal Porygons, super-fast Slowbros, Gastly eggs, giant bottles of diet cola, new towns and buildings springing up from nowhere, blue Chanseys, even a Geodude that threatened to destroy everyone he met. Nothing could surprise her anymore. Or so she thought. While she was healing some Pokémon, a voice behind her said, "Hey, lady. Tell everyone to stop forcing their Pokéballs to hold Pokémon." Joy groaned. "You've got it backwards, and I don't have time for anti-Pokéball radicals right now." "I *am* a Pokéball." Joy turned around, planning to say something nasty and distinctly unJoyish, and saw a Pokéball floating above the "Welcome to Pewter City" banner. As a result, all she was able to say was "Um..." "That's right, lady. The name's PK Ball. Let the Pokéballs stop holding your Pokémon, and no one gets hurt." "...What are you going to do?" PK rammed Joy in the most easily accessible target: her chest. Joy shrieked and slapped the Pokéball, causing it to fall to the ground. When PK had returned to a manageable level, Joy ejected him from the Pokémon Center using a convinient baseball bat. PK smacked into a tree outside. He was about to go in to try again when a voice said: "Uh-oh! It's a Voltorb!" "I'll handle it. Electron, Thundershock!" After sustaining a painful jolt from the Magnemite, PK chose to retreat. As he floated away, he heard the first voice say "Darn, it got away. If you'd let me handle it I could have killed it." Far away from his attackers, PK settled into a small hole in the ground. "This is definitely not my day..." "Diglett..." PK didn't wonder what it was, because he found out when he found himself knocked violently out of the hole and into the air. "Definitely not my day..." TBC -Andy &&