From: Tech Weaver Mask ( Subject: [PW] [Poke-X-Mon] A Friend In Need Newsgroups: Date: 2000-10-09 14:43:18 PST Last time, in Poké-X-Mon: Chet, a mutant from Vertigo Island, set off on his Pokemon Journey. After a rather unsatisfying visit to the Viridian City Gym, he decided to head off to Pewter City by way of Viridian Forest. Who knows what challenges he may face there? [The X-Men theme plays] Poke-X-Mon Episode 4: A Friend In Need Written by Chet "Tech" Weaver "Pika!" the Pikachu squeaked. It struggled against the leg trap, but was useless. It Thundershocked the trap, but it couldn't generate a strong enough current to melt the metal. "I better help it out of that trap," Chet said. "Who would be cruel enough to set this kind of trap to catch a Pokémon?" Chet went over to try and open the trap. He couldn't get close enough; The Pikachu, angry and frightened, sent bolts of electricity at him. Chet was forced to keep his distance. "I could try a PokéBall," Chet considered. "Then I'd have a Pikachu,. But then it might think I'm the one who set that trap and he wouldn't trust me." "Meowth," Chance remarked. He flipped a coin. "Of course, if I can release it from the trap he might take a liking to me and let me catch him," Chet surmised. "Then I'd have a Pikachu that does trust me and thinks I'm it's hero! But how to free him? Quite a puzzle, eh, Chance?" "Meeh, meowth meow," Chance answered. "Yeah," Chet said, pretending he understood what Chance said. "But we can' t get close enough, and I don't have any long-range powers." He looked at the glove that hid the talons on his hand. Chance flipped a coin. "Maybe we'll get luck with your Coin Flip, Chance. Try to direct the attack at part of the trap, like maybe the spring or a hinge." Chance tilted his head at Chet. "You know, the part that... Just blast it off him." "Meowth!" Chance made a little salute before flipping his coin again. Seconds later, he was convulsing on the forest floor. "Splash," Chet said, rolling his eyes. "Try again." Chance flipped the coin. He glowed breifly, but nothing happened. "Solar Beam?" Chet asked. Chance checked himself. He looked up at Chet and shrugged. "Okay, not Solar Beam. Keep going." Chance flipped the coin. A couple vines grew out from the back of his head. "Meowth?" "Good! Vine Whip! Now, try to use the vines to pry the..." "PI!" *ZAP!* "EOWTH!" *THUD* "Okay, vines conduct electricity. Let's try something else." [Montage time!] Chance buffs up. "No." Chance shrinks. "No." Chance changes color. "No." Chance waves his fingers. "No." Chance dances with swords. Chance changes into a Pikachu. Chance lays an egg. Chance learns Thundershock. "No, No, No, No!" [End montage] Chet sat on a rock with his head in his hands. He heard an explosion. "No," he sighed. Chance got up and dusted himself off. He focused on the leg trap. Focus. Break trap. Need a projectile move. Break trap. Coin Flip. Chance flipped the coin one more time. It spun up into the air. Break trap. Projectile move. Break trap. Coin Flip a projectile move. Break trap. Shoot the trap. Breaaaaaaaak....... The coin dropped back down. Chance snatched it from the air. Trap! Chance emitted a flash of psychic light! "Pi!" the Pikachu exclaimed. "No," said Chet. "Wait!" Chet pulled out his Pokédex. "Identify last move," Chet commanded. "Disable," the Pokedex droned. "A psychic flash of energy that, when successful, disables one move of the target Pokemon." "Yes!" Chet exclaimed. "That must mean that Pikachu can't use Thundershock anymore! Now I can rescue it whether it likes it or not!" Chet stood up and slowly, cautiously, approached the Pikachu. "Don't worry little fella," Chet said softly. "I'll get you outta there in a..." "Pi!" *ZAP!* "ARRGH!" *THUD* Chet sat up and shook his head vigorously. "Thundershock NOT disabled," Chet noted. "Good to know." Chet stood up and started pacing. "Okay, so far you've used Minimize, Conversion, Sword Dance and at least one other defenisive move since that glowing thing wasn't Sky Attack or Solar Beam. You may be able to dodge or withstand the blast now and slice the trap open with your claws. Then again, you also used Mimic, Self-Destruct, and Transform, but you seem to have gotten over those so maybe you can't. Hmmm...." Chance looked to Chet, then looked forward with a determined look. Pretending to roll up his sleeves, Chance crouched down and prepared to run. He dashed forward, narrowly avoided a Thundershock, and slashed at the chain. A link shattered, allowing the Pikachu to scamper off into the bushes. "Hey!" yelled Chet. "Some gratitude. I should've just tried the PokéBall. Come back here!" Chance and Chet chased after the Pikachu. Chet pulled a PokéBall from his pocket and prepared to throw it. "Pi pikapi Pikachu!" the Pikachu cried. "PokéBall, GO!" Chet called, tossing the PokéBall. He lost track of it in the oncoming swarm of Beedrills. "Holy...! OW! OW! OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-RUN!!" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ "Can you believe that, Chance?" Chet asked as he walked through Viridian Forest. "We've been searching this forest for two days for another Pikachu and we haven't found one since the one in the leg trap. I'm still picking Beedrill stingers out of my exoskeleton." Chet reached under his shirt and pulled out a Beedrill stinger. "Look at the size of these things! You'd think I would've found them all by now!" "Meowth meow." "Yeah, I suppose a normal man would be killed by that many Beedrill stings, but I'm no ordinary man." "Meowth....." "Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't brag about having powers beyond those of mortal men." Chance pulled on Chet's pant leg. "Meowth...." "Y'know, if I ever find out who set that bear trap...." Chance jumped onto Chet's shoulder and began waving his arms. "Meowth! MEOWTH!" "What? What are you..." Chet's scream scared the pidgeys right out of the trees. For about five minutes, any one in the forest could've heard where he was. He eventually stopped to catch his breath and collect himself. He looked down and saw that he had stepped in a bear trap. "Jeebus, that hurts!" Chet exclaimed. "Who would put a bear trap on a foot path?" "Maybe someone who wants to catch feet," a familiar female voice said. "Huh?" Chet said. He heard the loud click of a cocked gun behind his head. A girl stepped out of the shadows in front of him. She had on a standard, all black Team Rocket uniform complete with hat. "Or maybe someone like us," the girl said. "Maxine," Chet remarked. "And I suppose that's Hera behind me with the gun." "Correct-a-mundo, my friend," Maxine said. "I was hoping you'd recognize us since we didn't get a good look at you while you were hiding in that air vent." "You know?" Chet asked. "We know how you single-handedly foiled out attempt to over-throw Giovanni," Hera said. "Our boss gave us one last mission to redeem ourselves." "And now, it's payback time," Maxine added. Chance was about to leap forward, but Maxine held him at bay with her scythe. "This your cat?" Maxine asked. "Kinda cute, and I hear he knows Metronome. Bet I could make a lot of money selling something that rare." "We could make a lot of money, you mean," Hera corrected. "Of course," Maxine said. "Your not going to get away with this," Chet said. "Who's going to stop us?" Hera inquired. "You? We've got you at point-blank range with your foot caught in a bear trap. It looks like you are the one whose not getting away." "Perhaps you haven't heard," Chet said smugly. "I have powers beyond those of mortal men." "Yeah, right," Maxine scoffed. "If you were a psychic, you wouldn't have needed to sneak in through the ventilation system." "I didn't say I was psychic," Chet replied. "What, then?" Hera demanded. Chet smirked, hoping his ploy would intimidate them. "I'm a mutant," Chet answered. "From Vertigo Island." Hera held her amusement in check, but Maxine couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Mutant, right," Maxine said. She lowered her scythe a bit as she wiped a tear from her eye. "And I'm La Chupacabra. Vertigonian mutants are just an urban legend!" "Well, then, Ms. Goat Sucker," Chet said. "This is one legend that's true. Puncturing my skin will release a deadly toxic gas that will kill the both of you seconds." "He's bluffing," Hera said. "Gee, ya think?" Maxine replied. "If I'm not a mutant," Chet began, "Then how can I still be standing while I have a bear trap around my leg?" Hera glanced down and said, "He's got a point." "Don't tell me your falling for this joke!" Maxine said. "It's not even partly believable! Next thing you know, he's gonna tell us he's Elvis Presley!" "Well, ah, I guess ya blew my cover," Chet said in his best Elvis voice. "Just shoot him alre..." "Pika... CHU!!!" A Pikachu leapt from the trees, knocking Maxine away with a powerful Thundershock. Using the momentary distraction to his advantage, Chet swung back and grabbed Hera's gun. Hera pulled the trigger, only to find one of Chet's fingers blocking the hammer. They grappled for control of the gun until Chance leapt into Hera's face. Chet wrenched the gun from her grasp and tossed it aside. Maxine grabbed Chet from behind, trying to get him into a sleeper hold. Chet shoulder-threw her into Hera, knocking them both into the ground. They scrambled to their feet as Chance and the Pikachu stood side-by-side with Chet. "Your under-trained Poke-pals aren't going to save you!" Maxine called out. She and Hera pulled out their PokeBalls. "DeathScyther, GO!" "Winero, GO!" Hera called. The balls opened and a Scyther and a Farfetch'd appeared in a flash of light. "DeathScyther, Quick Attack!" ordered Maxine. "Winero, Slash!" commanded Hera. "Chance, Scratch!" instructed Chet. While Chet began to pry the trap open, Winero and DeathScyther charged. Chance leapt into DeathScyther's face and batted the giant insect away. Winero got past him, but was blocked by the Pikachu's Thundershock. "Winero, Swords Dance and HyperBeam!" "DeathScyther, Swords Dance and Slash!" Chet struggled with the trap. The enemy fliers began charging their attacks. The Pikachu and Chance stood gaurd, waiting for Chet's command. He found the trap to be stronger than he realized. "Chance..." Chet said, straining to open the trap. "...Coin Flip!" Chance tossed his coin into the air as Winero and DeathScyther finished powering up. DeathScyther dashed forward as Winero aimed her leak like a gun. Wasting no time, Chance leapt up and grabbed the coin in mid-air. He came back down throwing a freezing Blizzard attack at the Scyther and Farfetch'd, freezing them solid! "Return!" commanded Hera and Maxine, sending their Pokemon back into their PokeBalls. Chet pulled his foot from the trap and tossed it aside. He moved into a karate stance and waved his fingers in a gesture that said "Bring it." "We'll get you next time," Hera threatened, tossing down a smoke bomb. "Yeah! And your little cat, too!" Maxine added. The two of them disappeared into the smoke. Chet looked down at the Pikachu that tried to help them. He noticed a bear trap around it's leg with a severed chain. "You're that Pikachu we freed the other day!" Chet exclaimed. "Pika," confirmed the electric mouse. "And you came to return the favor?" "Pi." Chet knelt down and removed the trap from the Pikachu's leg. He also took a closer look at the leg. "Doesn't look to good. We should take you to a Pokemon center to get it healed. Mind riding in a PokeBall 'til we get there?" "Pi, pikachu." "Good." Chet took a PokeBall from his belt and bounced it off the Pikachu's head. The rodent allowed itself to be sucked in. Chet put the ball back on his belt and walked off with Chance. "What do you think we should name 'im, Chance?" Chet asked. "Meowth?" "You always say that. Lesse, I have Chance, Doom, and Flak. Since I did a good deed for him and he returned the favor, maybe I'll call him Karma." "Meeh..." Chet looked at the small leg trap that he was carrying. "Lockjaw? Bear Claw? Maul? Eh, I'll think of something." To Be Continued... What do you think I should name this Pikachu? Choices are: Karma Lockjaw Bear Claw Maul Or you could suggest your own.