From: Ivyna J. Spyder ( Subject: [PW!] A Late Rematch with Sabrina Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-28 18:43:11 PST [PW!] A Late Rematch with Sabrina By Ivyna J. Spyder Kasai and his Pokemon again approached the dark Saffron gym. "I wonder if she remembers us?" Kasai mused, opening he double doors and letting his Pokemon in. <I want to talk with that Alakazam from last time.> Frankenduck said as they walked through the halls. "(Where's the guy with the weird accent?)" Chimera wondered. "(Oh, Kasai, remember I want to fight first!)" "No problem, Chimera!" he said. A few minutes later he stopped abruptly. " guys know where the arena is?" The Pokemon all sweatdropped. <Hahehahe we though hehe, you did master!> Cy-gor said. "Well, I figured if I was going the wrong way, you guys would point me in the right direction." <It's this way, idiot.> Frankenduck said grumpily, walking down one hall. The others followed, and they came to the temple-like arena. Problem was, Sabrina wasn't there. "(Just our luck.)" Munchie sighed. "(I guess we wait!)" "Oh, SABRIIIINA!" Kasai shouted, his voice echoing off the walls. <Keep it down!> Frankenduck snapped. <Idiot.> "What could happen?" <Sabrina could get upset.> "We're friends, don't worry!" <You only knew her for a few moments. How the hell are you friends?> "(Um, guys?!)" Chimera said, tugging on Kasai's lab coat. "What is it?" he asked. Chimera merely point behind them with a claw. They all turned slowly. "HAUNTAH!" "Oh WOW!" Kasai exclaimed upon seeing the purple ghost. He took both of its dismembered hands in his. The Haunter sweatdropped. "A Ghost Pokemon! A real live Ghost Pokemon! Wait a sec, I mean a real dead Ghost Pokemon! Oh wow, this is great! In all my time in Lavender town, I never actually saw one of you!" He continued to babble on like this for quite some time before a voice called out from across the room. "What are you doing to my Haunter?" "And- huh?" Kasai stopped, looking over. It was Sabrina. He let go of Haunter and ran over to her. "Oh great, you're here! Remember me? Professor Kasai? We met a long time ago. We battled, but I lost. But I'm here for my rematch!" Haunter floated over to Sabrina. "Oh, you." She said after a pause. "You wish to battle me again?" "Sure!" "Fine then. A one on one match with no time limit." "Great!" Kasai ran back over to the opposite side of the room. "I will choose. Kadabra!" she said, and levitated the Pokeball across the room. "Kada-brrra!" it said in a deep voice when it appeared. "And I'll choose." Kasai began. "(Me!)" Chimera meowed. "(You said you would!)" "Well. are you sure? Kadabra are pretty strong." "(I'm sure I'm sure!)" "Okay then. Go, Chimera!" "SIAN!" she hissed. "Kadabra, Psybeam." She commanded. "Kadaaabraa." The Pokemon shot waves of Psi energy from its eyes at Persian. "Chimera, Bubblebeam!" "Purrrr!" She shot out a dense stream of bubbles at Kadabra. The attacks hit each Pokemon simultaneously, the Kadabra sent reeling back from the bubbles exploding on it, and Chimera made rather dizzy from the Psychic attack. "Kadabra, Psywave!" "Dodge and counter with Thunderbolt!" Kadabra shot a bright circle of energy at the Persian, making a furrow in the floor. But Chimera leapt deftly over it, and sent a huge bolt of electricity at Kadabra. "Teleport!" But it vanished before the attack hit! "Darn it!" Kasai exclaimed as Kadabra reappeared behind Persian. "Kadabra at 6 o'clock!" "Sian?!" she exclaimed whirling around, but too late. "Psychic attack!" "Kada!" it grabbed the Persian with its Psi powers, lifting it into the air. "Oh no!" Kasai cried. "Chimera, try to use Hyper Beam!" As it was lifted higher, Chimera opened her mouth, and a ball of energy began forming there. <She knows Hyper Beam?!> Frankenduck exclaimed. "Yep! I won the TM in a science fair back in school! She has the highest attack of my Pokemon, so I gave it to her." <I wanted Hyper Beam.> But before Chimera could fire the attack, Kadabra sent her crashing back to the ground. "Break out with another Bubblebeam!" This time the attack hit, and it slowed the opponent. "Slash!" "Psybeam!" "SIAN!" "Dabra!" Chimera ran at the Kadabra, slashing out. But it jumped to one side, and only part of its whiskers were sliced off. It used Psybeam again, throwing her back. Both Pokemon faced each other. "Thunderbolt again, Chimera!" "Psychic." "PuurrrSIAN!" she screeched, again using the electric attack. Kadabra was slowed from the Bubblebeam, so her attack hit first, frying it. "Kadabra, Recover!" "Ka.da." it gasped. "It's paralyzed!" Sabrina exclaimed. "Alright, Chimera!" Kasai cheered. "Pursian!" she meowed happily. "Since my Pokemon cannot battle, you are the winner." Sabrina said, recalling her Pokemon. "You did very well. Here is your Marshbadge." The yellow badge was levitated over to the scientist. "Wow, my first badge!" he said happily. "Look guys!" "(Cool.)" Munchie said. <Hehehahe, you did it master!> <Eh, beginner's luck.> Frankenduck mumbled. "I owe it all to Chimera!" Kasai said, patting her on the head. "Oh, Sabrina? One more thing." "Yes?" "You know how you said you'd do something about the police for us?" She smiled a bit. "Oh, you won't have to worry about them. They gave up on finding you guys a long time ago." "Oh, great! Bye, Sabrina!" Kasai said, and they left. TBC.