From: Bess aka. Y2KLotion (aznxlotion@aol.commonality) Subject: [PW!] And now... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/27 Sorry that it's been awhile, but PW! is the least of my worries now, even though I'm trying to be active again. You might want to look in some archives for "On that day... and "...8 monthes Ago", if they still exist that is. I have a great storyline planned out, I really do. But this will be boring and confusing if you haven't read those. =========================================================== Joe walked behind the girl without a name to the Saffron City Pokemon Center. He felt odd since she was supposed to be the wounded one who just woke up on a street in a slum, but instead she was leading him and she seemed to know every step of the way. "Have you been here before?" Joe said, staring at some darkened stores. "I don't know, I just know how to get there. Here we are." She walked into the door innocently and past Nurse Joy grabbing Joe's arm and ducking behind a couple of chairs. "You wouldn't happen to have some Pokemon do you?" "No. What are we going to do?" Joe looked around and saw some trainers looking at their dirty clothes and moving away quickly. "Maybe you could ask for help?" He looked over at the girl but she just seemed to glaze for a second and fall back. He could swear her eyes glowed blue, but just shrugged. "Hey..." ((People in the center suddenly seemed to be surrounded by glowing light... some in red, blue, mixes, raw emotions... suddenly gone)) "Oh yeah?" She said, rubbing her eyes. "What are we going to do?" Joe murmured. "We need someplace to sleep." She looked around again, then ran up to talk to a woman sititng in a chair. Then the woman took her away leaving Joe sitting under a counter. "She's abandoned me. I know it." Joe closed his eyes and started dozing off. "Joe, wake up, you can't sleep under there. Sorry for leaving you there for such a long time." He looked up to see she'd been completely cleaned up and wearing new clothes. "I explained our situation, come on." She handed Joe some too big clothes. "She didn't really like you though... but here, go wash up and sleep." "Who?" Joe said standing up and stretching his sore muscles. "How long was I there." "About two hours. Go take a shower and then sleep. Go wash your stuff later." Joe felt confused but was too tired to protest. "Wait, what can I call you?" "I don't even though my own name." A darkness descended on her face, she turned and walked down the hall. Joe just stood there for a few minutes then went into the men's restrooms, took a shower, and went to sleep. Bum bum bum.. What will happen next? Who is this girl? Does anyone still remember Bess? Find out what happens next in PW! I support Costco Chicken, because Costco Chicken is mm mm delicious.