From: RobfromVoid ( Subject: [PW!] An Inescapable Prison Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/07 "I loathe her..." mumbles the Slowpoke sitting on the flower-covered bed in Erika's room in the Celadon City Gym, "So what is keeping me from attacking her?! What is it about her?! She's just another human... not even a super villain! Sure, she may seem like Poison Ivy... but where's the blood-lust and toxic lips?! I should have attacked her with my Psychic powers a long time ago, but I sit here, powerless, unable to even leave this accursed complex... not because she's trapped me, not because she's made me her prisoner, but because I can't say 'no' to her. Why don't I just lash out? What has she done to me?!" "Parras Paras Parrrrassss." The Paras next to the Slowpoke offers his explanation, but since the Slowpoke doesn't understand the language of the Paras, it goes unheard. He pats the Slowpoke on the back with one of his claws, "Parrras." "Luthor does not want your pity, Parasite!" The Slowpoke swings his paw at Paras the Parasite, knocking the pathetic Bug Pokemon off the side of the bed. Luthor shakes his head, "Nor do I want Bane's. That fool has sided with the female humans - those who physically imprisoned me, as well as the one who placed me in an intangible, inescapable, inexplicable prison." Parasite clings to the bed sheets with one claw, trying to pull himself back onto the bed, "Paaraas! Paaaraaaaaas!" Luthor's eyes show their anger as he declares, "I will not be subjected to this torture for another moment. I'm storming out of here, Parasite, and you're coming with me. We'll leave Bane behind since he's allied with the enemies, and together we'll form a new army. We may have lost Poison Ivy, Dr. Octopus, Clayface, and now Bane, but you and I can still recruit new villains into our army. Our first objective will be to destroy this 'Erika' human for making a mockery of me! She will... pay... for her... crimes... against..." The tension in Luthor's eyes disappears as he sees Erika glide into the room, and he's not able to finish his thought. His jaw falls slightly ajar, and Luthor's countenance quickly relaxes into that of the archetypal Slowpoke, "... hi." Erika is covering her slender figure with a simple but colorful flowery dress that depicts various flowers in full bloom which ends just below her knees. Her short blue hair is let loose, and her lovely smile is focused on the Slowpoke, "Were you saying something about me? I think I heard my name mentioned as I was walking in..." She helps Parasite onto the bed and sits down next to the two Pokemon, placing Luthor on her lap. She runs her fingers down his back, "What were you saying?" "I was saying that... THAT..." Luthor's eyes twitch and his voice wavers as he tries to voice his anger, "... you're... You've been forcing me to stay here, and I think... No, I demand... I mean, LUTHOR demands that you... you... Let me... him leave!" Erika blinks, expressing her surprise at the Slowpoke's request. She stops petting Luthor and raises him up so he can see her sincere eyes, "You know that you can leave whenever you want, Luthor! I've been telling you this all along. The last thing I would want to do is keep a Water Pokemon away from his natural habitat. I've been taking care of you for a while now, and if you think you're ready to leave, by all means do so. I'll help you and your Pokemon friends to the exit..." "No, wait!" Luthor shakes his head, "That's not what I wan... what Luthor wants. You've treated... I'd like to keep... could you come with... I don't... Luthor doesn't even know what he wants anymore! I've become a pathetic super villain." Luthor hangs his head in shame, "Just hand me an umbrella and call me the Penguin." Erika frowns, "Now, Luthor, stop saying you're a super villain! You're one of the nicest, gentlest, most peaceful Water Pokemon I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. You've never done anything evil to me ever since the day I found you..." "Stop!" Luthor protests, cringing in Erika's arms, "Your words are daggers to Luthor's ears! Luthor is very evil! Extremely evil!" "Not the Luthor I know." Erika places Luthor on the bed, rubs the Slowpoke on the back with one hand and rubs Parasite's mushrooms with the other. Both Pokemon appreciate the massages, but only the Paras shows that he does by purring. Erika leans next to Luthor's ear and whispers, "Once you've figured out what you want, tell me. I'd stay here with you, but I have to take care of my Gym Leader duties. Good luck, Luthor!" She kisses Luthor's forehead and leaves the room. A few minutes after Erika's gone, Luthor opens his mouth and mumbles, "I loathe her. Or... could it be that I... love her?" -Luthor