From: Dryad (dryad48@aol.commoner) Subject: [PW!] A PW! from Car'tos for ATR Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/20 Note: Car'tos wrote this PW! and sent it to me two weeks ago. I don't feel like adding on to it; I have other plans. ATR is dead anyway. > "So which one of you is the leader of this place?" A scientist >asked the remaining group of Raven, Fox, Dai, James, Saber, and Derek. "You >guys keep no pictures around here!" > > "Well....." Raven pointed out, "I was considering the guy who just >left, but," Raven pointed to James. "This guy would be more like the best >leader." > > "I understand then..." The man smiled wryly. > > Under the white coat of the scientist, a shine caught James' eye, but it was too late before he could react. A golden pike was driven into the chest of him, not giving him time to yell out in pain. The others, also not reacting fast enough, never even saw the bladed weapon fly into the boy. James fell looked down at himself, trying to figure out what had happened. He slowly grabbed it, pulled it out, and fell to his knees in a mess of red. "Ok, that's not a scientist." Came Saber, looking the coated man over. "Hm, you're right. Im no brain guy. I just fight." Pulling his arms, and arching his back, two wings broke out of the coat, ripping it in two. The winged creature stood before the group, not moving, maybe to provoke fear. When none came, he removed his mask, reveling himself to the remaining four. "Foolish ATR. Master warned me about your kind. Im here to act the goat, and kill you all." "..." "..." "..." "...Ja, James?" Dai reached over to examine the fallen friend. Karusotu, still not striking fear, flapped his wings to create a gust toward the group. As they covered their faces, Karu reclaimed his pike, and lept behind them, cutting Saber on the left shoulder. As he landed, he twirled his weapon and posed like Darth Maul did when he landed. "Ok. Who the fuck is this guy?" Asked Saber, clutching his shoulder. "Karusotu. Team Rocket member, division Goomba Elite." "That's a stupid name." "Want to be next, Raven, is it?" "Just try it, you freak." "If you insist. I'll try to make is as painful as possable." --------- BH will continue from here.