From: ATR Fenix (dash53@aol.comrade) Subject: [PW!] Ascendance. Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/22 "YORG" Pokewars: Ascendance. Character: Dante Shiro. Author: Fenix ( (OOC: Shiro is pronounced "Sheeroh") (OOCv2: Pokemon languages translated for conveince.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The mountains of Celadon. These looming sentinals overlook the bustling economic centre of this very continent. Celadon City is the most populated of all the citities, and with the benefit of having a large population, it also has a large workforce. These places were not so civilized, once home to the mightiest Charizard clan the world had ever known. The Shiro. The majestic animals were the scourge of all they surveyed, the mighty dragons held dominion over all of Celadon and a bit of Saffron. For centuries, the clan lived in peace. Until the Torayasu came. The Torayasu were the largest concentration of Abras, Kadabras, and Alakazams, and they controlled what would be Saffron. These Pokemon would sink their influence into the land, and thus, it would later become Saffron City. There were many territorial disputes among the clans. Most of the wars are lost to history, but the final battle between the clans resulted in the cataclysmic fall of population of the two species in the area, which would later rebound in the coming centuries. However, while the psychics in the area flourished, the Charizard diminished, leaving only a few heirs to carry on the clan. It is said, when the moon is in alignment, the final heir to the Shiro will arise from his slumber and overthrow the Torayasu from their lands, and reign God-king over them. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Celadon Mountains, present day. It was a normal day for the populace of Celadon City and Celadon Mountains. The people were on time for work, the Diglett were popping out of their holes, and Nurse Joy retained her normal spunk. Deep within the catacombs of Celadon Mountains, the Zubat were afraid, hiding within their deep and hidden caves. Especially, the youngest of the brood. "<Elder,>" the youngest one cried, "<why are we hiding?>" An aged Zubat, over a century old, flapped over to the young one and rasped, "<The prophecy is almost fulfilled.>" "<That's just an old meatling's tale!>" He cackled. "<Is it? Look at the moon.>" The young one gazed up, through the mountain's opening, and saw the moon's light. It was shining directly at the heart of the mountain. An eye, which had been locked shut for centuries, blinked. Within the stone heart of the mountain, a beast of legend awoke. Awakening after over a century of deep hibernation, the final heir to the prophecy of the Shiro had awoken. Dante. Spreading wings and straining muscle, Dante surged out into the night sky. For the first time in many years, Dante spoke with a voice of rolling thunder: "Yooooorgggg." Dante soared higher, and gazed at the glimmering city,nearly blinding his weak eyes. "So this is what happens over a century of sleep. 'Twas once a village with only a bit of people, and look at what they do. They ravage my lands. They will be avenged. but first, I hunger." Spying a wild Pidgeot flying back to it's nest, Dante gave chase. With combat experience honed with fifty years of experience, he fell upon the unknowning Pidgeot like a falcon. "Piddgeeo-!" the bewildered Pidgeot fell to the oncoming dragon, and soon it became a pile of meat and feathers within seconds, unrecognizeable, thanks to Dante's jaws. Dante hoisted the morsel back to his roost and began to rip apart the carcass with the grim efficentcy of a meat grinder, gulping down each chunk of meat with relish, and breaking the bones ilike toothpicks. The gruesome sound echoed throughout the now bloodstained cavern. "<You see, young one? That is why we hide.>" The young Zubat flew to the other side of the cavern, avoiding the fountain of blood spilling out, and looking for it's mother. TBC. (I'll post his WG soon.)