From: Josh ( Subject: [PW!] Back Through The Forest Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/23 -Back Through The Forest-Episode 03 "Blade?" someone said as he laid on a bed, "Blade, can you hear me?" Blade's eyes slowly opened and he saw a young woman with pink hair and a nurse's uniform, with a Chansey standing next to her. "My name is Nurse Joy," she said as she put another pillow under Blade's head, "I've stitched up the whole in your back and stomach and given you pain killers, but I think it would be best to go to the hospital." "No hospital," Blade said as he sat up from the bed, "I'll be fine." He stood up and looked around the room, "Where am I?" he said as he saw Charmander and Pikachu standing by his side. "Your in the Viridian City Pokemon Center," Nurse Joy said as she walked to the door, "There's nothing more that I can do for you, so you must leave. I have Pokemon to attend to." Blade thanked Nurse Joy as he walked out the door of the Pokemon Center. Every step he took, he felt the pain of his injury. After a short walk, he made it back to the entrance of Viridian Forest, where he saw Stephon waiting for him. "What are you doing here?" Blade asked with a voice of anger. "I know how much pain your in, so I'm coming with you until you heal," he said as walked towards Blade to help him out. "You cant come with me," Blade said angrily. "Why not?" Stephon asked curiously. "Beca.," Blade stopped when he heard the Chief's voice. "I'm glad to hear that your ok Blade," Chief said. "Chief?!?" Blade said happily, "How can I hear you?" he asked. "I can answer that," Stephon said, "I noticed the receptor in your ear when my Abra teleported us to the Pokemon Center. I saw it was broken so I fixed it. I'm great at fixing things." ".Thanks," Blade said softly. "Blade," Chief said, "I think it would be a good idea for Stephon to accompany you until your injuries are healed." ".Ok," Blade said as he turned to Stephon, "You can come with me until my injuries are healed." Stephon smiled as he saw Blade walking into the forest, "Lets go." It took only a few steps into the forest for Blade to see another Pokemon, a Caterpie. He looked down at his Charmander and Pikachu and decided on which one would get the job done best. "Charmander, one Ember attack should do the trick," he said as he pointed towards the Caterpie. One Ember attack was all that was needed to defeat the Caterpie, which Blade captured. Two days passed since they began walking through the forest. It started to seem like they were never gonna get out of the forest. As they continued walking, they were met by a young Bug Catcher named Cletus, who wanted to challenge Blade to a battle. He accepted and the battle was a 3 on 3. Blade started out with Pikachu, who easily defeated Cletus's Weedle. Then Pikachu was defeated by Cletus's Butterfree, who was then defeated by Blade's Charmander. Cletus's last Pokemon was Beedrill, who with a few Poison attacks, barely defeated Charmander. "No," Blade said as he realized that Charmander couldn't battle any further, "Now its all up to Caterpie." Caterpie crawled its way to the spot where they were battling and got frightened. "This'll be easy," Cletus said as he laughed at Caterpie, "Beedrill, Poison Sting attack." Beedrill attacked Caterpie shooting poisonous stings at it, but surprisingly Caterpie dodged every attack. "Caterpie, String Shot," Caterpie shot several feet of String at Beedrill, making both of Beedrill's stingers on his arms covered with string. "Beedrill, your stronger than that puny Caterpie, just Tackle it using your head," Cletus yelled as he worried about losing. As Beedrill flew towards Caterpie, Caterpie knew that their was nothing he could do. ".Its over," Blade said angrily. Caterpie heard what his trainer had said, and knew that their was one way he could win. Blade had his head down, no longer paying attention to the battle, until out of the corner of his eye he saw a bright glow. He looked at Caterpie and saw that Caterpie was evolving. Beedrill stopped his attack and wondered what he should do. Blade knew their was hope that they could win now because Caterpie evolved into Metapod. "Beedrill, attack it," Cletus yelled. "Metapod.," Metapod looked at Blade waiting for the command, ".Metapod, Maximum Harden right before it hits you." Metapod Hardened right before Beedrill had hit him. Beedrill fell to the ground and Blade won the battle. After saying goodbye to Cletus, Blade held Metapod in his arms as Stephon, Charmander, Pikachu, and himself continued to walk through Viridian Forest.