From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Back with a vengeance Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/15 The young doctor looked up at the door as a girl, slightly older than him enterred. She had short blonde hair, shoulder length, wore and brown leather jacket, a white, tight top and figure hugging jeans. " W-wow..." His jaw dropped slightly but he reajusted himself as she approached him. " Hi, I'm here for a check up and..." Ilanna, the woman, looked over her shoulder as a man, with short black hair was pulled in on a stretcher. Following him was an older man, who carried a long black coat and a black hat, anmd also several Pokeballs. " Yes ma'am?" " Ummm... never mind, forget it," Ilanna chased after the convoy. Vincent sat in the waitingroom with Caleb's pokeballs. His Raichu was fine and had been delivered to him. After a while a young woman came in, she was a stunning sight and Vincent nearly forgot all about Caleb. " Excuse me, who are they operating on?" She asked, sounding deeply concerned. " Oh, ummm, no-one important. Maybe I can buy you a drink later?" " Yeah, oh hey, wait a sec. Maybe not..." On these lines Caleb was brought out. " Excuse me, may I speak with the patient?" " I'm afraid he'll be out cold for a while yet..." " I can wait..." Sarah shuffled down a long, badly lit corridor towards a large finely detailed door. She felt sweat beads drip from her forehead. She knocked on the door and slowly from inside a voice said: Enter. Sergei always knew how to make someone wait and suffer more panic before he'd talk to them. Sergei was Sarah's boss and he led the whole Anti Team Rocket business from their room. There were many Anti TR campaigns out there, but this was one of the most secret. " What do you want?" " I'm afraid Harold has the case," " I know that. But we have it now and I intend to use it to stop both Carver and Caleb," " The thing inside?" " You really are very stupid," " Carver has gone to Viridian I believe, to track down Caleb," " Has he now? Hmm, very well, send Tarn after them," Sarah winced as Sergei ushered her out of the office. He was so nasty he probably hated himself. Ilanna had been waiting for 20 minutes more, and she was getting more and more tense, but at last she was called, with Vincent into the ward. Caleb sat up as she entered. " Oh Caleb, you're ok," " Ilanna! Oh my god, it's been so long! I- I'm sorry I had to leave, Bu-but," " Sssshhh, I don't care. You're back now. We'll talk of that later," Ilanna hugged him gently. " Oh shit!" " What? It wasn't the hug was it!?" " No, no. It was a great hug, but Vincent and I were called on to get a case for an Anti-TR group. But now Carver and the Anti-TR group are after me," " What? Why?" " I-can't say. You need to get me out of here," " What? You mean smuggle you out of the hospital?" " Yeah, I need to find Carver, and the food's awful, I don't want any..." " Erm, ok. I'll get a wheelchair," Ilanna did so and Vincent and Caleb talked. As soon as Ilanna came back they pulled Caleb into the chair. Ilanna grabbed the handles and ran straight for the exit. " I can walk, I hate this chair," " But you can't run can you?" Two chbby security guards came running out of a corridor and attempted to halt Caleb. " Umm, we can't go down, so we'll have to go up," They dived into an elevator. On the bottom floor Carver, a man of few words had just entered the building. He strolled over the the main desk. " Hi, how my I help you?" " I believe a man named Caleb was brought in here? Which floor is he on, we're brothers y'know," Carver winked and the nurse told him which floor. Carver left towards the elevator just as another man entered. He almost had a skinhead, but had really short dark brown hair and bright green eyes. He was carrying a big bag. " Yo, wassup?" " Erm, can I help you?" " Yeah, I'm looking for a guy called... Caleb yeah," " And?" " And? I'll tell you and... Oh wait, nevermind. We're brothers, y 'see," The nurse was slightly suspicious now. " I'm afraid we don't have any Caleb here," " What? Son of a... Now you wouldn't be lying would ya? Cos I can be very persuasive," He cracked his knuckles. " OH! You mean Mr. Maccen?" " Yeah, we're brothers, y'know," Tarn grinned as he got into the elevator. " I think she bought it..."