From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!] Beginner's Luck Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/05 Shard Fields or Megasomething wrote: > Witht hat, Shard dropped the pokeball that Buckwheat hadn't noticed behind his > back. And attractie female Pikachu walked up to Buckwhaet, distracting him > long enough for Shard to grab ahold of Mimic and Estro, drag his team inside, > and return. > > "Shockwave, come on! I thought you said Cathode was the only one for you!" > > With that, Shockwave removed herself from Buckwheat, smiled that smile that > especially flirtacious girls only smile after destroying a boy's psyche, and > hopped onto Shard's shoulder. > > "Darn, Shocky, you have beocme quite the little heartbreaker since we left > Cerulean," smiled Shard as he walked to the fishing deck. Once on deck, the group of four quickly turned into a group of three. "Geez, where's he off to in such a hurry?" Mimic released his deathgrip on Maria, once he noticed they were no longer being carried. Estro shaded his eyes with one hand and looked every which way. "I didn't even see that guy take off. Oh, well, at least we're on the SS Anne now. Hey, is it true they actually build these things with the intention of sinking them, so they use bolts that wouldn't last more than a month anyway?" Mimic and Maria gazed into each others' eyes, each silently asking if the other was alright, and finding their answers through the window to the other's soul. "I've heard that's why they never have to charge trainers for tickets. That, and they get funding from the League." The ditto and the recently-ex-ATR inclinded their heads towards one another, kissing while making sure not to crush the fraternal twins Maria still cradled. Mimic took one of the newborns in his arm. Nearby, a throat cleared. "You are pokemon trainers, correct?" Mimic and Maria pointed at Estro with their free hands. "Eh? Ah, so *you're* the trainer. These are your guests, right?" Estro looked behind him for a second before realizing the crew member was talking to him. "Umm...yeah, that's right. I *am* a pokemon trainer. I'm here to keep training to be the best!" The sailor nodded. "Ah, I thought as much." He gestured to Estro's uniform. "Giovanni told me we'd have a special guest. Now, I'm not sure what you did to deserve this, but..." He reached into a side pocket, withdrawing a set of keys from a space that could only possibly have held one set. As his hand roughly brushed his fanny pack, many keys clinked inside; the sailor winced as if a sensitive part of his anatomy had just had cold, irregular-shaped metal roughly pressed into it. When the sailor froze in his wince, Estro leaned forward and took the keys, noticing a tiny, almost perfectly concealed "R" pin under the sailor's collar. "Let's 151?" After keeling over onto the deck, the sailor nodded. "Penthouse suite," he squeaked. "Next to the captain's cabin on the top deck. It's s'pposed to be for VIPs; Giovanni said something about 'waving the letter'." Estro looked down at the man with concern. "Are you alright? The ship's pokemon center is near the captain's cabin; we could stop by there on the way to our room and send Nurse Joy down here to help." "Trust me: Nurse Joy's the *last* person I want helping me with this. Maybe Officer Jenny, though..." "I'll see what I can do." Estro walked over and hoisted the other two sprawled on deck, bending his back under the weight and waddling on his way. The journey was all of ten minutes, but ten of the most physically gruelling minutes Estro had endured in...well, at least ten minutes. When he finally reached the penthouse Mew room and opened the door, though, the first thought through his head was that it would have been worth much worse. The first words from his lips were, "WOOOW!!! ... DIBS ON THE LARGER BEDROOM!" TBC?