From: Meeko + Caterpie ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Beginner's Luck Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/06 On Sun, 05 Mar 2000 21:24:17 -0800 Adrian Tymes <> wrote: > Shard Fields or Megasomething wrote: > > Witht hat, Shard dropped the pokeball that Buckwheat hadn't noticed behind his > > back. And attractie female Pikachu walked up to Buckwhaet, > Buckwheat ignored her. " Ya really believe THAT old trick will work? And did I say I'd shoot ya know, no. So shut up and let's get on board. Maybe I can make a phone call to that abandoned Gym and Rachel will be there..." now she was quite upset, a male Pikachu IGNORING HER! Impossible! " Pika!" she said, trying to get his attention. But Buckwheat just started walking forward with the others. " PIIIIKAAAACHUUUUU!!!" " Okay, let's move move move!" Shard yelled. > > "Geez, where's he off to in such a hurry?" > > Mimic released his deathgrip on Maria, once he noticed they were no > longer being carried. > > Estro shaded his eyes with one hand and looked every which way. "I > didn't even see that guy take off. Oh, well, at least we're on the SS > Anne now. Hey, is it true they actually build these things with the > intention of sinking them, so they use bolts that wouldn't last more > than a month anyway?" > > Mimic and Maria gazed into each others' eyes, each silently asking if > the other was alright, and finding their answers through the window to > the other's soul. > > "I've heard that's why they never have to charge trainers for tickets. > That, and they get funding from the League." > > The ditto and the recently-ex-ATR inclinded their heads towards one > another, kissing while making sure not to crush the fraternal twins > Maria still cradled. Mimic took one of the newborns in his arm. > > Nearby, a throat cleared. "You are pokemon trainers, correct?" > > Mimic and Maria pointed at Estro with their free hands. > > "Eh? Ah, so *you're* the trainer. These are your guests, right?" > > Estro looked behind him for a second before realizing the crew member > was talking to him. "Umm...yeah, that's right. I *am* a pokemon > trainer. I'm here to keep training to be the best!" > > The sailor nodded. "Ah, I thought as much." He gestured to Estro's > uniform. "Giovanni told me we'd have a special guest. Now, I'm not > sure what you did to deserve this, but..." He reached into a side > pocket, withdrawing a set of keys from a space that could only possibly > have held one set. As his hand roughly brushed his fanny pack, many > keys clinked inside; the sailor winced as if a sensitive part of his > anatomy had just had cold, irregular-shaped metal roughly pressed into > it. > > When the sailor froze in his wince, Estro leaned forward and took the > keys, noticing a tiny, almost perfectly concealed "R" pin under the > sailor's collar. "Let's 151?" > > After keeling over onto the deck, the sailor nodded. "Penthouse suite," > he squeaked. "Next to the captain's cabin on the top deck. It's > s'pposed to be for VIPs; Giovanni said something about 'waving the > letter'." > > Estro looked down at the man with concern. "Are you alright? The > ship's pokemon center is near the captain's cabin; we could stop by > there on the way to our room and send Nurse Joy down here to help." > > "Trust me: Nurse Joy's the *last* person I want helping me with this. > Maybe Officer Jenny, though..." > > "I'll see what I can do." Estro walked over and hoisted the other two > sprawled on deck, bending his back under the weight and waddling on his > way. > > The journey was all of ten minutes, but ten of the most physically > gruelling minutes Estro had endured in...well, at least ten minutes. > When he finally reached the penthouse Mew room and opened the door, > though, the first thought through his head was that it would have been > worth much worse. > > The first words from his lips were, "WOOOW!!! ... DIBS ON THE LARGER > BEDROOM!" TBC: I guess me post didn't get through. That post you replied to had to get DVed, because, lemme tell ya, Buckwehat is only interested in one female, I guess I'll just fix a few things through this whole story? How about that? --Meeko + Caterpie 14 Zeni-Points =POINTS GIVEN= Meeko-Thinker points Meeko-Courage points Me need things for sig points =PW! QUOTE OF THE MONTH= "Uh-oh. Meeko's going to kill me when he finds out! C'mon, Kelly I gotta take him to a Pokicenter!"-Nicky, when Ivysore fainted himself. -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)