From: Black Hole the Walrus ( Subject: [PW!] Bloodstorm, The End of a Legacy Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-25 19:44:13 PST A figure, cloaked in darkness, moves silently through the night, searching for its prey. A small flame is in the distance, showing that human life is nearby... closer and closer, the figure nears its destination, the fire burning brighter with each step forward. By the fire, a boy is asleep... unaware of his surroundings. "A pity, I must waste my strength with you?? The figure says. The boy suddenly snaps awake, only to see the blade of a sword swing down upon him... the forest echoed with a scream of pain and was silent seconds later. Soon after, Black Hole emerges from the woods, wiping blood from his sword. Black Hole walks back to the ATR base, and looks for the armory. As he walks through the doors, the glare of light hitting silver catches his eye and he picks up the box concealing James's pistol. "Hey, who are you?" shouts a voice from across the room. Black Hole whirls around to see someone standing in the doorway. "I might ask the same of you," he sneered. "I am Fox, an experienced ATR agent.? the man replied. "Yeah, well I'm-- Hey, look over there!" Fox simply shook his head, "I'm not going to fall for th--" he is then cut off by 4 gunshots from the revolver. The cables that were holding up one of the Wigglytanks, which was put up there to "save space", were severed and the Wigglytank plummeted downwards, smashing Fox. Black Hole only smirked, "They should know better than that." Black Hole takes the key ring that Fox was clutching and started searching for the engine room, eager to finish this insanity... As Black Hole made his way to the core of the island, to the turbines in the lower basements, he heard the clatter of boots hitting the metallic floors advancing towards him. He ducked into a small room and peers through the window as he sees Dernam pass by, murmuring, "I could have sworn that I heard someone...? BH steps out of the doorway, and Dernam whirls around, "Who the h--". He is cut off by the sound of a gun firing, a Dernam reels in pain as the bullet impacts his leg. Black Hole takes advantage of his weakened state and swings his sword downwards, with a horrifying slice; Dernam's head lie on the floor next to his fallen body. "There can only be one" Black Hole mutters as he makes his way down the hall. Black Hole swings the doors open and takes an express ladder down to the 3rd basement. As he makes his way there, in the Raven's Nest, a bloodied Raven is using his last strength to set the island's course for the mother of all TR bases... Diet Coke Bottle From Hell: Evolved. Focusing all power into the rear engines, he chuckles to himself and falls to the floor in a cold heap. Black Hole tears through the final set of doors and stumbles backwards as the island jolts forward. Over the loud speaker, a calm voice, obviously preprogrammed, says "Attention all civilians, prepare for collision with the Diet Coke Bottle From Hell: Evolved Form.? Black Hole mutters a curse under his breath and looks at the turbines. "This madness ends now..." Black Hole unsheathes his sword and closes his eyes. They snap open and he charges towards the backup gas storage, he punctures the tank and an explosion ripples through the compound. Karusotu, who was evacuating surviving agents, lost his footing and was thrown from the island. The rippling effect of the explosion tears through the corridors, scorching the walls, the sounds echoing through the complex, the screams of terror and pain as the flames catch up to them. Several other explosions followed. The grandest of ears could pick up the faint cry of, "Life is a hideous thing, and from the background behind what we know of it peers daemoniacal hints of truth which make it sometimes a thousand fold more hideous." The End... And thus ends the legacy of Black Hole and ATR. I?d like to thank everyone that actually reads my PW!s when I decide to write. I would also like to that Yuri for letting me use that final quote.