From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Body Shopping Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-14 20:27:29 PST Cat-Gonk wrote: >"It's me, your former master." > >Charizard turned away from the targets, and flew into the air. <How do >I know it's you?>. His voice, even though it was only a projection of >his thoughts, sounded deeper and more worldly-wise. >"Would I be talking to you otherwise?" ><Kadabra's dead. You're dead. I saw it myself.> >"Look, I can explain it all later. At the moment, I need you to create >a distraction. Attack those people below you. One of them stole my >Pokebelt while I was unawares, and I want it back. Once I've got it, >we'll Teleport out of here. Got that?" > >Charizard looked down at the earth below. Indeed, a Butterfree was >following alongside a large group of trainers running frantically >through a crowd. One of them held a Pokebelt rather than wearing it. >The mental voice sounded like that of Kadabra's and his former >master's combined together, but he couldn't be sure. > ><I don't know who you are, but I'd be glad to help you anyway. It'd >been so long since I've done something evil.> >"That's my Charmeleon, oop, Charizard." Night Shade wasn't used to >her companion's new name. "Don't worry about finding me, I'll find >you." > >Swooping down to the earth below, Charizard let fly with a barrage of >flames. Though there would have been at least ten trainers with the >capability to destroy him in the throng below, they didn't have enough >time to do anything but run for cover. > >"That's my distraction." Vanishing in a flicker of energy, Night Shade >re-appeared beside Runt. > >"What's happening? I just woke up." > >Night Shade knew he wouldn't believe her if he thought about it, but >like everyone else, he was more concerned with his own safety rather >than uncovering what was in control of Kirsty's body. For the moment, >she could blend in. > >Corkscrewing around a blast of Thunder, Charizard unleashed another >Flamethrower attack. "Get down!" Runt yelled as a wall of flame came down from above. He tackled Kirsty, carrying both of them to the ground just outside the scorch zone. <Be careful. I still need this body right now.> Night Shade projected to her Charizard. <Even after getting my pokebelt, it will be easier to walk around as a human until I know what has changed while I?ve been gone.> The Charizard?s response was the mental equivalent of a distracted grunt as he targeted someone else who was launching an attack at it. When the trainer went diving for cover. It lined up for a shot on another human who looked like he was about to try to fight back as well. It noticed that this human also was holding a pokebelt in one hand and had a Magnemite hovering over his shoulder. Charizard let loose another blast of flames as he dove down. The trainer didn?t move fast enough to get out of the way. On his way up the fiery lizard turned his head back to take satisfaction in broiling his prey. He was stunned to see only charred ground. He knew that the trainer hadn?t leapt aside, but there was nothing there. Seeing the Charizard momentarily distracted was all Jon needed to leap into action. "Ninetails, Confuse Ray!". A pulsating light lanced out from the fox pokemon and struck its unwary target directly in the eyes. Charizard tried to shake off the effects, but the effects of the attack caused him to start thrashing. Sarah Jane knew that even though the Charizard attack may be a distraction, it really did pose a larger threat to the people and grounds of the University than the ghost that had been possessing Kirsty. She had to concentrate on the fight for the moment. "Pidgeot, Sky Attack!" As she watched her grandmother?s Pidgeot soar into the air to set up its attack, she quickly judged the distance to the struggling Charizard. After that she turned to her grandfather?s Kingler. "It?s too high up for a surf right now, but be ready to hit it if it comes down again." The crustacean quickly nodded. Damian turned his head to Bulletproof. "Thanks for the Teleport. I wasn?t particularly looked forward to being cooked today." In response the Magnemite tilted forward then back, coming as close to nodding as something that doesn?t have a separate head could. Forsaking the possible consequences of opening the wrong pokeball from the belt that he was holding, Damian reached for a pokeball from his backpack. The young trainer popped it open and watched the white light that came forth resolve itself into a huge mass. Instead of the usual battle cry that pokemon gave when being released, this one yawned. Before the Snorlax could pick out something that it might consider food to go chasing after, Damian pointed to the winged lizard in the air "Remy, Amnesia! And keep doing it!" The bear-like pokemon fixed its attention on the pokemon that was being pointed to and began blocking out everything else from its mind. Night Shade noticed the green Butterfree perk up and knew she had to make her move quickly. She looked at Runt as he got up, making sure to assume Kirsty?s usual vacuous expression for when he would look back at her. "Did you see where my Gyarados went?" Just after hearing this, Runt received a message mentally from Kreskin. <Boss, I?m pickin? up the ghost again. It?s nearby, I?ll have it in a second.> Runt saw an empty look on Kirsty?s face. Taking it to be disorientation, he assumed that nothing was any more unusual than it appeared to be at the moment and told her "Yeah, Damian?s got it with the other pokeballs on the belt that Kreskin snagged." He tilted his head back reflexively while saying this, indicating where he had just seen the other trainer as he got up. <Boss! The ghost is back in Kirsty?s body!> The sudden look of surprise mixed with a tiny bit of fear that signaled that an "Oh, shit!" realization had just passed through Runt?s mind confirmed to Night Shade that she had once again been found out. Her head quickly swiveled to target the Butterfree which she felt had annoyed her enough. A blast of Psychic energy shot from her and knocked the bug pokemon out cold. Runt leaped at her, but she brought up Kirsty?s arm and rammed an elbow into his cheek, sending him spinning into the ground. She then got up and ran over to Damian. Completing the command that it had been given, the Pidgeot came hurtling out of the sky and rammed into the confused Charizard. The shock and pain was enough to snap the dragon-like pokemon out of its stupor. Despite his pain, the lizard ignored the bird and turned to make another attack run at those below. Catching sight of the Electabuzz that had tried to hit it with Thunder before, Charizard quickly performed an Immelman. The fire lizard watched with a smug sense of satisfaction as his loop carried him out of the way not only of the Thunder attack that he had seen coming, but also of a torrent of water coming from a Kingler and the stream of fire coming from Jon?s Ninetails. The flying lizard heard Jon swearing and thought to himself <Heh! Damn, I?m good.> before lining up on the girl with the Kingler beside her. "It?s now or never," Damian decided out loud. "Remy, Blizzard!" Hearing only it?s trainer?s command, the Snorlax sharply inhaled and exhaled an arctic blast at the only other thing in its world. Hearing the word "Blizzard" was enough to let the Charizard to know that it had to dodge now. Swooping off to his right, he almost managed to completely avoid the attack. The cold bit through him as the attack caught the edge of one of his wings. It felt sluggish, so he looked over, only to discover that ice had formed the part of that wing that had been hit. Damian had taken off his backpack and was about to remove to put the pokebelt in it when he heard Kirsty call out to him. "Wait! Don?t do that!" The young trainer looked up and saw her run up to him. "Why not? It?ll be safe here until we get the chance to sort things out after the battle?" "Well, like, duh! I could use Gyarados to help out right now!" Unsure of whether she could help in time, Damian asked "You know which one has your Gyarados in it?" "Of course!" Kirsty quickly kneeled down and grabbed hold of the belt, looking at it as if inspecting it for a marking of some kind. Suddenly, she yanked on it, pulling it out of Damian?s hands. When her head came up to look at Damian, he saw her face was filled with rage. He didn?t get the chance to move before the Night Shade attack was launched at him. Shock quickly replaced the rage on Kirsty?s face and the surprise on Damian?s as the attack seemed to be sucked into the young trainer?s backpack. The words on the trainer?s t-shirt then changed to say "*Burp* Smooth and creamy!" A message hit Night Shade?s mind before she could sort this out. <They?re too organized now. I won?t be able to take much more of this. I?m getting out of here.> Night Shade quickly processed this and her face became a neutral mask. "I have what I came for, I can settle up later." After pronouncing this, she disappeared. After watching the Charizard retreat into the woods surrounding Rosetta, Sarah Jane turned her attention back to the others. "They?re gone, is everyone alright?" Jon was the first to speak up. "I?ll be fine, after that Charizard comes back so I can kick his butt!" <TBC?>