From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Boulder than ever... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/21 Part 1: Caleb sat outside Kivan's house, thinking about times. Old times and new times and how they had changed in the last year. He thought about Ilanna and Kivan and their Pokemon. He thought about Reed and Carver. He thought about how hungry he was. Being a bounty hunter had its limits. Caleb found the fridge open and two Meowth were fighting over a kipper. " Hey stop!" Caleb cut the kipper in two and the Meowth ate their share. Caleb also madwe himself some breakfast as Kivan came downstairs. " Top o' the mornin' T'ye!" Kivan waved. " What?" Caleb raised an eyebrow. " Oh, sorry, Irish accent. Picked it up from some traveller who came by after you left last time," " Oh OK, I'm gonna watch TV, tell me if anything interesting happens," Ilanna came downstairs, wearing a bathrobe. WOW! Thought Caleb and quickly pushed the thought out of his head. " Kivan, where is the hair dryer?" she asked. " OH, I'll show you," They went upstairs as the video phone began ringing. " Uh..PHON!" Caleb yelled. No reply. " Oh gawd, how do you work this thing?" He walked over to the video and turned it on, but nothing happened. He plugged a wire from the video into the monuiter and it sprang to life. " OK, now ho do, I answer..." He lifted the reciever he saw and the screen went dead. " OH crap!" He quickly dialed pressed a couple of buttons on the reciever and the screen lit up again. " Uh hello, this is Kivan's residence, how may I help you?" A small boy sat on the screen, looking very sad. " Uh are you Mr. Caleb?" " Yes, who are you?" " My Onix ran away last night in a burglary, I need you're help, sir. Can you find my Onix? I saw him heading to Mount Moon," The call came from Pewter. " O-Onix?" Caleb asked. " Yes, please help," " Ok.." " Thanks! Good luck sir!" The boy hang up. Not Onix, anything but them. Kivan came down. " A call? WHat was it about?" Kivan asked. " Yeah, it was about a missing Onix..." " Onix? I thought you hated them..." " How could you hate Onix?" Ilanna appeared. " Never mind, let's go!" Caleb and Ilanna got dressed and headed for Mount Moon. " So, how come ya hate Onix?" " OK, listen close: When I was young, about 4 I was playing on a hill. I saw this cool cliff and sat to have a picnic. After I was done eating I got up and the cliffside started moving. I hd been sitting on an Onix and it scared me. I just can't stand them..." " That's it? HA!" Ilanna began laughing. " It's not funny! Grrrr," Caleb ran off. " Hey Caleb wait! I'm sorry! Aw C'mon!" After some time they got to Mt.Moon. " Well, Caleb? Ready?" Caleb marched inside. " Here Onix..." AFter two steps Caleb turned back. " Not here, shame, let's go," " Caleb, think about that kid. Think how sad he would be if you couldn't face your fear and find his pet. No good being a Pokehunter if you're afraid of Pokemon," Caleb was shaking. " B-but, it's an O-onix...." " Oh grow up you big baby!" " AUGH!" They marched further in and the light went from the doorway. They pulled out torches and climbed down a ladder. Caleb tok a step forward and saw something large move quickly through the darkness. " What as that?" A low rumble was heard from behind. They span around to see something shoot across the path and dive into hole. It was hard to make out in the darkness. Then behind them, a growl was heard. " RRAAAAAAAA!" They turned around and Caleb shone his light at the Onix. It stood there, siting high, nearly up to the ceiling. " RAAAAAAAA!"