From: Zephyr: Soldier Through This ( Subject: [PW!] Butterfly Collector Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-17 22:10:15 PST Pokewars: Butterfly Collector *written by Zephyr **written by Dry * "So you finally got what you wanted You've achieved your aim by making the walking lame And when you just can't get any higher You use your senses to suss out this week's climber And the small fame that you've acquired Has brought you into cult status But to me you're still a collector", - The image of Drew popped in Julia's head. It was of course all his fault that she was here, that she felt the need to join ATR after his email to her. But, this isn't the way she foresaw it would be. - "There's tarts and whores but you're much more You're a different kind because you want their minds And you just don't care 'cause you've got no brain It's just that face on your pillowcase that thrills you", - Her face...was it that same face was on Drew's pillowcase? Julia didn't know but she had to know how Drew found her. How he was able to put this heavy burden on her shoulders without the slightest sese of guilt or worry... - "And you've started looking much older And your fashion sense is second rate like your perfume But to you in your own little dream world You're still the queen of the butterfly collectors", - 'Queen..hah, maybe he was one..he did seem to have the attitude of one. Or so it seemed so in the email. But then again I can't base his entire character on it.', Julia though quietly to herself, as not to be distracted while singing. - "You carry on 'cause it's all you know You can't light a fire, you can't cook or sew You get from day to day by filling your head But you surely must know the thrill between your legs has worn off", - 'If Drew chose me to replace him then he possibly couldn't do anything right. I don't know how to use a gun or any other weapon for that matter. As for my self defense classes they are limits to those...' - "And I don't care about morals Because the world's insane and we're all to blame anyway And I don't feel any sorrow Towards the kings and queens of the butterfly collectors", - 'I guess it's not just Drew's fault after all...perhaps it's my fault as well. My fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but then again no one can control that.' - "There's tarts and whores but you're much more You're a different kind 'cause you want their minds And you just don't care 'cause you've got no brains It's just a face on your pillowcase that thrills you" - 'Ever since I got that email, he's been haunting me...following me everywhere. Why can't I get rid of him? I don't know...but I do know that I will eventually. When I know the truth.' - "You carry on because it's all you know You can't light a fire, you can't cook or sew You get from day to day be filling your head But you surely must know the thrill between your legs has worn off And I don't feel any sorrow towards the kings and queens of the butterfly collectors " "Not one bit...", Julia sighed as she finished singing. It appeared as if every she wanted to say, everything she wanted someone to know manifested itself in that one song. To be able to sing it without regret was all Julia needed in her least for now. Derrick stood speechless. He didn't know what to say or if he should say anything at all. But she was good, a good singer and perhaps deep down inside a good person as well. Julia looked at Derrick with a puzzled look and question, "Was I that bad?." The wind blowed as flurries of leaves and dirt flew into the pair. The day was slightly warmer, but clouds now covered the sun bringing forth a gloomy look. "Oh no, it's just that I've never heard anyone sing like that before..." "'s just that--" "Drew's on your mind...", Derrick interrupted before she could finish. "Yeah.." "Well you know, though I didn't know Drew that well something tells me he was a nice guy", Derrick's reply was just a nice gesture. Perhaps made to make her a the slightest bit happy. The chirps of the nearby pidgey continued, their mating songs echoing throughout the forest paths. To the nearby left a mother butterfree was seen attending to her hungry caterpie. Julia turned to Derrick, she knew he was lying and with that she ejactulated, "Shut up! You say you don't know him, then you see my screaming my lungs out with all this angst and all you have for me is a stupid little gesture? Well you can shove it up your ass, I'm not in the mood for you bullshit" "I'm sorry..." "Not the slighest bit, I bet" "Listen, you. I'm doing you a favor here, and if you're going to act all bitchy over my charity then you can just go to hell because I'm not going to stand for this anymore", Derrick replied, he had enough of Julia's sour attitude. If anyone was going to be depressed it was going to be him. The many cries of spearows filled the air, as a large flock of them flew overhead. It appeared to be mating season for most bird pokemon. The males showing off their neatly trimmed and cleaned feathers in a primitive attempt to please the opposite sex. "Ok everyone just shut up. I just can't put up with that idiot Drew anymore. He's been haunting me for god knows when and I just can't stand for it anymore. Do you hear me Drew? I'm not going to be your marionette anymore! It ends soon with or without your consent." Derrick sighed, she was a troubled one but he knew how it was like to be in her shoes. "Okay, I'm sorry. Let's just get a move on okay? I don't want to bicker anymore, my head hurts and now all I want to do is get to Pewter City" "I'm sorry as well...I suppose you are right. Let's hurry up now, then.", Julia sighed as she looked down the path. The stone city was seen to the north. Its primitive, yet homeworthy, look stuck out from the forest scenery. The pair would reach it soon and with it they hoped to find answers. ** Throughout the remainder of the short trip, Derrick refrained himself from talking to Julia any further. Every time he opened his mouth, she somehow found a way to turn what he said against him. It was better to let things be than to dig into the roots of her problems. Though they stopped talking about the song, Derrick couldn't keep its tone out of his head. Perhaps Derrick never heard anything like it before because his mind was into the song more than other kinds of music he had heard. But he didn't want to like Julia's music. He didn't want to be anything like she was. He wanted a new life, but Derrick felt he was taking steps backwards. Guiding a sour spirit to his hell. Becoming more like that sour spirit on the journey. The more he thought about it, the more Julia reminded Derrick of somebody he had met in the past. Just like it was. Only about a day, getting drawn in more and more into her life. Then a sudden rapid change happening, making it impossible to stay longer. Julia's long troubled, furious face also reminded Derrick. It was a beautiful face. This one is without a scratch on the face, or bleached clothing. 'You look so fine,' Derrick thought in clouded fragments. He realized he had been staring at Julia too long, making her uncomfortable, and faced his eyes back to the road in front of him. The sun had just risen completely over the mountains to the East. The hospital was only a few hundred feet away and Derrick could see a few police officers standing at the double doors. He greeted them and they recognized him, telling which room James was in. Derrick and Julia entered the building to see there were basically no more guards around. The place seemed a quite desolate, since there was only one person waiting in the lobby and a nurse filing papers. Julia pointed to the ceiling and Derrick looked up to see there were newly planted black balloon-like objects planted everywhere. "Cameras everywhere..." Julia cringed. "Let's just get to James," Derrick said as they entered the elevator and went up to the second floor. "Derrick!" someone shouted as he stepped out the elevator doors. He turned to his left, surprised. "Paty? Jesus, I haven't seen you in the longest time!" She was being followed a bunch of men in suits and shaded glasses. Though she was tall, for an Asian girl, they still towered over her. "How's James?" "He's doing fine now. I think he'll be able to get out of this wretched place soon, maybe tomorrow," Paty replied. "So, you came here to see James from where, Viridian?" Derrick nodded. "But there's someone here who needs to see James." "Who?" Derrick took a side step and introduced Julia. "Nice to meet you, Julia." Paty shook hands with her, giving a million dollar smile. Julia smiled back as well. It was phony as hell. Derrick could tell it was phony. Paty knew it was phony, but didn't let it bother her. "Julia needs to see James about Drew," Derrick added. Paty flinched a little, which Julia didn't take as a good thing. "So, take Julia to James.." Paty instructed the bodyguards. "Right this way, ma'am," they nodded. Julia followed and turned back to Derrick, saying 'good-bye.' It caught him by surprise. "So, Derrick?" Paty asked. He knew what she was about to say. "Are you ever going to c--" "No." "Why?" Paty frowned. "ATR still has a chance!" She slammed her clenched fist into her hand. "No damn explosion can stop the greatest organization in the world!" "Well, it certainly killed off a huge sum of the population." "Look, ATR can still be revived. It-" "ATR IS DEAD!" Derrick shouted, making Paty backdown softly. "I want to move on with my life." "Now," Derrick cleared his throat, a little regretful that he upset Paty, "Let's talk about something else, like how you and James managed to survive?" "It's a long story." "I'm listening." Derrick sat down. TBC?!!1~