From: LordLocke ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Call of the Tour Guide Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-07 20:24:22 PST > > "Hey. You there. The guy with the tail." > > Gads turned around, still somewhat unsure of his surroundings. "Yes?" > > "I don't think I've seen you here before, and I noticed the Pokeballs > on your waist," said Felix. It was a standard trainer introduction, > "so how about a battle? I haven't fought anyone outside of this town > for quite a while now." > > Oddish lifted its head, and began to size up Monk-chan. Gads had only > been in this place for a few minutes and someone was already > challenging him to a battle. His return to the world of Pokemon > training appeared to be off to a good start. > > TBC... > Gads thought for a moment. "How many Pokemon?" "Three should suffice for a decent battle. I'll start with Oddish." Oddish left Felix's side and took it's place. Gads motioned for Andrew and Mara to move away to give a little room, and they moved away and sat down near the pier to watch the match. Gads pondered letting Monk-chan lead off, but decided against opening with his ace, and fingered a couple Pokeballs on his belt, settling on one and tossed it out. "GO, RINGER!" The Weepinbell appeared in a flash of light. It took one glance at his opponent, and froze up. Felix looked confused. An Oddish wasn't exactly a fearsome opponent, no matter which way you slice it... Gads knew what Ringer was thinking. "Don't worry, it's NOT a member of the Followers of Goddish. Give it a taste of STUN SPORE!" The Weepinbell responded by spinning rapidly, giving off a large cloud of paralyzing spores. Felix noted the fairly-standard opener, and issued commands to Oddish. "Don't let those spores get ya, Oddish. Take to the skies and light him up with a Solarbeam." The Oddish lept up over the cloud, spreading out it's leaves both in an attempt to slow it's decent and to power up for the massive beam of sunlight. "GAH! Stop the Stun Spores! Interrupt with a Razor Leaf now! Shoot it outta the sky!" The Weepinbell kept spinning, but this time, a large number of razor-edged spinning leaves were shot out towards the Oddish. Just as it gathered the last few bits of sunlight, it suddenly found it's earthbound decent hastened as two leaves on the right side were trimmed, and it's body laccerated with many small cuts. It's spiraling decent ended with a THUD as Oddish slammed into the ground, stunned. "Follow it with Sleep Powder before it can fire!" Still spinning, Weepinbell gave off a thick, aromic powder. Stunned from the fal, Oddish wasn't able to get out of the way this time, and fell asleep. Felix simply sized up the situation mentally. 'Hmmm, not too shabby. Clever trainer. I wouldn't have thought of cutting Oddish's leaves myself. Now we'll see how strong his Pokemon are...' He didn't appear to be too worried. Between the double-strength against the Weepinbell's attacks and it's own natural toughness, Oddish'd wake up before much serious damage was done. Finally, the Weepinbell stopped spinning, and seemed to pose with it's two leaves in a 'ta-da' fashion. "Now, VINE WHIP IT!" However, with a moment to spare now, Weepinbell had other ideas. It wrapped a single vine around the Oddish, and with the other vine, stylishly slapped it across it's face over and over. "Ringer! Stop showin' off, damnit! Finish the job!" Gads bigsweatted. No good could come from this... Indeed, all the slapping did was rouse the sleeping Oddish, and ticking it off royally. It opened it's leaves WIDE, seemed to take in something... else. "RINGER, WATCH IT!" Too late. Oddish let loose what appeared to be a Solarbeam from Hell (Although both Felix and Oddish knew is wasn't Hell, but the other place) Despite the type resistance, Ringer was knocked cold in a single blast. Felix grinned. "Looks like your Weepinbell underestimated my Oddish." Gads was busy glaring at Ringer. "Yeah. I'm gonna have to talk to Ringer about that... Ringer, RETURN! Go..." Gads warily chose his next Pokemon. 'That Solarbeam obliterrated Ringer. I'm not sure anyone else'd fair much better... hmm... maybe A-Bomb' Gads pondered that scenatio... "A-Bomb, Sonic Boom!" "Elec-TRODE!' "NO, NOT EXPLOSION! NO, NOOOOOO!" *BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!* A mushroom cloud envelops Hellion Town... Gads snapped back to reality, and bigsweatted. No... not A-Bomb. Letting a VERY powerful Electrode out that didn't like to do much but blow up was a VERY, VERY bad idea. Gads began to curse the day he captured the former reusable explosive of Team Rocket's...he then ran his hand across Dow's ball. Besides Monk-chan, Dow was probably his strongest. "DOW, GO!" Gads releaced the Drowzee. "Drow?" Dow looked at Gads, who rubbed the back of his head. "I'm SURE he's not a member of the Followers ofGoddish. Just fight..." Felix looked confised again. "Followers of Goddish?" Gads waved a hand out in front of him. "LOOOOONG story. Maybe I'll tell it later. Anywho, DOW, M-M-MEGATON PUNCH!" "ZEE!" Dow rose one fist high in the air. "D-D-D-DROW ZEEEEEEEEEEE!" Dow punched a wide-eyed Oddish, which tumbled backwards. Felix raised an eyebrow. "Megaton Punch?" Gads chuckled. "Mega Punch, but Dow's always prefered that name for it." "Ah." Felix looked at the situation. Oddish wouldn't be able to use it's favorite technique with two clipped leaves. Therefore, it's options were a bit more limited... "Oddish, ASORB!" Maybe it'd asorb enough to regrow it's leaves and start over again... The Oddish began to suck the energy out of the Drowzee, who looked a bit uncomfortable with the syphoning of health, but otherwise fine. Oddish looked a little better, but it's leaves were still too small to offer enough of a slow-down flight for a airborn barrage of Solarbeams, and between the Mega Punch, the Razor Leaves, and the Vine-Slapping, even his stalwart Oddish was beginning to flag. "Counter it with some Confusion, Dow!" "ZEEEE!" Dow sent out a series of Psychic waves. Oddish, although in better state then before thanks to the Asorb, still didn't have enough left to keep fighting, and fell over. Felix simply recalled the Oddish. "Not bad... not bad at all. This could get interesting." Felix took a moment to think about the situation. From the sidelines, Mara and Andrew watched. "Looks about even again. For a moment there, I thought that Oddish might make a rout of this with that massive Solarbeam." Andrew was impressed by the Oddish's showing. Mara shook her head. "I'm not too sure about this one. Gads is looking good so far, but this guy looks like he's packing the stronger Pokemon. That Oddish might be the strongest, but if it's the weakest..." Andrew knew how to finish the statement. "Gads is fighting uphill on this one." TBC... (OOC: Well, that'll get the ball rolling. It shouldn't be too hard to guess who Gads'd use once Dow goes down. ^_^ Lets keep this battle movin'!) -From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE