From: Cat-Gonk ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Call of the Tour Guide Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-08 02:47:15 PST Meeh! Meeh meeh Thu, 07 Sep 2000 20:10:51 -0700, caheeh meeh meeh LordLocke <> meeh caheeh! > "ZEEEE!" Dow sent out a series of Psychic waves. Oddish, although in >better state then before thanks to the Asorb, still didn't have enough left >to keep fighting, and fell over. > > Felix simply recalled the Oddish. "Not bad... not bad at all. This >could get interesting." Felix took a moment to think about the situation. "It's only a Drowzee, but I thought he'd have sent him in earlier," thought Felix. "Either he's inexperienced, which he wouldn't be if his Pokemon already have nicknames for their attacks, or he's not taking this battle seriously enough." Despite the Mankey hopping around nearby, Felix reached for his Pokebelt and unclipped Chansey's Pokeball. It seemed pretty obvious to Felix that his opponent would send out the Mankey next. By being out of its Pokeball it gave away the fact that it was his most favoured Pokemon, and therefore his strongest. He still had Cygnet and Galahad, both of which were of relatively high levels and strong against Fighting types, but the Mankey looked like it had enough power to take out both of them. > From the sidelines, Mara and Andrew watched. "Looks about even again. >For a moment there, I thought that Oddish might make a rout of this with that >massive Solarbeam." Andrew was impressed by the Oddish's showing. > > Mara shook her head. "I'm not too sure about this one. Gads is looking >good so far, but this guy looks like he's packing the stronger Pokemon. That >Oddish might be the strongest, but if it's the weakest..." > > Andrew knew how to finish the statement. "Gads is fighting uphill on >this one." "Go Chansey! Come out fighting!" Felix threw the Pokeball forwards with all his strength, Andrew flinching as he saw the red and white orb spiral towards his side of the battle, Chansey materialised in a flash of light, charging straight at Dow. "Dow! Stop with with Hypnosis!" Mega Punch wouldn't have broken the Chansey's charge, and Confusion wasn't fast enough. Waving his arms in an overly-exaggurated fashion, Dow's eyes glew a bright blue and released faint ripples of psychic energy. Shards of concrete rained into the air as Chansey drove Dow straight into the ground. The Hypnosis had taken effect, but not before Chansey brought Dow down to the ground with a Siesmic Toss. Trapped beneath Chansey's dazed bulk, Dow couldn't get up or use his Mega(ton) Punch. "Use Confusion! Lift it off you and into the ground!" yelled Gads, hopeful of getting in the lead. Dow was beginning to tire, but had enough energy left in him to raise Chansey a foot off the ground, before his concentration broke and Chansey fell into him for a second time. "Monk-chan, I guess it's up to you now." Neither Chansey nor Dow were in any condition to fight. Both of their trainers sweatdropped, and brought in new Pokemon. "He's using his strongest, I'll do the same," thought Felix. "Cygnet, I choose you!" Throwing Cygnet's Pokeball to the ground, he prepared for the final round. TBC... (I'd have made this longer, but my net time was running out...)