From: ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Can't think up a title..... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/23 > Neo waits down below at a table with Eevee, "Man...where's Rigel? > She have been here a long time ago." Arcturus sits down in front of him, > "Greetings Neo." Neo looks up, "Hello sir...have you found > Dreadite?"***Arcturus smiles, "Yes...but I need you to get close to him. You > need to get him to follow you into the trap I have planned. Are you up to it?" > Neo smiles, "Yes sir!" Arcturus leaves and Rigel sits down, "Neo! I saw my > mother!!" Neo smiles, "That's great Rigel!" > > Arcturus stands on one of the smokestacks of the S.S. Anne. His > black exoskeleton gleaming and the red domes on his body sparkling. His eyes > flash green, "Soon Dreadite...." ------------------------------------------- [SS.Anne restaurant] Hotaru is sitting down at a table in the corner, she was sure she heard someone call her Mommy, but maybe that was just her wild imagination. Sighing softly she leaned back, and closed her eyes. But opened them again when she heard the name Rigel. "Rigel? I know that name, Rigel my youngest daughter..." Hotaru lifted her head to look around. She happened to spot a table with a girl with a rather familiar hair style, and a guy with an eevee. Hotaru frowened as she tried to remeber, Lance´s hairstlye... "It must be Rigel!" Hotaru cried as she remebered, but quieten down as she remebered she thought she was dead. She moved into the shadows as Rigel, and Neo turned around. "I thought I heard my name," Rigel said as she turned back again. Hotaru sighed pleased. She had done it she had found one part of her family. Note: Hmm I hope it was okay, I still need to get better at this, :-) THANKS A LOT!!!!!!! T.A.C. who is now in a good mood before her violin lesson HOORAY!