From: Marco262 ( Subject: [PW!] Card games and fast travel Newsgroups: Date: 2000/08/09 Darian looked at his watch and fell backwards from surprise. It had been over a month and the two kids were still standing there staring at each other. Neither had said a word or even blinked in that time. Darian kept looking at the boy, then the girl, then back to his watch. He was less shocked that these two could stand there for so long, than disgusted that he had been doing the same thing. He sneered ever so slightly. "Screw this, I gotta find an Eevee." He walked to the Celadon Mansion, which had now been completely rebuilt. In fact, all of Celadon had been restored so that not even the keenest eye could tell that a near-Armegeddon had ravaged the town once before. Darian trudged up endless flights of stairs until he came to the door of the man who, it was said, would give out Eevees to any kid that came along. Must be a lonely paedo, Darian thought. He slowly opened the door, prepared to defend himself or run. A fat, balding man with gray hair sat on a folding chair behind a rotting wooden table in the middle of an empty room. He looked up from his solitaire game when he heard Darian come in. "Welcome! I haven't had a visitor in such a long time!" he said, smiling warmly. The corners of his eyes scrunched up as he rose from table. His beaten shoes squeaked against the wooden floor. He grasped Darian's hand and shook it enthusiastically. Darian returned the gesture, smiling back at him. "Hello, are you the man who gives out Eevees?" he inquired. The happy expression fell from the man's face. He shook his head sadly. "Sorry kid, but I couldn't afford to keep the Eevees any more. Giving them out for free is just too hard on the wallet." he said, gesturing towards his tattered clothes. Then his face brightened again. "But we could always play Go Magikarp! Or how about old Jynx?" Darian held up his hands. "Sorry, I'm kind of in a hurry. Do you know where I could get an Eevee?" The man seemed to ignore Darian and gathered up the cards on the table. He sat down and started shuffling skillfully. This isn't getting me anywhere, Darian thought. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, the man spoke up. "I sent them to Mr. Fuji." he said. "Apparently he has some kind of affinity for them. Now about that game of-" He stopped in midsentence. He was alone in the room again. He sighed and dealt himself a new hand of Solitaire. TBC... -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular