From: Cat-Gonk ( Subject: [PW!] Clear Skies (short one) Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/05 "Cygnet! Slash attack!" "Hypno! Try Hypnosis!" Hypno brought up his pendulum, but before he could swing the blue disc Cygnet delivered a mighty blow across the psi-Pokemon's torso. The disc clattered to the cement, severed from its string. Hypno reeled back, hand clutching its recently-dealt wound and other up in a fighting position. "You don't need your pendulum! Hypnosis again!" Drawing his hand back, the Hypno brought it forwards in a sharp motion, slow-moving waves of psionic energy spreading out from its fingers. Cygnet flashed a brilliant yellow, and disappeared from sight. His opponent looked around, spreading the waves of energy around it as it scanned the area. Cygnet hadn't been recalled, and there was no-where nearby to hide... Hypno slammed into the cement, skidding backwards at an incredible speed. Its motion ceased abruptly as it crunched into a retaining wall, instantly knocking it out. With a a growl of anger, its trainer recalled Hypno to its Pokeball. Cygnet landed gently, body still glimmering with the last energies of Sky Attack. Clear Skies. - By Cat-Gonk. "Good match. I'll see you again sometime." Felix counted up his winnings, and stashed them in his wallet. Four thousand Poke, enough to buy something relatively large. Streetfights in Hellion Town were rare, but trainers who came to the peaceful resort town for a holiday often felt the need to exercise their skills every once in a while. Most of them were quite wealthy, and provided easy pickings for the few local Pokemon trainers. Ah yes, it was good to be back. The early spring air was just the right side of warm, enough for Felix to wear his favoured apparel. Black top, loose grey/green pants and a cap. Crystal-blue skies met the sparkling ocean on the beach nearby. He raised his hand in greeting to a group of local girls cruising past him on rollerskates. The Pokemon Tournament at Indigo Plateau appeared to have finished, or was in the final round, Felix hadn't been watching much TV of late. One question had been firmly lodged in his mind since his awakening, however. It seemed so trivial, yet fought tooth and nail with his every thought for position in his mind. What was he doing? Sure, the Pokemon Journey was fun while it lasted, but shouldn't there be something else? Isn't there something else in life besides the red and white orb? He'd collected five of the eight Indigo League Gym badges, and the others didn't seem like much of a challenge considering that the majority of his previous travelling group, the unnamed party of Pokemon trainers, had seven. Going back to school didn't seem like an option now that he'd had a taste of adventure, and neither did a regular occupation. Maybe he'd find something on the Orange Island chain, or on the western half of the continent. There had to be something else to do other than get the last three badges and take on the Elite Four. Hmm. The young Pokemon trainer took out his wallet, and counted the day's takings. Three hundred from a beach girl, two thousand and fifty off some bloke with an electric Persian, and his latest four thousand. Felix wasn't sure of anything, except this. Whatever he did with the rest of his days, it would have to grant him the one thing he was certain he wanted. Cash. And lots of it. His father had built an entire town from the ground up with money amassed from victorious Pokemon battles. Tick's father opened up a gateway into another dimension, for reasons which still remained unknown. Felix missed his best friend dearly, but wherever he was, he was probably having a good time. Yes. That's what he'd do. Felix silently resolved then and there to become, if nothing else, the richest Pokemon trainer on the continent. And the warm spring sunlight shone down from above. -- t-gk: NvêVasTrR ---------------------------- D !iv n GdD$h? Email: IRC: Cat-Gonk AIM: CatGonk Other AIM Screenames: Simyn Gonk, CatGonkNoMiko, Sailor Gonk, ATR CatGonk, Doc Oddish, Mista Meeh, The Kitty Litter Box. - Other sites linked to from here. Azure Heights Pokemon Laboratory. - Forum now open to the public. ------ Over 5000 posts to, and counting. -=|[Unknown AGNPer]|=- One Half of the Wigglytuff Warlords ------ Obligatory-End-Of-Sig-Quote: "I'm the reason they made the dress code," They figured I wasn't wild when I'm in my french clothes." - Mase, "Feel So Good" Oh well. All sigs end somewhere.