From: Tech Weaver misses Mick Foley already. ( Subject: [PW] Covert Ops Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/19 Chet's exoskeletal feet clacked on the linoleum floor as he stepped out of the shower. He put a robe on as he approached the mirror. He dried off his face and looked in the mirror. The effects of the Moonshine had worn off. The shower curtain behind him billowed towards him. 'That's odd,' thought Chet. 'I don't remember a window being...' He suddenly seized the curtain as it stretched towards his head. He pulled it forward over his shoulder in a Snap Mare manuver and slammed it against the floor. The curtain flowed into the shape of a girl with a surprised look on her face lying on the ground. "You're getting a bit sloppy, Terry," Chet commented. All of Terry's body part suddenly switched location as she morphed to a sweep kick. Chet fell back and slammed into linoleum. Terry quickly stradled his stomach. "I'll show you sloppy," Terry retorted before planting a big wet one on Chet's lips. Chet's eyes bulged in shock and he quickly shoved the shape-shifter off him. "For the luva..." Chet commented as he spat out whatever saliva Terry might've put in his mouth. He went over to the medicine cabinent to look for some mouth wash. "Well, it's nice to see you, too," Terry commented. She let her wavy, black hair fall over her face. "Can't you ever pick a gender and preferance and stick with it?" Chet demanded. He gargled and spat. "Besides, I thought we agreed that we'd stay away from each other during the cruise." "The boat hadn't set sail yet, so I figured the cruise hadn't started," Terry explained. "Besides, I've discovered a startling secret!" "Oh? And what is that?" Chet asked. He left the bathroom to get dressed. Terry followed closely behind. "Team Rocket is aboard the S.S. Anne!" Terry hurridly reported. "What? How do you know this?" Chet asked while pulling on a pair of pants. "I decided to snoop around other people's rooms," Terry explained. "I found a Team Rocket outfit in one of them." "What? Show me." Moments later, Terry led a fully dressed Chet to the door of one of the cabins below deck. She morphed one of her fingers into a keycard and proceeded to unlock the door. Chet stopped her and knocked on the door. "Room Service," he announced. No answer came. Terry opened the door and they went inside, closing the door behind them. They walked over to a dresser and opened a drawer. Sure enough, there was a Team Rocket uniform inside. "We've got to tell someone," Chet said. "Well, duh," Terry replied. Suddenly, the doorknob started to shake. Apparently, whoever was on the other side forgot to try to unlock the door first. "Terry! We should..." Chet looked around. Terry was nowhere to be seen. The door opened and a Rocket stepped in. "What the..." the Rocket said. "Why is that window open?" The Rocket went over and closed it, unaware that Chet was just outside the window, hanging by a rope of silk made by the spinnerettes on his wrists. "Okay, Weaver," Chet said to himself. "Now what?" To Be Continued... I hope no one minds that someone found out that Team Rocket was aboard the ship. Of course, Chet might not last that long... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver. I'm not just for breakfast anymore! "You may say this is not a dream; This is a nightmare. But it's my nightmare, and I decide when I wake up." -- Mick Foley, No Way Out (WWF PPV) Adam "Smasher" Samson's WG can be found at: and Chet Weaver's is at --End Transmission--