From: LordLocke ( Subject: [PW!] Crossroads Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-26 20:55:02 PST "Thank goodness Felix provided us with this map. I can see the route up ahead." Mara, holding the map, smirked. "See, I told you that I should have held the map!" Gads and Andrew but glared at Mara. Looking over her shoulder, Gads began to motion. "Feh, you took us the long way, sis. If we had cut across here..." "You'd have gotten us lost by not sticking to the map. It wouldn't be the first time either." Gads scowled, his fangs showing. He turned around, walked over a few feet, and sat down, his tail twitching the entire time. Andrew stepped up. "Well, I could have gotten us here. I read maps..." "Oh, yeah. Like how you got us all the way the Hellion Town because you didn't read the map right." Andrew suddenly look ashamed. Mara laughed. Up in the trees, Monk-chan was doing the same. He'd had the good sense to snatch the map outta Gads' hands the moment Felix had handed it to him. *THUNK* Monk-chan then fell out of the tree, thanks to a flying rock. "Ah, shaddup, M-C. Who's side are ya on, anyways?" Gads scowled at the Mankey, who began glaring back at his trainer. "Man... key!" Monk-chan pointed at Mara, glaring at Gads. "Will you two stop it. We're almost back. Now... which way to you guys wanna go. That way..." Mara pointed to her left. "Is Lavender, if I'm not mistaken. We've been going South for a bit. And THAT way..." Mara pointed right. "Is Saffron." "Lavender... oh DAMN!" Andrew suddenly remembered something. "What's up, Andrew?" Gads broke the glaring contest between him and Monk-chan. "I gotta go to Lavender. My Grandpa is buried there, and it's my turn to tend to his grave." "Oh? Where is he buried?" "Well, he consitered himself equal to his Pokemon, as did Grandma. So they were buried right alongside their Pokemon in Pokemon Tower..." "Ulp..." "Key..." Gads and Monk-chan were trying their best to keep neutral expressions, and were failing miserably. Fear was rather evident in both their faces. This didn't go unnoticed by Andrew... or Mara. "Oh, will you two cowards get OVER it. What happened happened a long time ago. Grow a spine." Gads' face resumed anger. "Like you would know what we faced..." Just as quickly, fear replaced anger. "It was terrible..." "Key..." And past disagreement between trainer and Pokemon was gone. Both Gads and Monk-chan were doing everything they could not to begin shaking. Andrew finally decided to decided to ask exactly what is going on. "Why are Gads and Monk-chan looking like they're prepared to run, screaming like little girls..." *THUNK!* "OW!" Andrew glared at Gads and Monk-chan, who were both doing their damdest to look like they WEREN'T the one who threw the rock. "Well, after Gads' mother... his birth mother, died, one of her Pokemon, a Hitmonlee, died out of depression. They burried it in the Pokemon Tower, but Gads and Monk-chan got lost after the service. They we're not found until the following day, and ever since, those two have been scared spineless by the tower. Even worse, they refust to talk about the experiance." Mara looked over at Gads and Monk-chan. "Whatever it was, it musta been something big, and combined with Gads' emotional state after losing his mother..." Andrew simply nodded. "I see... well, why don't you two head to Saffron. I'll meet you guys at the Dojo after I'm done." "You sure you want to go alone? I could go with you." Mara suggested. "Nah, it's ok. I'd prefer to be alone to do this anyways. I'll see ya in a little while." Andrew began to do down the road towards Lavender. "Later Andrew. See ya in Saffron." Mara turned back to Gads and Monk-chan. "Honestly, you three. How immature can you get?" Gads suddenly turned red, both of embarrasment and of anger. "Oh, like you should talk, Miss 'I-can-read-a-map-and-you-can't.' You show all the maturity of a week-old Psyduck." "MAN KEY KEY!" Mara looked outraged. "What was that, you foul-mouthed little Mankey?" "He said..." Gads began. "I was talking about you, Mankey-boy." Mara tugged Gads' tail lightly for emphasis. "Hands OFF the tail... it's sensitive, and with a brutish Primeape-like chick such as yourself, you'll leave me in pain for a week." "WHAT!" This time, Mara REALLY yanked the tail. "OW! Leggo! First, you GET me this bloody tail by screwing up Bill's experiment, and now you're abusing it. Leggo, ya ditz." "You did NOT just call me a ditz!" Going down the road, Andrew shook his head. "*Sigh* I don't think Grandpa could handle having those two around for the annual cleaning, anyway. Besides, a little piece and quiet could do me some good." As Andrew continued down the road, the quarrels of brother and sister could be heard. "I DID!" "THAT'S IT! SUBMISSION!" *THUD* "YA MISSED ME, YA CLUTZY DITZ! YA COULDN'T HIT THE BROAD SIDE OF A..." "DIZZY PUNCH!" *THWAK!* "OW! OH, SO YOU WANT A FIGHT, DO YA? DOUBLE KICK!" 'Besides...' Andrew thought with a smirk as he continued down the road. 'If they get it out of their systems now on each other, they won't be taking it out on me later.' Accompaning the noise of the arguement was the uproarous laughter of one Mankey. *a little while later* "You... yeild... ya... ditz?" "Not... in... your... life... Mankey... boy..." *THUD* *THUD* Both fell over from exaustion. "Man key mank." Monk-chan shook his head. "Ah... shaddup... M-C." Gads struggled to get to his feet. After he got up, he offered his hand to Mara. "Truce?" "Yeah..." And with that, Mara reached up, grabbed Gads' hand, and with the last of her strength, pulled him down to the ground beside her. Then, she started laughing. Gads glared at Mara for a moment, the began laughing too. They'd get moving to Saffron... after a moment to catch their breath. (OOC: I swear, you'll be seeing more of me with the new rules in place. Now that I don't gotta worry what will change and what won't, Gads and Mara can get on with their lives. Andrew too, since NewHaights will be posting in the PW! again with ernest as well.) -From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE!