From: Areku: I'm scared of Donna Lewis ( Subject: [PW!] Dai and the golden Magikarps Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/27 "Buying golden Magikarps, yeah right" Dai laughed as he throwed himself on the floor of his room in the SS ANNE. "Funny I choose the floor over the bed" Dai thought as he rolled on the wooden floor. Dai looked up at the ceiling and took out the dagger that his choker concealed. "Haven't used this in such a long time.." Dai kissed the fine end of the dagger and a small drop of blood fell on the floor. "I'm like everyone else, I bleed like everyone else. " Dai sat up and concealed his dagger once again. "Is everyone else as empty as me?" Dai made a fist and hit the floor. "No, they're not like this." Dai closed his eyes. "Alex.." Dai stood up and sat on the room's bed. "Is that all I know about me?" Dai lifted up his hood from his face. "These emerald green eyes, the opposite of sapphire blue." Dai put his hand over his head. "Excessively short hair, the opposite of long hair." Dai sighed. "The sapphire blue eyes and longer hair of Alex." Dai closed his eyes again. "It's what I was looking for first, my brother. The only key to my past.." Dai put his hand under his robe and took something out, he brought back up a necklace with half of a medal. "It says Alex, the name of my brother. He could tell me who I am.." Dai looked over his shoulders "This insignia, ATR, my unavoidable destiny." Dai looked over at a small pillow with an Eevee resting on top of it. "Eevee, my Eevee." Dai walked over to his Eevee and petted him. "Just like the Eevee he killed.." Dai picked Eevee and looked into his small eyes. "The Eevee my Eevee cried for, but he didn't even know him, or maybe he did." Dai put Eevee down and stood in the center of his room. "The man who killed cold and unforgivable" Dai lifted his hands swiftly. "The man who I'd never forgive, the only damn reason I joined anti team rocket, DREADITE!!!!!!!" Dai's words echoed in his small room, and beyond its door. *** Areku Deru Bosukue Kazeresu AIM: Shin Daitooryoo ***