From: Josh ( Subject: [PW!] Death Of A Friend On The S.S. Anne Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/15 -Death Of A Friend On The S.S. Anne-Episode 10 Zane. Matt, & Pikachu have just boarded the S.S. Anne after Zane defeated Lt. Surge in the Vermilion City Gym. They gave the man their tickets and stepped aboard the huge ship. They were taken to their room, where they released their Pokemon. Zane released Bulbasaur, Beedrill, Abra, Zubat, and Rattata, while Matt released Pidgeot, Eevee, and Koffing. They Pokemon began to play with each other, enjoying the freedom from their Pokeballs. A few minutes passed by and Matt recalled his Pokemon. "Hey Zane," Matt said, "I have family here in Vermilion City so I think that I'm gonna go visit them and give them my Pokemon to hold. I'll be back before the ship leaves." "Why would you give them your Pokemon?" Zane asked. "Haven't you heard of the curse of the S.S. Anne?" Matt asked. Zane nodded his head no. "This ship has a history of sinking. Every year the ship sinks, and they just rebuild it, thinking that it wont happen again. If this ship sinks, I want to be sure that my Pokemon are taken care of." Zane watched Matt walk out the door and then turned to Pikachu. "I don't think that it's gonna sink. Come on Pikachu," he said excitedly, "Lets go exploring." He recalled his Pokemon and left the room. Their first stop was the deck, where they were immediately challenged into a Pokemon fight. "Pokemon go!" the trainer said as he released his Pidgey. "A Pidgey!" Zane said happily, "I choose you Pikachu." Pikachu jumped off of Zane's shoulder and after a quick Thundershock, defeated Pidgey. "Pidgey return," The trainer said while he recalled Pidgey, "Go Ekans," he said as he released his Ekans. After Pikachu dodged a few attacks, he defeated Ekans with another Thundershock. "Ekans return," the trainer said, "Go Nidoqueen," he said as he released his Pokemon. "A Nidoqueen!" Zane worriedly said, "Be careful Pikachu." It was a long, hard battle but Pikachu won. He returned to the room, where he saw the door was open. Thinking that Matt was back by now, he walked in the room. He looked on the floor and saw Matt their, in a pile of blood. Zane rushed over to him, and with his one good arm, checked his pulse. ".He's dead," Zane said sadly. He closed his eyes and stood up. When he opened them, he noticed a note right next to Matt which said. "Dear Zane, we killed your friend to prove a point. Anyone who associates with you, will be hunted down and killed by Team Rocket. We saw your friend while he was boarding the ship. Too bad he didn't have any Pokemon for us to steal. Your lucky you weren't with him. We also killed your friend in Pewter City. You'll see us before this lands in its final destination, if it ever leaves port. Theirs nowhere for you to go on this ship. Once it sets sale, your cornered. We'll see ya later. You can count on it. Sincerely, Abbey, Barbara, Chris, and Danny of Team Rocket." Zane crumpled up the letter and threw it against the wall. He then ran out of the room, with Pikachu on his shoulder, and went to see Officer Jenny. Hours passed and the paramedics took Matt's body away. Zane was given a new room to sleep in and after a little bit of praying for his fallen friends, Zane went to sleep.