From: syke108 ( Subject: [PW!]Deep Red And Orange Thoughts Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-14 18:40:04 PST Loriana woke up after a strange lapse in her daily life. The past time had been a blur for her, as the strange Ninetales known to her only as "Doppler" had been showing her even more about the true nature of the Two-Leggeds. . .er, humans. Loriana had learned a lot about the humans. She learned of their quest to 'catch 'em all,' and how they used those red rocks, Pokéballs as they are called, to make wild Pokémon fight as the human's slave, in order to become a champion. She had also learned about Doppler's plans to lead a revolution of some sort, a rebellion as it is sometimes called by the other Pokémon (including a familiar-smelling Mr. Mime). Her many brothers and a few of her sisters had really become fans of this rebellion, as it offers safety from the humans that harrassed them a while ago. However, Loriana herself was unsure as to why she should join this crew. Having taken the time to learn more about the humans, she gained a feeling of pity for the humans. She saw them as sadly underdeveloped creatures that required the Pokémon to take care of them. She saw them as a challenge, and she beleieved she could easily tame one of these humans and maybe even lead the pathetic creature to greatness, much like that famous Pikachu she learned of... Suddenly her deep thoughts were interrupted by a large grunt. She looked up and saw a rather mean-spirited Charizard growling down at her. She slinked backward, but the giant dragon started to close in on her. Suddenly, a blast of flame seperated the two Pokémon. Loriana looked in the direction and saw her mother Firefly, and the strange smelling Ninetales, Doppler. Her mother immediately went over to her. "<Are you ok, Loriana?>" she asked. Loriana simply nodded. She was embarrased as well, as she usually didn't have her head so deep in thought that she would actually crash into something. Looking towards the dissipating flames, she saw that thedirection, she saw that te Charizard had already flown off to somewhere else. All the better for her. As she sniffed the air she once again caught wind of Doppler, and the smell was too distant to be an actual Ninetales. But what could be so close to a Ninetales, yet at the same time so distant? She had to find out. Before she could do anything, she wound up stuck in her mother's grip, and Firefly carried her imaginative daughter back to their section of the base. A long bath later, and Loriana was free to find Doppler and ask him what's on her mind. Some time had pased and the Ninetales was still nowhere to be seen. After frying a young Growlithe that had tried to get a little too close to her (she may be a higher level than she looks, but she still has her sense of decency) she almost gave up. Then, she heard the familiar voice that came from Doppler. She followed it, and soon saw the Ninetales, who was currently watching her brothers race around the room they were in. She walked up to the Ninetales. "<Doppler? Can I have a word with you in private?>" Doppler looked behind him, rather surprised at how Loriana snuck up on him like that. "<Very well, Loriana.>" Doppler nodded to the nearby Firefly, who had apparently developed a deep fondness for Doppler, and the Ninetales rounded up her children and walked off with them. Once they were alone, Doppler prompted Loriana for her questions. "<Doppler, since the day you rescued us from those humans, I have learned a great deal about the species I once reffered to as the 'Two Leggeds. However, I still have a few questions. One, why do we have to have this rebellion? I can't see why we simply cannot teach these humans the right way to respect life. After all, the famous Pikachu was able to do so, so why can't we? Two, what happened that caused you to have such a hatred for them? Finally, on a more personal note, what is it about you that smells so different? Your smell reminds me of a cross between the strange blobs of walking goo I've seen in this base, as well as that of a Ninetales. What are you, Doppler?>" TBC?