From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!]/[PW!F] Define "new" (was: New problems arise) Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-03 23:20:26 PST Continue wrote: > All but one again had an amused chuckle. One not-Jason looked slightly > irritated before saying "Fine. So my writing is horrible. I won?t be > signing any autographs, I?ll just do some singing. That, I can do." > > The other not-Jason tilted his head "Mimic only forge signature to get > into things before. Forging for autographs will be a new experience, one > of the many things we have to practice before the concert." "But first we - or rather, you - have to choose some songs to practice." DJ looked at a time display on the music board. "We've only got so much time, and..." "Mimic know, Mimic know. And Mimic think Mimic chosen first song. Let's do that first; maybe inspiration for rest of set come from that." And so it went. [Monty Python "Get on with it!" scene switch] Eventually, the time came to head over toe venue. With Drake's help, packing and toting the equipment turned almost trivial, made even easier when the group gathered close around Mimic for a quick teleport to the scene, everyone temporarily balancing themselves like a tree with Drake at the root and Mimic at the center to minimize the precision which Mimic had to exert (teleporting bits of the floor one was standing on, or not teleporting the clothes one was currently wearing, was not only inelegant but also potentially dangerous in certain circumstances). "WATCH OUT!" Only to find themselves teetering on the edge of a crater. One blink later, they were two meters back and on solid ground. Slowly, carefully, the band members plus three extracted themselves and their gear from the huddle, then looked at the building they had been teleporting to. Or, rather, the open pit that was now there. "This why Mimic dislike teleporting blind." Drake looked at Mimic. "But you do it so often." "Only because Mimic know Mimic can teleport away fast if wind up in danger. No think can actually teleport into solid object, but for instance, Mimic *know* Mimic can teleport under descending elevator." Drake winked. "Been there, done that?" Mimic grinned back. "Left couple Rockets behind in shaft." Drake sweatdropped. "They no die, just very scared." "I'll bet." One of the scene's onlookers walked up. "Ah, so this is the band. I was looking forward to hearing your music, Jason...may I call you Jason?" He looked at one not-Jason, then the other. "I did not know you had a twin...or did I just hear you say, 'Mimic'?" "Professor Oak?!?" Mimic-not-Jason blinked. "Mimic hope Professor Oak no mind Mimic saying, but Mimic get very bad feeling when see Professor Oak near something unusual. Usually mean thing get *very* strange." Oak smiled. "I could say the same about you these days, Mimic. I had intended just to take in the show, but it seems fate decided to throw me a little mystery tonight." He glanced at his watch. "If I'm right, though, most of this should be back to normal in 3...2...1..." The club popped back into existence with a blue flash. "Mimic get intuition probably good for Mimic know what Professor Oak mean, 'most of this'." "Ah, well, first I had best explain what this is. Then again, maybe you can guess: it's the same class of anomaly we ran into the last time you visited. And in fact, it seems your, err, daughter-in-law-to-be may have been the cause." Drake looked from the professor to his current twin, and wondered for a moment when Mimic had changed to Oak without Drake seeing. "Mind filling me in?" If Mimic heard, he did not visibly react, instead still addressing the professor. "Mimic never did like temporal mechanics, even when just theoretical." Oak nodded. "It would seem that time travel is no longer just a theory. I suspect it'll take years to figure it out to where we can control it, but at least we can tell when it happens. Fortunately, this club was only shot forwards a few minutes in time. There's still a time window open, but no physical matter can go through it. What will go through, though, is light and sound. The upshot is that you'll have two audiences tonight: the one that's actually here, and another that will gather in this building, or whatever's here at the time, five years from now. I'm sure some people will remember, and attend for the curiosity if nothing else. Even the time window will likely close sometime tonight, probably about half past midnight." Drake smiled. "So, we're giving a two-for-one show tonight?" "That about covers it. Though I don't think you'll be able to book ticket sales for the second concert until its audience is ready." "Not a problem." "Oh, by the way, Jason." Oak pulled out a notepad and pen. "I know this is probably taking advantage of the situation, but could I have your autograph?" "Err...umm..." "Mimic have better idea." Changing back into not-Jason, the ditto continued, "Mimic think saw camera in band equipment. Why not take picture with Jason and Jason, and have Jason sign that?" TBC?