From: Ivyna J. Spyder ( Subject: [PW!] Eevee Experimenting! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/01 Don't worry, no Eevees are hurt in this fic... Kasai ran back to his secret lab with his Pokémon. "That was close." He said. <Hey, genius.> said the now Golduck Frankenduck. <What if that one kid tells the police we stole his Eevee?> "Oh, I can always get out of those situations. Besides, I'll give it back if my experiment is a success! It'll be better than ever!" Said Prof. Kasai. "Now, for that Eevee." <Hehe, here you go, master! Hehehe!> said Cy-gor. Kasai took the cute little Eevee. "Oh, isn't it cute?" "Clefairy fairy cle! (Cute enough to eat!)" he said, licking his lips hungrily. "Pursian. (Be quiet.)" Said Chimera. "Par-r-ras Par Parr-ras? (What are you going to do with it, Prof.?) "I've always wanted to test a theory of mine!" said Prof. Kasai, taking Eevee over to the table, which was now clean. "Just what would happen if you exposed an Eevee to all the stones at once?" <Probably nothing.> said Frankenduck. <Why bother trying?> "Stop being so pessimistic, Frankie!" said Kasai, petting the Eevee. "Maybe it'll become a.. a. Vapflarjolteon!" <Hehehe, should I get the stones, master?> "Yes, Cy-gor!" said Kasai. It did, and gave them to Kasai "Now, hold still little guy!" "Uuee?" <Are you going to try to make a mini-Eeveelution?> asked Frankenduck sarcastically, floating on his side in the air. "Fairy fairy! Clefairy! (I hope so! Yummy!)" said Munchie. "Purrsain Purrr Purrrsian? (Do you think of anything but food?)" "Cle! (Nope!)" "Hey, I need some help here!" said Kasai. "I only have two hands to hold the stones. I need someone to hold the third, and someone to hold Eevee." <I shall help, master! Hehehe!> said Cy-gor, holding one of the stones. (Don't ask how.) Frankenduck sighed, and held the Eevee with his Psychic powers. "Uueee?!" "Now, he have to touch it with the stones at the exact same time!" said Prof. Kasai. "Ready?" <Hehehehehe, ready master!> "One. two. three-" Suddenly, a loud knocking came from upstairs in the house, and everyone froze. "Open up!" said a loud voice. "This is the police!" "Oh no!" exclaimed Prof. Kasai. "We've been discovered!" <Well, DUH!!!> said Frankenduck. <You are so screwed.> "Sian Purrsian Purr?! (What do we do?!)" exclaimed Chimera, running around crazily. "I don't know! Ask Frankenduck, he's the smart one!" Frankenduck sighed. <I'll save your pitiful hides. Luckily, I know Teleport.> "Open up now!" came the voice from upstairs. Then there was a crash as the door was kicked down. "Clefairy! Clefairy! (Teleport! Teleport!)" shouted Munchie. "Wait, what about my stuff?" <Leave it, master! Hehehe!> said Cy-gor. <Hehe, there isn't much time!> "Rai Raichu? (What's so funny?)" asked Chimera. Kasai frantically grabbed a bag and some boxes. "Can't leave these!" <Teleportation!> They reappeared a ways from the house, behind some trees. They saw several Officer Jennies go in the front door. "Oh no!" said Prof. Kasai. "Now what?" <Well, we can't go back there.> said Frankenduck. <This is your fault for stealing that Eevee.> Chimera roared angrily, causing him to jump back. "SIAN! Puurrsian sian Purrr! (HEY! Don't talk about the Prof. Like that!)" <Don't forget, my dear Chimera. He's the one who made you the freak of nature you are today. He's the one who made us ALL the freaks we are today!> said Frankenduck angrily. <Hehehe, this is no time to argue!> said Cy-gor. "Fairy! Clefairy fairy Clefairy! (Yeah! Besides, Kasai's really cool!)" "Par-r-ras Paras? (I-I'm a freak?)" said Chimera sadly, lowering her head. "Of course not!" said Kasai, scratching her chin. "You're not a freak, you're just very special! You're the best Pokémon ever!" "Purrrr! (Thanks!)" she said, nuzzling him. <This is all very touching, but we should get as far away from here as possible.> said Frankenduck. "Frankie's right. But where could we go?" wondered Prof. Kasai. <Hehehe, let's go on an adventure! Hehehehe!> laughed the demented Porygon. "Yes! I can go on a Pokémon journey!" said Kasai. "Fairy fairy Clefairy? (Aren't you a bit old for that?)" "You're never too old! Besides, imagine all the Pokemon I'll find to experiment on!" he said, stars in his eyes. <Hehe, but master, you don't have your lab! Hehehe!> "Oh yeah?" said Kasai. He opened the bag, and proceeded to pull out a huge amount of laboratory equipment. "Portable laboratory. Don't leave home with out it!" The Pokémon all face-faulted. "Sian Pursian? (Where to first?)" Kasai pulled a map out of one of his pockets. "How about Saffron City?" <Lots of Psychics there.> said Frankenduck. "Hey, you'd probably make lots of friends!" said Kasai. <That's not what I mean. I mean that they can read minds. They could find out your secret.> "Secret?" <That we're on the run from the law, imbecile! And you're nuts.> "Fairy Clefairy! (Cool, we're fugitives!)" "Oh well." Said Kasai, shrugging. "On to Saffron City!" Frankenduck sighed. <I give up.> TBC. (Anyone in Saffron my chars can interact with?)