From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Enter the Subconscious Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/01 Pokewars:Trent Retwin "Enter the Subconscious" Jose L. Solano Trent sat alone in a dark, cold room aboard the SS Anne. Actually, it was a regular room, left behind by someone who had gotten off at Porta Vista while the ship docked. Trent had made sure the room was dark, but for some reason it felt cold. Trent didn't bother to use any chairs. He sat on the floor in the center of the room with his eyes closed. His trenchcoat and gauntlets lay in a pile next to him. The longer he spent in the room, the more he thought. Within minutes his sense were gone. He couldn't hear, he couldn't see, he couldn't smell, he couldn't even feel. He was in complete darkness. "Trent..." Trent heard Katherine's voice calling out to him, as sweet and gentle as he remembered it. "Trent..." Trent heard his brother Jacob's voice, calmed and steady. "Trent..." Trent heard Lance's voice, relaxed but with a hint of arrogance. "Trent..." Trent heard Red's voice, as deep and menacing as the day they met. "Trent..." Trent heard Mr. Lynch's voice, raspy and sinister. "Trent..." Trent heard Akumachu's voice, high and raspy, yet evil. "Trent..." Trent heard his own voice. A dark figure approached him, hidden by a shroud. Trent remained seated on the floor as the dark figure stood before him. "Who... who are you?" "Tell me, Trent," the dark figure said, "Do you know yourself?" "Yes, I know myself better than anyone else." "You are wrong. You do not know yourself, and thus you do not know me." "What? Who are you?" "I am you, Trent. I am the manifestation of your dark side. This realm you see before you exists only in your mind." "Then you're not real." "Oh, but I am very much real. I was born from your hatred and rage, all the pent up anger you've never worked out and all the aggression you've experienced when you took someone's life. I've tried to destroy you since the day I was created." "But why?" "If I destroy your spirit, I inherit your body. I'm tired of being locked up in your mind. You've had your fun, now it's my turn." "Where did you come from?" "Funny you should ask that," the dark figure said. "All in due time, Trent. All in due time..."