From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Extremely hostile take over Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-10 15:30:02 PST PW!- Kurt Cray- pt 1- Extremely Hostile Take Over... Kurt, Chris and now Jane had begun a robbery. This is common when you're a bank robber. Kurt and Jane had gone in, Chris was outside, the get away driver. He began to hum to himself as he waited in the large caddilac. He started to pay attention again when a large group of people drove up in hummers and vans. Quickly they climbd out and produced tables, radios and crates. " What the buggery..." Chris got out of the car and ran over to them. " I'm sorry sirs, the bank's closed today..." " What? It's clearly open, now shift it!" " Oi, do that again, sushine, and you'll wish you 'adn't," " Oh yeah you cockney bastard? I said shift it! Now you're comin' wiv me!" He pulled out an uzi and stuck it into Chris' chest. " Right, I think you're right, yeah..." " Ok now, you've got money and we've got an empty bag, fill it, please, with...your money perhaps?" Kurt wore a mask as did Jane and they were just getting the cash. Suddenly the doors were kciked open and a load of people came running in. " OI! What the hell? Do you mind? I'm tryin' to rob the place! Maybe I should get a sign; Do not disturb, robbery in progress?" " What the 'ell? Take 'em all!" " You what son?" " 'Ostages!" Chris was dragged in. " Hostages?" " Yeah, we are da terrorist group: Angry Fighters! This is an 'ostile take over!" " What. The. Fuck." Kurt was trying to process this. He failed. " So, you rob banks 'den?" " Not really, it's just a hobby," " Well, you'll be useful 'den eh?" " No, not really. I don't like getting kileld by cops for being a psycho," " Listen, you wanna live? You're working wiv' us. You know how to set up for defence," " Umm... No. I don't fight cops off, I ain't super criminal! Look, if you'll shut up I'll help," " And numbnuts there, and yer chic?" " Yeah, whatever," " Good, 'den you won't mind 'dis. Hit 'em!" Kurt didn't make a response, unless you count the thump as he hit the floor. He woke up in a chair some doctor was standing over him with a needle. " AUGH! Christ no! Not needles," " We already injected you," The terrorist leader was still there. " Cops' 'ere now. It's a goddam warzone I tells ya!" " What did you inject me with?" " Oh yeah, 'dats the fing. You're dying," " ....... " " It's a disease, like cancer or summink. It'll kills ya. We gave it to everyone, so dey do what we say..." " What!? I don't wanna help now! I thought you'd let me help from outside! Not kill me! Cure! NOW!" " Dats da fing. We ain't got the cure..." " WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR HEAD!?" " It's one of da demands. Give us da cure innit? We ain't dat fick," " I'm shocked," When one discovers one is dying one goes through several phases; " No, you're joking. I can't be dying. It's impossible!" Kurt began to twitch. The first is denial, followed by anger and hate. " WHAT THEHELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU STUPID SHIT! GET THE FUCKING CURE! NOOOOOOWWWW!" This is then followed by a sad realisation. " Oh christ, I'm sorry. We'll have to do somethin' *sniff* I...*sniff* I.... I...." Yes Kurt, you're dying. And so is Chris and Jane, as you're gonna find out. " KURT! YOU USELESS MAGIKARP!" Chris came storming around the corner. " I'm knocked out and when I wake up I'm dying 'cos 'o you! What the hell kinda deal is that?" " Yeah, I've been meaning ta say..." " And also the building's surrounded by cops and we're in some terrorist organization," " Things are bleak ain't they..." " If you survive I'll thunder bolt you to death with Watt," " Hey, where're my Pokemon?" Kurt asked the leader. " That'll all be explained wiv' my plan! For now you need to know that I'm Rasputine, Rasp for short, goddit?" " This better be good..."