From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Extremely hostile take over Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-11 15:14:07 PST PW!- Kurt Cray- Extremely hostile take over, PT 2 " OK, let's think. You injected all your men, including you with this virus so they'd help you right?" " Dat's correct," Kurt was attempting to reason with the terrorist leader. " This disease will kill them in a week, and you took it around six days ago?" "" " You've injected me too? And Jane and Chris?" " Yeah, but we're getting cured today, we've got plans and maps and...stuff...." " Shit, this is so stupid! You're all gonna die! Now cops are out there!" " So?" " They want you dead! Go talk to them, make the demands!" " Ok," Rasputine the leader of the terrorists marched over the a window and staying in cover yelled at the police. " We 'ave 'ostages! We want stuff!" he looked at Kurt, who gave him thumbs up. " Yes sir, what do you want?" A megaphone voice called back. " We want alot of money 1,000,000 in cash! And a cure for a disease!" " Oh god!" " Erm, what cure sir?" " The one wot rots you from da inside out, y'know?" " Yes, 894b?" " Maybe, it's in Cinnabar..." " It'll take a day to get it sir," " 'Urry up!" Rasp came back from the window and went to Kurt. " Hey Rasp, you'll be dad in a day..." " 'Den I'll die for my cause..." " What cause is that?" " It is against Team Rocket and Pokemon abusers. You know dey 'ave no rights for Pokemon?" " Actually they do, but not great ones I'll grant you..." " hen I was very liddle, I had a great Pidgey. It was so cute and fluffy but in was stolen by Team R! And da cops did nuffin'" " God damn..." Kurt had a Pidgey, or did when he was young, it escaped though, when he left a window open and was eaten by a meowth. " Well, look. I agree, I didn't know that but this really wasn't the way!" " No-one listened! I had to make 'em!" " But now you're all gonna die!" " We've got guns..." " They won't kill a dis- Guns you say?" Kurt was taken to look at the guns, his stomach tingled like at christmas. " Here we have pistols," Rasp shoed Kurt a lot of guns and Kurt picked out a large silver Desert Carbine Sem-Automatic, 12mm barrel. " I've seen enough!" " You only saw one..." " But I love it! Tell ya what, you get us, me Jane and Chris out and we'll get the cure..." " Hmmm, ok but get back ASAP, goddit? To make sure I'm sending Christof with ya, CHRIS!" Kurt turned his back on a rocket launcher and walked out with Rasp. " Yes, Rasp? Oh hey, one of the boys is puking up..." " Liten you four are gonna be released as 'ostages, or pretending to be then escape to Cinnabar and get us the cure..." " But Rasp... I'll die on the way and you'll die before we get back, I wanna wait for the cops!" " Hey Chris, we'll get your cure quick enough, if we go now!" Kurt reassured him. " If I die, I'll haunt you!" Kurt walked slowly to the door, no sense putting it off. He was trembling more than he ever had. He, an experienced bank robber, was walking into a bunch of cops, by will. " We're releasing 'ostages!" Rasp yelled to the cops who approached Kurt and his friends. " Sirs, are you all ok?" " Y-yes, but we'd like to go home for a while..." " Of course, but we'll check on you in a bit, we need your phone number..." After blurting out a fake phone number Kurt ran over to the car and drove off, away from Saffron towards Celadon. Coming the other way however was a car, inside of which an FBI agent, named Jakob Frost parked outside the bank. " Hello officer, we're with the Federal Byero... Beario... FBI... The terrorists are inside?" " Yes sir," " You've got rheir demands I hear, who was in that car going the other way?" " Some released hostages sir..." " Wrong officer, that was a bank robber. D'you know where he was heading?" " Is he was with the terrorists he'll be going for Cinnabar I guess... You sure he's a robber?" " I know one guy with a caddillac and that grin, Kurt Cray, put out a warning to all cops in the areas of Fuschia Celadon and Cinnabar. Actually, Shale could you stay here, I'm going after him..." " Sure boss, don't do nothin' hasty..."